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Trump and Netanyahu Keep Trying to Goad Iran Conflict. They Have 18 Days.

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/01/04/trump-and-netanyahu-keep-trying-goad-iran-conflict-they-have-18-days


Iran has now gone to 20% enrichment - just who is goading who ?


More drivel to make Biden look as if he doesn’t want the same hostility.

While this very dangerous taunting has been going on,

Biden has yet to say anything against it.

If Nutinyahoo and Tramp can instigate a greater hostility, there is no real reason to doubt

that Biden will insist that he must continue it.

That is what he has done for decades whenever there was a chance of more war.


“18, the number of days until Joe Biden becomes president, after which the dangerous warmongering will stop.”

Shortly before Obama’s first attack on Syria, DemocracyNow! reported that late in W’s term Netanyahu had urged him (W) to attack Syria and he refused.

Trump and the Yahoo sitting in a tree,

Poking the Iranians to start a fight or flee.

How I wish this story ended in a jail,

With these two mental midgets behind bars,

For the rest of their sad lives without fail.

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I remember a time when Fascists were dealt with very differently…


I do too Harry. A time when Corruption in Government wasn’t 24/7 and 365 days a year.

We the People have a responsibility to end it. However, we cannot do it with a nation of Zombies addicted to voting away their freedoms to two Corporate Warmongering political parties.


I agree, PB. We the People have the responsibility to remind our rulers that their greed is the source of much inequality and suffering in this world.
We also need to be mindful not to make greed a priority in our own lives.
I dare say the US Education system is as corrupt as the politics that created it…

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We are told that the Iranians are claiming to do so. Whether or not that is the truth remains a mystery. I don’t speak Farsi, so I can’t really tell what the hell is going on. I don’t speak Netanyahu, so I can’t really tell what the hell is going on. I don’t speak Trump, so I can’t really tell what the hell is going on…

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Trump speaks lies. Therefore he and those around him cannot be trusted. At all.

The forces of “War” are assembling and lies will be swirling in order to gain acceptance.

Trust no one in this government, and be extremely cautious of the next.


Sadly, the list of would be bombers of Iran is longer than just two. Remember “Bomb, Bomb Iran”?


two of the worst thugs on the planet. they will not be missed by their countries. ugh

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And this is based on what theory?

Did Mr. Biden go oppose a war somewhere and not tell anybody?

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Iran resumes enriching uranium to 20% purity at Fordo facility


Of course the BBC could have been mislead - but I don’t think so:

"Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabiei told media the process of enriching uranium to 20% had started at Fordo."

"President Hassan Rouhani had ordered the move because he was “bound” by a new law requiring the production and storage of at least 120kg (265lbs) of 20%-enriched uranium annually for peaceful purposes, he said." 9from the article)

120 kg is apparently half what you need for a weapon - and its dead easy to go from 20% to 90% - all the work is in getting to four or five percent (see article).

You didn’t see this article - I am presuming ?

Just because you (and most people) didn’t see it doesn’t mean corruption wasn’t 24/ 7 / 365.
The magic of modern capitalism is that its corruption is constructed as business.

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Who is goading whom, manysummits? I’m happy to suggest some answers.

When Iran was fully complying with the international agreement, who broke it up?

When Iran continued to comply with the broken treaty for another two years or so,
who became more bellicose than ever? (U.S. and Israel, joined by Saudi Arabia)
And who made little effort to compensate for it despite claiming to support the treaty? (Europe)

Y’r welcome.

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So is it your contention that no non Nuclear weapon state should be allowed to enrich uranium to 20 percent?

If Iran sends a rocket into space (which they have done) is this “goading”.? It has been proclaimed as such by the same BBC.

Can you give a list of Nations you think should be allowed to have 20 percent enriched uranium and or a program to send rockets into space and which ones you think should not have that same right?

Iran has every right to enrich uranium to 20 percent. Until the Nuclear armed nations dismantle their Nuclear weapons , none of them have a right to demand other nation states not get them.

This is a map of US Military bases around Iran. Iran does not have any around the USA. Who is goading here?


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No, I didn’t see the article. I spent four years in the Department of Energy and know a thing or two about enrichment. I also have played poker and know a thing or two about bluffing. I shall wait until Biden gets in to see how things really play out, though. The Iranians are not our foes, Any aspirations they may have would be defensive against Israeli aggression for which I personally do not have much of a problem, as it would be a defensive and not an offensive mindset. Persians are not as crazy as western media make them out to be.


I imagine the Iranian people are similar to you and I, and I have known personally a few ‘Persians’.

But the Iranians are ruled by a government, like we are, and here there is a difference.

@EMcommon Trump and the GOP broke it up - the deal was made by Obama and the democrats. And Biden says he will re-instate the treaty if the Iran government is reasonable.

@SuspiraDeProfundis Yes I can. None. But I live in the real world SP. The genie came out of the bottle a long time ago. Reason and self-interest suggest to me that commercial nuclear is simply a cover for club status, or nuclear weapons capability. The human race is not ready for nuclear at any scale, not from exploration thru a long supply chain which ends in the unmitigated disaster of nuclear waste.

As for ‘rights’ - what are they anyway ? Inventions I think. Self-interest is real, a part of natural justice, but even here much depends on the mental acuity of the person and the timescale.

I would like to see a nuclear weapons free world as a goal, which I think is both in everyone’s’ interest and thus achievable.

Realistically, research reactors are here to stay.

I would suggest you read Egyptian Mohamed ElBaradei’s book “The Age of Deception: Nuclear Diplomacy in Nuclear Times”. ElBaradei was director of the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency, and this book offers a sobering perspective on the real world, including Iran.

Israel will attack Iran if it gets close to what they call breakout, which is what that 120 kg of 20% enrichment is all about - namely nuclear brinksmanship.

Iran doesn’t need any kind of nuclear, not commercial, certainly not weapons.

I wish Canada would totally mothball our nuclear commercial, and stick to research.

No one has the ‘right’ to threaten all future generations with nuclear poisons - most certainly not a theocracy which claims the Holocaust is ‘fake news’, and is devoted to a mediaeval religion.

It sends tremors up and down my spine when I realize how many top military figures in the US are Christians, or even fundamentalist Christians.

We live i a world where the Queen of England and the United Kingdom is still sacrosanct, where feudal kings, queens , emperors and various other authoritarian figures ruke entire countries, either for real or at least figuratively.

The human race is scary to contemplate in detail - and so we invent ‘rights’ and constitutions to make ourselves feel better, and to give some sense of direction to the jungle we actually all inhabit.

When I climbed full time self-interest was very much on my mind.

I respected the mountains and the deserts, the wind and the sea, the weather and the many inhabitants of the natural world, not least the Moose and the Grizzly. I was always prepared when I went out, to the best of my ability. I never had a ‘deadline’ for a time of return - the foolish thoughts of the unaware.

There were no ‘small’ mountains - no easy outings.

There was only respect.

In return, I earned the ability to be ‘lucky’ - and then a few times I was indeed really lucky, through no initiative at all of mine.

Let the Iranian Theocracy show some respect for the rights of future generations, and step out in front for once, dismantle their capabilities for commercial and weapons - in other words - put their money where their religion is.

Maybe we will be shamed into following suit.

They have nothing to lose if they do this, and yet they persist in ‘mutually assured destruction mode’ - as do we.

20% isn’t enough to make bombs, but it produces a sweet power generating fuel.

ref - High-Assay Low-Enriched Uranium (HALEU)