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Trump and Netanyahu Cozy Up, Waver on Two-State Solution

Trump and Netanyahu Cozy Up, Waver on Two-State Solution

Nika Knight, staff writer

In wandering, occasionally confused comments at a joint press conference on Wednesday with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, President Donald Trump appeared to call into question the United States' backing of a two-state solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The U.S. and Israel have used the “two-state solution” and the “peace process” lies as fig leaves for many decades, in order to hide Israel’s constant and unrelenting program of stealing Palestinian land.

So let’s go to the one-state solution. Zionism is a racist ideology, privileging Jews above all others in the “Jewish” state of Israel. Since it is unlikely that the world will tolerate naked apartheid, no longer covered up by hopeful-sounding fig leaves, Israel will eventually be forced to become a state where all citizens have equal rights.

Equal rights will be a deal-breaker for most of the Jewish “settlers” on land stolen from Palestinians, and many of them will want to return to Europe or the U.S. More than 60,000 of these Jewish “settlers” are U.S. citizens, so maybe it is time to pass legislation requiring special vetting of these terrorists before they are allowed to re-enter this country. http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Politics-And-Diplomacy/Study-Americans-make-up-15-percent-of-settler-population-in-West-Bank-413610

A one state solution sounds incredible, but everything else is impossible.

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I agree totally. The “two-state” solution is a fig leaf for Israel to stall and grab more land. Now, with so much land grabbed by Israel, the “Two-state” idea is dead. The only options left are a unified secular state with liberty and justice for all, or annexation with an Israeli apartheid garrison state. And Israel would be a world pariah.


Following a mild, toothless censure that ‘new settlements may not help achieve Middle Est peace’ issued by Trump after the announcement by Israel of thousands of new homes in the illegally-occupied territory, he has now cast aside all pretensions and has voiced full-throated support for Netyanyahu and Israeli extremists’ stand saying " he would back a single state if it led to peace."

And this is a complete reversal of the stand of even the previous US governments, including the most pro-Israeli ones, all of which unequivocally claimed the ‘two-state’ solution to be the only viable and just solution of the problem. In fact, this has also been the avowed stand of the US allies other than Israel, international community as well as that of Palestinians, and 1.6 billion Muslims in over 50 states. In fact, Saudi Arabia had already offered full acceptance and diplomatic relations by Muslim states towards Israel in return for the establishment of a viable Palestine state alongside Israel.

As was expected, hard-line Israelis are overjoyed. Naftali Bennett, the right-wing leader of the hard-line Jewish Home party and an opponent of any Palestinian state cried victory and described the development as “A new era. New ideas. No need for third Palestinian state beyond Jordan and Gaza. Big day for Israelis and reasonable Arabs. Congrats.”

And that means apart from millions Palestinians who have already been violently uprooted and forced to live abroad as refugees, the remaining ones would be squeezed out of West Bank and pushed into Jordan, with the same done to the harassed and besieged people of Gaza at some stage.

Among other things, Trump said “I think the Palestinians have to get rid of some of that hate that they’re taught from a very young age.”

Now, if forced evictions, repression, arbitrary arrests, torture and killing is all that the Palestinians have experienced at the hands of Israelis/Jews right from the start, how else could they feel about them?

Somehow Trump doesn’t see anything wrong with Jews from far and wide, having had no physical connection with Palestine for centuries and millenniums descending on Israel and accommodated on land forcibly grabbed from Palestinians that was lawfully owned by them and on which they have/had lived for generations.

According to a recent estimate, world-wide, there are around fifteen million Jews of which just over six million are in Israel, a little less than that in the United Stats and the rest are spread around the globe. Also, in some recent years, the number of Jews leaving Israel to settle abroad, mostly in Western countries, has exceeded those coming in to settle in Israel. And that means that all those who wanted to migrate to Israel have arrived there already.

And this makes Israel’s insatiable greed for land incomprehensible when we know that there is more than enough land in Israel proper to accommodate present and future generations of Israelis, including natural growth and negligible fresh arrivals, if any. The greed become even more unjust when we know that such a course negates a peaceful, two-state solution which the sane leaders of the world (excluding Trump and Netanyahu of course) consider to be the only practical and just one for the problem.

It seems that from now on, instead of ‘America First’, Trump’s slogan would really be ‘Israel First.’ And that means that the affairs of the super power USA, will be managed, and an attempt made to mould the rest of the world as well into a pattern that solely benefits Israelis, Trumps Jewish son-in-law and Trump’s business interest for which Jewish connections would prove very helpful.

For some years now, the super power America has been on a decline, but no one had expected such a sudden and steep fall.


What 2-state solution has the USA ever, ever supported and worked to achieve. None that I recall.

Netanyahu and T-dump: Satan’s Demonic Duo. Maybe Bibi will name the new 3,000 unit complex the Israelis are building in the West Bank, “Trump’s Tower of Carnage” and pay a handsome fee for use of the T-dump name.

Even if it was merely a pretension, the ‘official’ stand of previous US governments was to support a two-state solution. Unfortunately, even that pretension has now been dispensed with

That’s why the 2-state solution, with a signed agreement to end all hostilities, evacuation of Israeli troops and rightwing settlers from West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem, and allowing the Palestinians to create their own independent, sovereign nation-state alongside Israel in those territories is imperative, for Israel’s sake, as well as that of the Palestinians.