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Trump and GOP Slammed for Holding Dreamers 'Hostage' as Senate Fails to Pass DACA Fix


Trump and GOP Slammed for Holding Dreamers 'Hostage' as Senate Fails to Pass DACA Fix

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Thousands of Dreamers have already lost legal protections and thousands more will lose them each day starting March 5, but the Republican-controlled Senate on Thursday failed to advance any meaningful solution to the immigration crisis President Donald Trump created—a failure many argued further demonstrates that Trump and the GOP don't actually want to shield young immigrants from deportation.

"When Trump killed DACA he took my life and the lives of millions of immigrant youth hostage."
—Greisa Martinez Rosas, United We Dream


“…It’s clear by now that Donald Trump and most congressional Republicans don’t actually want to pass a deal to protect Dreamers…”

It should be abundantly clear by now that the entire republican party is only interested in turning the clock back to the 1850’s.

A lily-white, patriarchal society where only the “chosen” few have any real power and the rest of us plebes exist solely to provide their (free or cheap) labor.


The parties NRA and GOP have created a 3rd world country. Welcome to the new American Nightmare where we are a republic by name only. You will have a new chip installed within weeks so that you may use it to pick up your box of food at your local ICE headquarters. Remember, shoes for industry, shoes for industry.


Well, all these young people wanting to stay, and many of us wishing we could get out.


What’s surprising is that anyone possibly could have believed the GOP would negotiate anything in good faith. This is government by mafia, kind like what the have in Russia, I guess.
FDR 2020 !!!

Sound crazy? FDR’s dust in the WH would be better than the insanity I’ve been seeing lately.


But where to go anymore? Neoliberals and fascists everywhere and the social revolutions with any chance, such as Venezuela are capitalist economic warzones at best, graveyards at worst.


If you are not pointing a finger at the damnocrats as well, you are being complicit to their involvement in the destruction of this issue AND this country.


I am uncomfortable with the fact that most of the immigrants and their children that we are talking about are Black and Brown, which would seem to raise the question of Trump Republican RACISM.

Trump Is a Racist. Period.


I do not belong to a political party.

This article is titled “Trump and the GOP…”, hence my reply.


God how the corporate fascists love this shit. They let their Republican lackeys stampede around destroying everything they touch, while they can rape and steal with impunity. From their perspective it just don’t get any better.


“I’ll tell you what’s at the bottom of it,” said LBJ to his young aide Bill Moyers in 1960.

“If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you.”

And four years later, after LBJ signed The Civil Rights Act of 1964 into law, LBJ was euphoric, but late that very night the same aide Moyers found him in a melancholy mood as he lay in bed reading the early edition of The Washington Post with headlines celebrating the day, and Moyers asked him what was troubling him.

“I think we just delivered the South to the Republican party for a long time to come,” said LBJ.

comment by Socrates, NYT 01-14-18


Yes and their corporate fascist masters use it all to divert and distract from their absolute rape and pillage of all of our hopes and dreams.


" the money is not in the cures, the money is in the diseases ", Chris Rock
The $$$ is in using this issue to raise the ire of the masses, divide them, and profit from it. Welcome to America in the 21st Century.
The only cure is to take 90% of the money out of the elections through Public Financing & MSM reforms.
End of story.


Brought to you by your department of redundancy department…


The Democrats don’t want to protect the Dreamers either. Not really. They always fall back on well we just couldn’t do anything because of the big bad Republicans. It’s all spineless bullshit. The Democrats have no spine to stand up and do whatever is necessary. They needed to hold the budget hostage to get what they wanted. They didn’t. And they NEVER do when it matters. Because it doesn’t matter to them. Corporate cash is all they care about. And the stock market. They are nothing but liars just like their Republican brethren.


Thanks, I wish the department would remind me where they are so that they can remind me where I am and my box of shoes.


My Nephew moved to New Zealand right after the shocking and awful invasion of Iraq and loves it more all the time. But you have to be very wealthy or have skills that they want. Not an easy country to move to.


My educated guess is RethuKKKlicans and Dems are two peas in the same fascist pod…


“I do not belong to a political party.” Nor do I. However, there seems to be a bias towards one party as if the other is a true “opposition” party who is watching over “We the People”. As long as that belief is not questioned, then nothing will change and tunnel vision will win over real vision as to what is happening and how we are being betrayed by nearly ALL in D.C.

Also, as long as there ARE “parties”, truths will always be twisted and shaped as needed for one of their members to win over another party’s twisting of truth. As you and I are both proud Independents, wouldn’t you love to see a system where there are no “teams” any longer?


That pretty much sums it up. Trump himself is a white supremacist but many Republicans in Congress are not. However, even those Republicans who are not white supremacists know who their political base is and are doing what they think it takes to get re-elected. Many realize that going against Trump would be the end of their political careers. That are opting to put their political careers first rather than the good of the country. With a chance to stand up for what is the right thing to do they have caved.