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Trump and His GOP Enablers Are the Enemy: The Case for Unity Now

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/13/trump-and-his-gop-enablers-are-enemy-case-unity-now

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CD has become Sheepdogging Central with 82 days to go.

The r-party is kinda sticking to its guns: Support Trump, stand firm against Pelosi, hope the virus wanes and the economy waxes (it kinda is), and get the base out by telling them only pussies wear masks.

The d-party is sounding desperate, despite the polling (anyone remember 2016?): One pundit after another telling us “this is the most important election evah,” and that “sure Biden/Harris are conservative as hell, but you progressives gotta fall in line with the LOTE because you have nowhere else to go.”


I have to add some commentary on Isaac’s closing paragraph. In other words, I call bullshit.

How the hell is it virtue signaling when some us commenters make our case for how to vote, but he’s somehow “serv[ing] the cause of democracy” when he does it?


No issues, no candidate, no dice–Mr. Dice’s definitions and accusations here are badly taken.

“it is obvious that without an overwhelming Biden victory, Trump will do everything in his power to delegitimize and contest the election.”

Advance thanks for supporting an otherwise worthless claim. Weaseling liberal scum.

The Isaac is devious like the serpent but dumb-assd like the turkey.


I’m as much a socialist and anti-capitalist as anyone, but the road to socialism does not go through Trump. Or do you really think that Christians consecrating themselves to being eaten by lions is what brought down the Roman Empire? Be my guest, but forgive me if I decline to join you.

He missed the biggest enemy of all. Trump’s DLC Enablers.


Mr. Isaac is 100% right about the “Never Trump” coalition that’s forming around Biden/Harris.

That coalition includes: Bush/Cheney Republicans and other genocidal neoconservatives, Wall Street, various white-supremacists (fans of segregation, regressive prosecutors, and the New Jim Crow), serially gropey misogynists, PhRMA & AHIP, the private prison industry, the fossil-fuel industry, the Military Industrial Complex, the NSA, AIPAC, and the U.S. foreign policy establishment that’s been pushing WWIII over the last decade or so (with legalized propaganda – thanks to President Obama – aimed at a bunch of nationalistic dopes and xenophobes calling themselves “Christians,” “liberals,” and “Democrats” …gullible rubes who readily believe everything the corporate media tells them about Putin, Assad, Maduro, Assange, Snowden, Tehran, Beijing, Hezbollah, Hamas, et al).

The only people who are not welcome in the Biden coalition are progressives and anyone to the left of George W. Bush. The Biden/DNC cabal will work relentlessly to deny us a voice in their party or any form of political agency in their thoroughly rigged system. They will ban primary challengers to incumbents, and then proceed to support primary challengers to the few progressive incumbents in their party.

They will mock the Green New Deal, fast-track Trump’s extremist judges, harangue Trump from the right on foreign policy (urging war), give Trump billions more for war-making than he requested, fund Trump’s border wall with no restrictions, cheer Trump’s coup attempt in Venezuela and give a standing ovation to his CIA thug puppet Guiado, vote unanimously for Trump’s wholly corrupt CARES Act (bungling the government’s response to the pandemic, dooming hundreds of thousands of Americans)…

Yes, they’ll help Trump and enable his worst crimes – even as they hyperventilate about how awful he is.

But they will never help or enable the 99%.

Instead, they will rig as many primaries as they have to for the corporate candidate of the “centrist” far-right, disenfranchising millions of Americans: ~http://invitation2artivism.com/the-immediate-issue-here-is-a-million-black-and-brown-and-asian-americans-losing-their-votes/

“The immediate issue here is a million black and brown and Asian-Americans losing their votes… In my book, ‘The Best Democracy Money Can Buy,’ I also go after the Democrats. The difference is (and what’s sad is) it doesn’t matter whether it’s Republicans or Democrats, it’s always the same people — poor people, students, and others — who lose their vote, because almost all Democratic vote theft is not to steal elections from the Republicans, but to steal primaries…

“And as you saw, some of the worst cases of vote suppression, as they call it, I’ve ever seen was in California during the (2016) primary — California, it’s not Mississippi! But it was California, where I’ve actually never seen that many votes thrown away in any election in any state in America. The Democratic Party literally refused to count over one million ballots cast in that primary. And that’s why I question the victory of Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders.”

– Greg Palast, BBC reporter and author of “The Best Democracy Money Can Buy”

In other words, don’t hold your breath waiting for a Green New Deal or any other climate mitigation measures. And don’t pin your hopes on Medicare for All – or any expansion of healthcare whatsoever.

Because opponents of racism, fascism, genocide, global war, and predatory, biosphere-collapsing capitalism are simply not welcome in this “Democratic” coalition.

They’ll take your votes, sure. And then they’ll shove them right up your ass.


The Republican mentality/platform has always been the enemy.

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Would wager that the DLC/DNC would much prefer Trump’s second term to one for Sanders or Warren.


Sorry, but what a bunch of well-meaning (I think) smart, confused, paranoid theories thrown together like an ice cream gumbo. Some truth, for sure, but how do you sort it out from the loonie ramblings?

“Not-X” will always cover a wide range of things, some related, some diametric. Many of us are not “Not-Trump”, we are “Sustainable Civilization”. To be that we have to be against Trump, against fascism, against fossil fuels, against destructive agriculture, forestry, industry, energy. We have to be against the 1%, the .1%, the .01%, the corporate duopoly party, and ultimately, what it comes down to is against Wetiko disease, which is the ultimate cause of all our crises, and capitalism, and Soviet-style state capitalism, and fascism. We have to be for mental health, which can only be achieved over time if we solve the logistical GHG problem. That will take a lot of other stuff–equality, actual democracy, M4A and UBI as “war” measures…

When former radicals come out in favor of a reactionary, racist, misogynist, oligarchic rapist with dementia for president, you know 2 things: they’re terrified of something, and they can more easily envision fascism (and thus the end of civilization and millions off species, though they might not make the connection) than revolution and health.

Let’s not personalize the inextricable threat of fascism and climate catastrophe into one person; that’s a strong and dangerous simplisticifying tendency.

If Trump were Trump without the current corporate duopoly, he wouldn’t be the most dangerous president evah, he’d just be a guy with a serious mental illness who had risen above his abilities because of his money. And it wouldn’t be far above, it would be only as far as a forgettable unreal TV “personality”. He’s president because of the corporate duopoly and their main weapon the Lesser Evil Gambit, and their decades of preparation, deception, and manipulation. He is, because of the accelerating concentration of wealth that’s been ruling the US since the last time there was a spasm of disgust at the phenomenon, in the 1930s, the head of an increasingly fascist, racist, misogynist, xenophobic, panphobic, science-denialistic, self-ignorantic 35% of the country. It not only can happen here, Sinclair, it has.

And it’s the extraordinary wealth-and-power of the duopoly that means the only non-radical way we can meaningfully influence Biden et al (the Senate, eg, the election-stealing, the source of most power in the US) is by withholding our votes en masse. Once the election happens, it is by definition too late for that. The only alternative to that is revolution, which as it turns out is almost certain to be necessary in any case. We need to be ready for it, locally and nationally; the central organizing principle to start with is that neither Trump nor Biden is acceptable because neither will evah take the actions needed to avoid catastrophic climate chaos.