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Trump and His Betraying Makeover


Trump and His Betraying Makeover

Ralph Nader

Attention workers who voted for Trump, either eagerly or as a vote against the hawkish, Wall Street favorite, Hillary Clinton: Donald Trump, less than a month after the election, has already begun to betray you.

"Remember Trump's last big TV ad where he blasted 'a global power structure' responsible 'for robbing the working class' with images of Goldman Sachs flashing across the screen?"


Trump has always lived in an insulated bubble of sycophants and bootlickers; he is about to move into what is potentially the most isolated place on the whole planet. Words not only will never hurt him, words may never reach him; even sticks and stones can't cross the White House fence. Those wishing to restrain him and the gang with which he is surrounding himself will have to find pressure points uncommon in our normal political experience. The Great We about to be the gravel over which the Trump steamroller is preparing to roll had better be thinking and planning how to both be heard and to be irresistible.


“There's a sucker born every minute”.................P.T. Barnum

.....When our current Republicans and Democrats give us a choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, there really is not much of a choice..... Pick your poison.....
To add salt to the wound, think of the possibilities of Bernie in office now, or Stein/Green Party.

The real upside of this situation, if we survive another 4 years, is that maybe things will get so bad that a real candidate of change will be available..... Think the movie "Hunger Games" in our near future.


Republicans had multiple choices and Trump came out on top. Democrats had several initially, but ultimately one of two came out on top. That's the primary system for you. I participated in it, voted, and nobody "gave" me anything. Would it have been nice to have a perfect candidate saying the perfect things being, well, perfect? Yes. But that's never the case and never has it been so. I liked Bernie, but he made some real mistakes (that nobody here ever acknowledges) and it cost him.


One of the ways of finding pressure points is to move into cross-interest alliances of organizations representing the multitude of ways we are being subjected to the malignant impacts being doubled-down on. From indigenous peoples to teachers, nurses, steel workers and service unions - to name but a few, with anti-fracking, ecumenical peace and justice - to name just a few more.


I agree on your point, but sometimes differences are real and strong. Recent labor organizing experience has shown me how difficult bridges can be to build even when inter-Union members stand to gain on a particular issue. This is especially the case with folks who revert to Limbaugh when an issue has a high presence on right wing radio. Even though they may "know" the truth, they just go to what they hear.


Yes- good points. I did follow the primaries and debates. Looks like for the Republicans, the best showman won this time around. Bernie did make some mistakes, but I think HRC was the chosen one, before things even started--you could see it in her face.....


This part of Nader's left - right combination theory. Almost a one - two punch. The enviro left is already against him and when the worker - right finds out his populist promises are as fraudulent as his waffle head hair, he will be left w/o any supporters at all.
The old one - two you're out of here, may be here.


"Laborers, who were crucial to (Trump's) Electoral College victory, will have many opportunities to laser-focus on (his) Betrayals..."

We won't get any help from the Captured Media, to keep our minds on any Betrayals, as, they will make any Media Coverage of them as absent from their Rotations as Distractingly Possible.

All the while Perspective-Free, Young, White Collar, Mercenary Media Star Wannabes will Mindlessly Parrot whatever Corporate ALEC Copy is placed before them to Broadcast, to our, Criminally Captive, Eyes and Ears.


By "inter-Union members" you just mean rank-and-file Union members, right? And yes, a tinny radio emitting the ranting voice of Limbaugh can be heard in shops and cubicles - throughout working-class USA.

This is why I find these calls for unity with the Trump-voting working class to be so unrealistic. I'm around the Trump voters here where the rust belt crosses the Appalachians - both on my job and in the bars that I spend entirely too much time (especially since Trump was elected). They agree with very little of our ideology and strongly oppose practically every program we would propose if we had political power - single-payer (shot down by 80% of Colorado voters), global warming action, and expanding unionization (recently at a bar: "Unions only protect the lazy from getting fired and punish the hard workers"; and yesterday: ("I might have voted for Bernie but I voted for Trump because the Democratic Party has moved too far to the left") . So most of them are fully aware of who they were voting for when they voted for Trump.

We don't need to unite with this large working class demographic, we need to educate - but how we do that is a big challenge.


The working class folks have been duped, but we were telling them that all along, starting off with our support of Bernie.
Now, where do we go from here? Hopefully not immediately to war with Iran or China.

The folks who voted for Trump won't fully realize they've been duped for a while, if ever. This means that any general strike at the beginning of his term would only be attended by folks who know how bad it can get without any opposition otherwise.
It might take a while for things to get bad enough for a general strike to gain serious momentum, but it is something to consider.


Here's a good geo-political overview from Greer titled "The End of the American Century". It touches on a lot of stuff and is a worthwhile read.




Educate is a huge challenge. Fighting personal depression is tough. Anyone who might not mind sinking a little lower should check out https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2016/dec/04/google-democracy-truth-internet-search-facebook
"News" on the Internet and the role of algorithms and its subtle play on our minds is a growing menace.


This article being fact based, Trump voters won't read it because they abhor facts. Acknowledging facts would require them to take responsibility for their lives, something most of them have never done. They have always pushed the envelope to see how much they can get away and Trump's victory took them to the next level. They are empowered and emboldened and will avoid facts more than they ever have now that they put the ultimate scammer in the White House.

Trump voters will only tune in to messages that blame Obama and others for whatever goes wrong during Trump's reign.


Ralph, here is an idea for the tax fairness you have always advocated for:

Paying taxes might be more palatable if each taxpayer could decide what their taxes would pay for. Why give our money to politicians to give to their cronies and big donors when it could go directly to the people or entity we want to give it to?

For example, if our local roads were in need of repair, we could direct some of our tax dollars to the local Department of Transportation. If there is a lot of crime in our neighborhood, we could give some of our taxes to the local police. If our local schools are suffering, we could give some of our taxes to our local Department of Education. If we are in danger of being attacked, we could give some of our taxes to the Defense Dept. and so on. In this way, the public would take an interest in what is going on in their neighborhood and the world and do something significant to fix problems as they arise.

It is fairly evident that politicians constantly fail us and can't be trusted with our tax money.


Oh, my. It's bad enough that huge numbers of ignorant folks tend to make it difficult to have decent public servants elected in our nation. We surely do not need huge numbers of ignorant people deciding where to put equity into our nation's future.


Rank-and-file, but I say inter-Union because I'm including fair-share "members" who pay for legal representation. I've come to the conclusion that it's just really hard to compete with right wing radio and Fox. It's a whole medium that blasts ideology 24 hours a day, all day, everyday. The left just has nothing similar. And like you, I live in a red area, and work around folks in even redder more rural areas (northeastern Cali) influenced by it all the time.

This is also why I get bothered by some of the nonsense I see on here. It's like there is no recognition that there is another side, one that doesn't want what we want, one that actually thinks progressivism is bad.


Democracy is dangerous to oligarchy.


"HRC was the chosen one."

No doubt about it! But when Bernie became a threat to the people that chose her, the DNC threw Bernie under the political bus at the con called a convention in Philly.

Even though Trump's demagoguery tapped into the anger of millions of voters, in my view, the DNC corruption really got Trump elected, because according to most polls, Bernie would have won in a landslide.


Yes - You pose the best question in this quagmire. For me, how to simply relate to those fastened on to ideas that are self-destructive - personally and collectively. Then, how to "educate"? How do I keep my own door open without going reactive? Then, what can I do to incentivize their opening their door? There's an expression - Beyond right doing and wrong doing, there is a field and I will meet you there. I instinctively know I have a lot more in common with Republicans than I do differences. I'd love to know yours and anyone else's thoughts on how to find that "field".