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Trump and High Level Intelligence


Trump and High Level Intelligence

Christopher Brauchli

“The ideal condition, would be, I admit,
That men should be right by instinct; but since we are all likely to go astray, the reasonable thing is to learn from those who can teach.” — Sophocles,Antigone



‘In the interview, Mr. Trump explained to Mr. Hannity that wind power doesn’t work because wind only blows sometimes. Following up on that cogent observation, in a rally in Michigan shortly after that interview, he said that he “knows a lot about wind; if it doesn’t blow, you can forget about television for that night.”’

Therefore, floods don’t happen because it doesn’t alway rain. Thanks Donald, you explain fake history better than anyone. Perhaps you, your VP, and Ken Ham can have an Encounter at Ken’s place and get your stories straight.



lol - !



“Large turbines” DO NOT “store wind energy”, they just enable the generator to generate power that needs to be transmitted into the grid immediately.

If wind turbines could “store wind energy” wind could provide 100% of the world’s electrical power.

The only obstacle to renewable sources providing 100% of the world’s electrical power is inability to store significant quantities of electrical energy. Although Elon Musk and others are on personal missions to develop batteries that store a lot of power at an affordable cost, none of them are there yet !

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The obstacle is people thinking they can transition into the future using as much energy as they want, whenever they want. That kind of thinking will doom us.



Yep. The key to it is the advancement of battery (storage) technology.



Not as such as they are it isn’t.
Batteries are too reliant on fossil fuel energy and rare earth materials to build. My guess is that their carbon footprint would offset any gains. Way too energy intensive.

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Unless we can find and tap way more geothermal sources than we currently do, only nuclear and fossil fuels can generate power 24/7, therefore, without improved batteries to store intermittent power from hydroelectric, wind, solar, etc. there is no way to generate 100% of the world’s electrical energy from the widely available renewables.

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Donnie had a protracted legal fight over windmills being placed offshore of his Scottish golf course. He lost and, like an Obama joke, he just can’t handle it. I’m sure somewhere in his pea brain he heard “someone” say windmill and cancer in the same paragraph so, being the intellectual giant that he is, he conflated the two. Assigning any logic to the orange one’s thinking is illogical.



Absolutely! Every tweet he PHARTS proves what an UNSTABLE, GASEOUS RETARD he really is!

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I remember back when some guys announced they had “discovered” cold-fusion and its inherent promise of unlimited cheap energy. After a brief feeling of elation I realized “Oh sht, we’re doomed”.