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Trump and the Geopolitics of Crazy


Trump and the Geopolitics of Crazy

John Feffer

The United States has beaten its head against the wall of North Korea for more than 70 years, and that wall has changed little indeed as a result. The United States, meanwhile, has suffered one headache after another.


Another Duopoly blunder and plunder in the making.

And again, America is painted as the victim to justify more Death and Human Suffering.

Why do we even teach our kids about Peace when the majority of us keep voting for Empire building?


As with Cuba, US policy has always been absurd and violent, guided solely by the irrational hatred of communism.

Remember the millions of bombs spilled on Korea and you will know why they are afraid of you and why all they are all doing is to defend themselves, to think that they are a danger to the world is totally silly … unless you hate the Communists irrationally as far to prefer world destruction to communism in some country.

Wake up ! Your policy is dominated by hatred and resembles the stories of the “crazy doctor” who wants to become the master of the world. Wake up, your leaders are not good people, nor sane at all, and it’s not only about President Trump!


This article is all over the place.
Starts out absurd, lending the reader to think the author is playing devils advocate, then furthers historical myths about N. Korea.
The ‘American island of Guam’! It’s a colonial military base! It does not belong to USA!
Trump is not the first president to threaten N. Korea, please.
They have repeatedly requested to sit down with US governments and been ignored. They have offered to stop building a nuclear deterrent if the US end the war by signing a peace treaty, remove troops from their border and stop threatening them with war games. The US will not talk to these people, our leaders want to threaten violence and play the victim.