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Trump and His Team Are Lying Their Way to War With Iran

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/01/05/trump-and-his-team-are-lying-their-way-war-iran


Perhaps Trump will be the target for an Assasination .


One can only hope, and dream.


“In war, truth is the first casualty.” --Aeschylus

I know I keep going to this, but damn it, it is so prescient.


Recall the dawn of the 21st century where “truth is the first casualty” ?

The GOP and their voters continue to take great pride that with each passing year they get away with ever more egregious lies.


“If anything, killing a senior Iranian military commander could guarantee the [Iranian military] action it is purported to have forestalled.”

News reports state “Trump surprised his national security team when he chose a strike on Soleimani from a list of follow-on actions after clashes with Iraqi Shiite militias that left one civilian contractor dead…The decision was 'spurred on in part by Iran hawks among his advisors.’”

This is important. The increased likelihood of military escalation due to the assassination was not a mistake, not a ‘risk,’ not a failure to envision likely consequences; for the “war hawks” - the neocons that urged the assassination - escalation leading to war with Iran - which they have long and explicitly called for - was the purpose and desired outcome.

But you can’t just say, ‘We’re engaging in a lawless provocation that will increase the likelihood of war because we want war;’ so instead you’ve got this ‘imminent threat’ and ‘they won’t respond now they see we mean business’ bull. But that’s just a pretense - the truth is the neocons are jubilantly uncorking the champagne precisely because they’ve achieved the next step in destabilization following the US withdrawal from a successful nuclear deal and crushing sanctions.

As Trita Parsi recently wrote:

“I think part of the reason why many of these war hawks are celebrating on Twitter today is not because they think that this actually was a decisive blow to Iran or a decisive blow to the IRGC; I think it’s because they view this as a point of irreversible escalation. After this, there can only be more escalation and, ultimately, war. And that’s what they’re celebrating.”


Good discussion on Consortium News.



North Korea is looking pretty damn smart holding on to their nuclear weapons. They know without this deterrent, they would be next.

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that may be the ultimate false flag - get rid of an idiot, rally the Mur’cans r’ound a ChristoFascist and release the dogs-o-war before the dust settles. - there’s probably a CIA/Mossad drone being painted up with Iranian markings as we read…

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An American government lying its way to war with Iran–you know that’s
a “been there done that” experience since Vietnam. We must
like to be lied to: Iraq 2003 and weapons of mass destruction,
and Saddam Hussein was involved in 9/11.
If I were an Iranian, after having my government overthrown in 1953, by
America’s CIA and after making a large sacrifice for nuclear peace, 2015;
thrown in my face, why I’d wonder if Americans don’t like to be lied to.

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Trita, coming from you this is truly scary.

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For so long I’ve been expecting Trump to go to war to keep him in office.
Sometimes I really hate it when I’m right.

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telos - ha, just responded to a post of yours elsewhere

I could be wrong but isn’t it a policy that if a foreign nation does assassinate the president, the U.S. is allowed to nuke such a country?

Of course they are lying. It’s what they do when they want war:They lie. and lie. and lie, and lie some more. This administration doesn’t even do it very well. Anyone who believes what they say, is gullible beyond belief.

The GOP has declared there is no such thing as lying. There is fake news and alternative facts, and that’s it.

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Ha! Its probably simpler than that. The U.S. is allowed to nuke a country - if it can get away with it.

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A better run war, that was John Kerry’s election strategy against W.

Yeah. Well, they’re lying about that too. Everything they say is a lie.