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Trump and the GOP Are Sacrificing Working People for Political Gain

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/03/trump-and-gop-are-sacrificing-working-people-political-gain


Let’s face it, the spreadsheet monkeys upon whom the corporations rely to maximize profits have only one mantra: “No Lives Matter”.


Of course, we can’t let a little thing like a global pandemic slow down the gravy train, and if thousands or tens of thousands or hundreds off thousands of the rabble have to die to keep it chugging, well McConnell and McCarthy are willing to make that sacrifice.


Can we please stop the hand-wringing and pearl-clutching?

The whole goddamn GOP-DNC junta has been sacrificing working people for political gain for decades.

When you write articles suggesting that blame for destroying the US middle class, for ruining the lives of billions of working people around the world, rests entirely with the GOP, you participate in ruling class myth-making.

The entire U.S. political establishment is to blame – from the GOP to the DNC, from the progressive caucus and black caucus to blue dogs like Pelosi and Schumer, from Independents like Sanders to red monsters like McConnell. The establishment serves only the ruling class. The ruling class is in a cannibalistic feeding frenzy; the political organs of Washington, DC are its claws and fangs. There is no representation of the people. There is only predation on the people, naked predation, no longer masked by political theater.

The theater and myth-making persist, however. They persist in the work of “progressive” websites and “progressive” writers… professional hand-wringers… too indebted to the establishment to admit they live in a fascist state, with no representation and no recourse to the law anymore.

Of course the GOP is sacrificing working people. Of course the DNC is sacrificing working people. This is being done to enrich the ruling class. Enriching the ruling class and establishing permanent political and economic monopoly – eternal fascism – is the sole purpose of U.S. politics today.


The facts seem to support your last sentence.


Although Covid-19 pandemic language adds “essential workers” and “non-essential workers” to the lexicon, GOP and DNC language has always included sacrificial workers.

Recall that prior to OSHA, injured and dead workers were part of the equation…the construction industry figured that for every $10 million dollars of project valuation one worker would die (back when $10 million was big money). Other industries used similar calculations.


The Tangerine Twit is welcome to slow down testing on him, so there will be more tests left for others.

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You can drop trump from the title. The GOP has been doing it for years with democratic help.


and the Democrats are still missing in action


LIZ, who wrote this article, I hope you take a good look at the responses you are getting.
It’s not so much that they say your analysis is wrong, but the its SCOPE and FOCUS is insufficient and skewed. Not skewed in the sense that the GOP is less to blame, but that:
• our WHOLE political structure contributes to our current situation
• our “two party” Duopoly system as a whole has led us to this point … and that the current crisis is a reflection of how the working people of this nation have been neglected and lied to for generations.
• nothing representing a truly functional and working democracy exists at this time.

And so while we can appreciate the emotional charged grief and anger with the current situation, motivating this article … while much of it is true, it is way too narrowly focused on the NOW — and not only LOSES, but IGNORES the bigger picture.
And THAT view and understanding is needed if we ever wish to survive as a nation with rights, reason, justice, and respect.

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Both Parties Continue to Sacrifice Working People to Keep Corporate Gravy Train Going.

There, I fixed the headline for you.


Dems readily lined up for an embarrassing “compromise” that fed the gravy train, and left the massive majority suffering.

Can we even IMAGINE what it would be like to see the DNC-led Dems FIGHT to the knuckles to achieve a people-focused solution? Hardly. When have we seen that? What we get is RHETORIC … and the DNC gets funding.

Good job!

Jayapal has proposed a good piece of legislation.

But it doesn’t stand a chance in hell, and you’re right: lots of Blue Dogs in the Speaker Pelosi’s House won’t vote for more deficit spending – even though Nancy’s PayGo Bullshit went out the window months ago. This year’s deficit is already up to $3.3 trillion, so WTF’s a couple more trillion?

I just talked to a laid off friend here in MI. It took him ten weeks to get his first UI check. We’re fucked.


Thank you for your realistic, honest, and courageous analysis.
We’re on the same page!