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Trump and Stumpf


Trump and Stumpf

Christopher Brauchli

So farewell hope, and with hope farewell fear,
Farewell remorse; all good to me is lost;
Evil, be thou my good.
John Milton
, Paradise Lost

Wells Fargo is a metaphor for the Donald Trump campaign. The difference is that it is easier to effect a claw back in the Wells Fargo case than in the case of Donald Trump. In the Wells Fargo case, the need for a claw back is a disappointment. In the case of Donald Trump, it will be a disaster.


Hillary ain't no bargain.


Brauchli fails to mention that most of the deregulation that enables Wells Fargo and other Wall Street banks to legally defraud customers and taxpayers occurred during Bill Clinton's 8 years as POTUS, Hillary has never mentioned re-regulation, and a $17 million "clawback" on Tolstedt's $125 million retirement package is tantamount to a slap on the wrist with a wet noodle.

"That was the Wells Fargo that showed it could take a principled stand", LOL ?

Wells Fargo's decision to feature same sex couples in ads was a business decision based on projected revenue from same sex couples and non bigoted customers exceeding projected revenue from bigots. The only "principle" applied was revenue enhancement.

With same sex relationships/marriage being huge profit centers for Wells Fargo and the other Wall Street banks, they are looking for every opportunity to tap that market.


"Should Donald Trump win the presidency as a result of his fraudulent campaign, there is no way the American people will be held harmless. If they suffer voters’ remorse, they will be unable to claw back their votes."

One only has to remember what happened in 2000 when thousands of voters in Florida voted for Green Party candidate Ralph Nader rather than Al Gore, which led to a victory by George W. Bush, and the Iraq War, PATRIOT Act, etc. Are voters going to make the same mistake again. Many not only seem to be bent on voting for Green Party candidate Jill Stein but even far more Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson. The Libertarian Party? Do these voters even know what that party stands for? Millennials especially appear to be voting mindlessly based on polling data. They can't seem to distinguish the policies of Clinton from the policies of Trump. A first grader should be able to do that with ease. Maybe reducing the minimal voting age to 6 might not make a difference. Maybe it would be an improvement.


It was Bill Clinton's regressive 8 years in the White House and the Democratic Party's failure to demand a Florida recount that made Dubya POTUS. Nader WAS a convenient fall guy, just like Stein is in 2016.

Agreed that Libertarian Johnson is no better than Trump, but how will voters clawback their votes if Clinton is elected, signs TPP and locks the progressive agenda in an ice cave within her first hundred days ?


_One only has to remember what happened in 2000 when thousands of Democrats
in Florida voted for George W. Bush rather than Al Gore, .. _

I'm not inclined to fix all the popular and endlessly repeated errors in your reply, but this fundamental correction should help you back on the road to responsible critique.


With three decades of being second to none at selling favors, the Clinton legacy is so firmly rooted that leveraging Trump's negative attributes to push voters' fear buttons is the only ammo at the Clinton campaign's disposal.


And therein lies the rub. There are legitimate fears to be had regarding Trump.

Talk about being between a rock and a hard place.

And to those who are going to accuse me of being a Clinton shill, check my clucking comment record before you go there.



Blame Al Gore, not the Nader supporters who were early adapters in understanding that those holding the power in both major political parties were, and are oligarchs along with their corporate sponsors.

Blame Al Gore for not demanding a recount in Florida that would have made him victor. He was not a hero in this, but a pathetic coward.

Got it?


No one of good conscience could possibly vote for either Trump, Hillary or Johnson/Weld.
That leaves Jill Stein, because not voting for anyone is not an option. (And writing in Mickey Mouse ain't cool.)


"Wells' ... board of directors can decide to claw back some of the compensation paid to Mr. Stumpf, Ms. Tolstedt and other high level employees who should have stopped the practice."

hahahaha! Stumpf is chairman of the board of directors! (crickets...)


For those who vote for Jill Stein and then regret it there is still some hope. A law professor says that Trump could be impeached before he even takes office because of fraud involving Trump University. With both Democrats and establishment Republicans not wanting Trump that does seem like a possibility. However, it is not something to count on. It is really a long shot at best.


The only way that Trump can win in November is if Hillary, Johnson/Weld and Jill Stein all drop dead of natural causes tomorrow.
How long are the odds on that? (Trump is a dead candidate walking.)


Why aren't Stumpf, Tolstedt and the Board of Wells Fargo being indicted? At work, among the Mary & Joe Lunchbuckets, this news generated a pretty much universal response, " if that were me, or you, stealing people's money, we'd be heading for prison. And, you know that's true ". Unfortunately, in the U.S. A. today, that is true. Overwhelmingly and noticeably true. In your face, true. 24/7 on the TeeVee, true. And, the Uniparty, owned by a select group of " better than you ares ", run the byzantine institutions and multi-national businesses found in the First Circle of all kleptocractic governments. And, Joe & Mary are going to do something about it, at some point. Trump, Clinton, Johnson, Weld or Stein won't have a rational explanation for this continuing legal malfeasance, masquerading as " smart business practice ". It will be very interesting to see who Mary & Joe decide to hang first. Or, maybe they'll just give up, and join the elite marauding managers running the country currently. Just criminality on a smaller scale, of course. Should be interesting to witness if you like that sort of thing.


You could blame a lot of things including the butterfly ballots in Palm Beach County. Nader running in a swing state like Florida is one the things you could blame. If he hadn't run in Florida then Gore probably would have won. Nader was never going to with the election. What was the point of getting on the ballot in Florida. His whole campaign was a lie or delusion claiming the two major parties were virtually the same and unfortunately enough people fell for that nonsense to allow Bush to win. I blame Gore also but I also assign some of the blame to Nader.


Trump can certainly win. I think he has one thing going for him that there is nothing Clinton can do about and that is Trump is a man. That is a big advantage. All previous US presidents have been men. I don't see any way a woman could be doing as well as Trump if she were a pathological liar, a racist, a con artist, totally inexperienced in government, had virtually no knowledge of any issue, had trials coming on what appears to be fraudulent so-called university, was towing the foreign policy line of Russia, had apparent ties with Russian oligarchs, refused to make public any tax returns, makes claims about taxes being audited but doesn't produce any form letters from the IRS to prove it, etc. Cannot imagine a woman with that baggage still being in the running. Only a man running against a woman could be still a viable candidate for president under those circumstances.