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Trump and Subservient GOP Expose Failure of American Exceptionalism

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/02/01/trump-and-subservient-gop-expose-failure-american-exceptionalism

The animal is beyond treatment. Put it out of its/OUR misery!

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Watch in November how the 95% vote to preserve the tyranny the Duopoly presents them with.

You’re right Carl, there’s no treatment for ignorance.

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How interesting that the primary argument by the defense was that if a president were removed from office for such picayune reasons every future president would be exposed to the threat of impeachment for blowing his nose wrong.

The nose blowing reference is 180 degrees from what this “trial” will proliferate.

Failure to remove Trump is tacit approval of unlimited rigging the 2020 election and all future elections with no possible consequences.

Also impeachment for blowing one’s nose if one happens to be a Democrat. Joni Ernst has spoken.