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Trump and the Dance to the Right


Trump and the Dance to the Right

Eric Weitz

Donald Trump’s supporters may say they want to “make America great again.” Yet they are just the American version of the xenophobic tendencies that have surfaced in European politics. In some ways, this American right-wing is even more dangerous than its counterparts across the ocean.

"Trump could wreak enormous havoc in all realms of life—foreign policy, economic policy and the always-fragile fabric that holds Americans together."


The question is who is Trump as a candidate and how will he be different if he is elected as president. While progressives will dismiss the outrageous fascistic sounding comments and liberals will rationalize them, the demise of the right wing is very much exaggerated. Yes Bernie has awakened a resounding activist consciousness in Americans that corresponds to similar activism and environmentalism around the world. however there is another movement that is well funded and organized... The right is not to be dismissed as Trump's success shows. Trump is supported by crowds of people who apply more wishful thinking to his statements than is wise for their class. The corporate forces are NOT afraid of a Trump presidency. That needs to be stressed.

If nothing else, the right knows Trump as a billionaire conservative and despite all the hand wringing of the republicans who did prefer a member of the inner circle but are fast making a deal with the upstart wheeler and dealer...they still know Trump for what and who he is. A billionaire oligarch. Only the small details need be worked out. Who gets appointed to what being prioritized before anointing Trump with the republican imprimatur!

Once those incidentals are worked out then the republican establishment will enlist in the pro Trump camp but only up to a point as yet. A bit of wait and see just in case but enough support to be there as Hillary falters. They know Trump can beat her but they are still wondering if they want him to win. The republicans are okay with Hillary with minor exceptions. She is a moderate republican but generally they prefer a more conservative republican in office.

They just aren't sure who Trump will be if he gets in. The Repubs don't want a wall! They don't want to talk to Putin either. But Trump can beat Hillary and that is an irresistible urge that is gnawing at the Republican Party... The presidency is within reach once again if Hillary runs. They fear running against Bernie because they see that people will vote for him in overwhelming numbers but Hillary is far more beatable. The know that the Dems would be crushed if she runs and then loses. What a delectable treat for republicans to savor if that would come to pass.

Here then we stand watching republicans wanting Hillary to run because they see she Is the weaker candidate and she isn't the threat that Bernie is. She is also tolerable in case Trump did lose.

Lol. Hillary the clear choice of republicans either way.


I concur with your analysis, Wereflea, except the part about the Democratic Party being "crushed if Clinton runs and loses".

Nominating Clinton sustains the annual billion dollar plus flow of corporate dough (into the Democrats' war chest) in 2016 and beyond. The Party will be emboldened to sell out what remains of the New Deal as their next step in their march to achieving eternal corporate money flow.


We are still suffering the effects of one celebrity president why suffer another?


I meant that they would suffer a significant defeat in the popular mind. They have risked much to foist upon the electorate the less popular and most untrusted of the two candidates and if she loses which looks quite likely then the Dems would lose a great of trust and respect themselves. That negative rep will be hard to get rid of for quite some time. The Dems would come away as losers who were crooked and kind of stupid too because they alienated their base.


You underestimate the mainstream media and its spin machine. If Clinton loses, it will not be the Democratic Party's fault. Nay. It will be spun until they find a semi plausible fall guy. My guess it will be millennials who don't fall in line and vote Hillary.


Just as the Democratic Party set Nader up to take the fall in 2000, their every action against Sanders during the past year has been calculated to set Sanders up to take the fall in 2016. Sanders will be portrayed as the Pied Piper leading Millenials astray.

With Democrats currently occupying fewer offices nationwide (Federal, State and local levels) than they have in more than 90 years, the "significant defeat in the popular mind" that Wereflea mentions is 90% there already.

Graphing the rises and declines of nationwide Democratic Party office holders during the past century confirms that the steepest declines occurred after the 1985 formation of the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) during the Clinton and Obama administrations. A Clinton or Obama at the "top of the ticket" is the kiss of death for "down ticket" Democrats.


From the article:

"We may or may not have a deep state in America. But one of the lessons of Dark Money, Jane Mayer’s extraordinary book on the Koch brothers, is that we certainly have a “deep network” composed of fabulously wealthy, highly conservative individuals who exercise an inordinately powerful influence on our political system."

Apart from Ms. Mayer's important book, there certainly are others that point profoundly to a deftly operating American Deep State.

There's "The Devil's Chessboard" by David Talbot (about the work of Alan Dulles in developing back channels for spy networks that favored anti-Soviet objectives), and "The Deep State" by Mike Lofgren (I am awaiting my copy), and "Shadow Elites" by Janine Wedel.

Anyone who seriously believes that U.S. politics is transparent and that those who wield surface power make all the key decisions are deluded or delusional.


Will you be taken in by the media machine? Me either! Lots of people who have seen the dirty tricks and the rigged game are not going to suddenly be pro Hillary just because the media wants to treat people like they are fools. This is our election and our democracy that was disrespected.


All that Weitz says about Trump is true. Moreover, Trump plays directly into the hands of Putin's designs on Europe and not by accident. Two of Trump's key aides, Paul Manafort and Carter Page, have worked for Putin's Ukrainian allies and appear to have good ties with Putin himself. When Trump makes hostile comments about German and British leaders and praises Putin, and then deliberately calls his ideology "America First," echoing the Nazi-loving anti-Semite Charles Lindbergh, we are all in trouble.

See the excellent Guardian piece on Putin's plans for Europe once American power is removed by Trump: