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Trump and Taxes


Trump and Taxes

Christopher Brauchli

Entrepreneurial profit . . . is the expression of the value of what the entrepreneur contributes to production....
Joseph Alois Schumpeter, The Theory of Economic Development (1934)


Just another garbage proposal from our President. Let's hope it stays in the garbage.


When you hear someone like our Twit-in-Chief say he or she will run our government like a business (an altogether stupid concept to being with), what is really being said is that he or she will run our government "as his or her own business or the business of his or her cronies." The thievery has begun!


They fail to mention that their business model for "running government like a business" is extorting money from the 99% to enrich the 1%.

Other than his success as an entertainer, King Don's dismal business track record should be a red flag to anybody not afflicted with stage 3 Stockholm Syndrome.


Maybe the strategy is to give so many garbage proposals that they start to overflow and some get passed beneath notice.


Quite a ways back a fair sized bunch of people dumped a bunch tea in Boston harbor because they felt that for the taxes they paid they should be represented in the plutocratic machinations.

Not too long ago a fair sized bunch of people slapped a tea party label on themselves, threw major flag toga parties to which Trump invited himself with flaggiest biggest RW&B toga of them all.
Pop quiz: is the 21st century tea party a toga fest, astro turf or just Roamin around?


A long and winding path to get control of a faith-based major party ( Republican ); politically linked to Fundalmentalism, Predestination, Creationism and Theocracratic law and rule. It closely resembles the Wahabbists of Saudi Arabia, Likudites in Israel and Imams in Iran, running the country through already vetted, pure quackery and the velvet-covered iron fist, of the police and security state.
Organizations, such as churches, think tanks and corporations, need more power in our lives and politics like Jesus needed more nails in him, to keep him in his place, on the cross.
Zealotry in demented thinking and hocus-pocus religious bullshit, is not the way of the future. It promises only more enmity between where the people of the planet need to get to, and where they are now. Sending more " lawyers, gun, gods and money " ; into this fray, is the antithesis of our collective wisdom.
That is why we the people have so little power in governance. The 1%ers have looked at the numbers regarding inequalities vs. equalities, and have made their calculations and choices. So, too, have the formal religions inflicting their madness on the world. Resistance to both, and their crypto-fascist impulses, is now more important than ever.
Both must be shrunk to where they can be humanely drowned in a babies' bathinette.


Yes Stockholm syndrome indeed. Google his products and stores that sell them and boycott as well as the same for the devos family.