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Trump and GOP Weighing Plan to 'Punish' Schools That Don't Reopen by Withholding Covid-19 Funds

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/16/trump-and-gop-weighing-plan-punish-schools-dont-reopen-withholding-covid-19-funds

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What, using economics to dominate people? That’s…

The “logic” of capitalism leaves no room for living beings. The whole system predicated on a vast brood of lies along with its apologists needs to go.

A Second Coronavirus Death Surge Is Coming

There was always a logical explanation for why cases rose through the end of June while deaths did not.


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The coronavirus is going to one day be looked back upon as the straw that broke public schooling’s back.
Soon, the only place where there will be public schools will be in The upper middle class, mostly white suburbs, where the locals can fund their own school districts without state or federal dollars.
The second gilded age is upon us.

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No real words for this right now
Insert a demented cackle here…

as I have finally gone ‘round the bend from outrage and horror fatigue

Except that I’d like to give Ms DeVos an iced COVID enema


It’s as if they can’t resist the urge to fuck with people.

And they’re likely congratulating themselves over how clever they are.

Forty years ago, when ED was made a standalone agency, if you told them then that, one day, the Secretary of Education would be a fundamentalist Xtian determined to destroy the public schools and to subsidize private and religious schools, they would have fallen out of their chairs laughing.

If you told them that same Secretary would try to implement dangerous policies to open schools in the midst of the worst pandemic in a hundred years, they would have been incredulous.

At times like this, I lament that drawing and quartering has gone out of fashion.


Refuse to take leadership of COVID 19 pandemic, but will to force their will to open the economy for theIr oligarch skin wallets.

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The prevention of grossly irresponsible and criminal conduct such as this is exactly what the courts are for. The state Attorneys General must be prepared to go into federal court, en masse, with applications for injunction to halt this arbitrary and capricious policy calculated to cause injury to, and the deaths of, tens of thousands of Americans including children.

And if the White House is turned in November, this president and his Death Cult must be prosecuted for the criminally negligent mass homicide they’ve perpetrated on the American people. The same applies to the governors of the states engaging in similar malfeasance.

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Really? I don’t think so. Infectious disease doesn’t respect residential limitations.

The coronavirus will be looked at as the straw that broke Neoliberalism Capitalism’s back. We’ve got to work for its replacement to be better!

Trump Finally Has a National Plan for Covid-19:
— “OBEY ME!”

The “ultimate authority” ACTS like he is The Ultimate Authority! On any topic.

He is preparing to BLACKMAIL any school that does not immediately accept HIS Repening Plan.
• In a time of national health crises, the Almighty One is ready to PUNISH anyone who does not follow his “solution”!

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“Freedom in capitalist society always remains about the same as it was in ancient Greek republics: Freedom for slave owners.”

“Revolution can never be forecast; it cannot be foretold; it comes of itself. Revolution is brewing and is bound to flare up.”

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

Folks it’s time to get it on!
Backs against the wall
A neo fascist in the crack house
Talk is too cheap
You enjoy the whip?
Boot to face
Boot to neck
Boot to gut
There are more of us than them
Let’s bash the demons!

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This regime and its “education” shill betsy devoid (of conscience/integrity) have conspired to rob from the nation, society and public.
The fraud supported and defended by the trump regime to rob from our veterans and public via for-profit education scams strike at all that was once unthinkable, now SOP for this truly depraved and corrupt regime of thieves and liars.
All they do is to deceive and manipulate data and information the public uses to make critical decisions - profits over all else is their goal, regardless how harmful or predatory. That there is not a strong and loud opposition beside the public and organizations trying to expose the crimes and deceit is a complicity and craven failure that is unforgiveable! The public and NGO’s try, but the mass media propaganda machine silences or dilutes most truth and anger directed at the trump regime criminals.
Our nation (especially politicians/congress) has tolerated, allowed, and sold-off the Fourth estate) - a trusted truthful media to be so corrupted and bought-out robs truth from the public that no longer have the critical truth needed in any state pretending to be a “democracy”. The utter BS deceit of “telling both sides” of issues - ie, one truth and numerous lies must be restored - as soo much must be when this regime is destroyed, prosecuted and imprisoned…


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Who know what this administration’s agenda is. Smoke and mirrors? This is an administration that cages children and separates children from their parents because they can not tell the difference between a loving parent and a child predator. Betsy DeVoe seems to embrace strange Christian values like her privatized military brother Eric Prince (Blackwater or what ever the name is now). To me they embrace a war mentality over American creative problem solving.

Cruella DeVos and the office of the Pestilence are placing a risky wager all around. Are US Americans willing to feed the flesh of their own children into the death-cult meat-grinder? I’m a terrible prognosticator (like most correspondents here) – my unreliable hunch is that this open-schools gambit is finally a baby-step beyond the pale. But who knows? Maybe they can get Franklin Graham & friends to weave child-sacrifice into some inspirational sermons. Might do the trick in Oklahoma, Texas, and Georgia.

They know kids will die, because of this campaign. For efficiency, they’ve even made out form-letters in advance: We’re all so awfully shattered to have lost our dear young friend ______.

I don’t know if it makes any difference, but things are getting pretty sticky in other parts of world as well. We tend to look at the statistics of the direct and health consequences but the secondary affects are starting to take a very bad turn. We really need to take this more seriously.

Sounds like attempted murder to me. Why does he want to kill children, teachers, family and friends???

It’s no mystery. Wanna see what happens when you reopen schools? Look at Israel.

I’d link to the Daily Beast article on Bastille Day if I could, but I can’t, so simply google “daily beast israel school” and select the article titled, “israeli data show school openings were a disaster …”. As of now, it’s the top article in the search.