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Trump and His teleprompter Assure America That the State of the Union Is Strong. No, Really

Trump and His teleprompter Assure America That the State of the Union Is Strong. No, Really

Will Bunch

The State of the Union is strong.

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A thoroughly nauseating display by trump and his mindless cheerleader R’on sycophants…even by SOTU standards this was pathetic, inaccurate, shallow, and bigoted jingoist display, serving vast private wealth, and the military/police state, while ignoring most everything that is broken, ugly, or rotten in our “union”. I expected nothing else.

What the hell?

Is this the new way to attack people you disagree with?

I posted on Facebook about Temple Grandin and one of my friends who was the first person I ever knew to spout “Ready For Hillary” responded by denouncing Trump for being an idiot who can read from a teleprompter. I didn’t respond as he was off topic and I didn’t know why he was upset about Trump using a teleprompter.

I remember that GOP media talking heads used to bash Obama for using a teleprompter as an ‘empty suit who can read a teleprompter.’

Now I realize that my FB friend had just gotten this attack from some pundit he trusts. Like how Will Bunch now uses this attack to start off his critique of Trump’s speech. Why? What’s the point? Does it just make people feel good to belittle their political foes for knowing how to use a teleprompter?

Can’t both sides see how silly this is? Were Democrats so flabbergasted by Republicans attacking Obama with this that now they are elated they can turn the tables and use it on Trump? “Just you wait until one of your guys uses a teleprompter!”

I don’t get this. Has any president since the teleprompter was invented given a SOTU without using one? Do any of the media talking heads that denounce their political foes for using a teleprompter not read the denouncement off a teleprompter? Do all the celebrities at award shows when they snidely and self righteously laugh at the president not read it off a teleprompter?

What’s next? Attacking your political foe for wearing a suit that’s tailored to them? Well I guess they attacked Jonathon Edwards for having a haircut.

Me? I didn’t watch the speech and I’m not bothering to read it. It’s all a lot of hot air and it doesn’t matter if he used a teleprompter or not. You see, we’re up shit creek without a paddle and the canoe is full of holes. I don’t have time for those shouting at those that complain about not having a paddle because they aren’t complaining about the creek and vice versa. As the Bard said, “A pox on both their houses.”

“The state of the union is strong. “Isn’t that the beginning line thePresident said in the movie XXX with Ice Cube. He was giving his SOTU in the movie right before all hell broke out.