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Trump and the GOP Don't Care about Your Grandchildren

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/04/13/trump-and-gop-dont-care-about-your-grandchildren


Trump and the Republicans do not care about your grandchildren. Biden and the Democrats do not care about your grandchildren.

All they care about is getting money from the Corporations and cushy jobs from the same when they leave Politics.

It an Oligarchy after all.


Trump and the GOP DO CARE about your grand children as long as they are serving as political fodder while they are in the womb. Once they are born they become expendable.


It’s worse than that. Their economic calculation is that this virus mostly kills elders who are no longer spending, investing, or contributing to GDP. They’re basically saying “Good riddance” to them and people of color, people without health insurance, and prison inmates. Meanwhile they have eliminated pollution controls, sped up pipelines and damaged our rights to free press and elections. We should prepare a nationwide strike, a walkout, or another form of protest such as a boycott.


The price they’re willing for us to pay


Welcome to the CommonDreams community! I like your angst! All these rich clowns are interested in is sustaining their cushy lifestyles. Well, now that we’re in a full-blown world pandemic they’re running scared to their south dakota underground bunkers. Sorry, there’s no place to hide now. Mad Max time! They don’t give a crap about anybody but their own gold-plated asses.


I’m still waiting for justice to be done and don’t worry, I’m not holding my breath. It just seems to me that those who helped create this miasma and support the fool who helped cause it, should bear the greatest pain from it. All those Republicans and State leaders who continually give the current occupant of the White House the benefit of the doubt, or actively help him destroy the nation, should be struck down by the horrible disease their orange menace allowed to invade the US. Why should the rest of us have to suffer for the gross incompetence and deadly criminal negligence that their favourite Jester in Chief ,whom they voted into the White House, has loosed on the country? The Republicans created this Frankenstein, now let them be strangled by it!


What you said. I tried to do a Venn diagram using four select groups. Sociopaths, which I put at 20% of the US population. Trump’s hardcore non-1% base, Christian fundamentalists, and the 1%. Came up with 56% of the US would shank their grandmothers in return for joining the rich, and not have a pang of regret. Those of us who still have compassion, empathy, and deep ties to All Our Relations are collateral damage.
While not relevant, Canada, who we tend to put on a pedestal concerning decency, just sold a shit-load of tanks to the Saudis. What goes with that? You know they’'ll be used in Yemen.


“Sociopaths” ?

Psychopaths is more like it.

Can we now make a deal with Dr. Frankenstein that if he doesn’t take Trump, Moscow Mitch, and the rest of his GOP monsters back to his lab and lock them up within 30 days, the west coast states get to secede from the US ?


DT has brought this mentality screaming to the forefront, but his party has not been any different since the early days of Nixon (early 60’s). They are false patriots, greedheads and sadists - and have been for decades.


There was a whole lot of public pressure on Justin Trudeau up here in Canada not to make that sale yet he went ahead claiming “We signed a contract to sell these to the Saudis so must honor that Contract”.

It was less then a year later he halted the sale of Canadian arms to Turkey, even though a contract had been signed to sell the same because of Turkish actions against the Kurds. If the weapons are being manufactured in a constituency that leans Liberal “Contracts must be honored”. If it in one that votes for another party “we must respect human rights”.


It’s really appalling how lopsided this article is. The entire corrupt duopoly doesn’t care about you, your children, your grandchildren. THEY DON’T CARE. That’s a quote from George Carlin how many decades ago? It’s just that now, finally, some of us, not enough, are getting it.


Right. They never did, and they never will - whether it’s Trump as “president” or another of his party’s many frauds. But that hasn’t, and won’t, stop millions of people from voting for them.

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This feels like the beginning of one of those disaster movies----but for real. All these entities from Trump to the police dept are testing their powers-----there is a guy on the street corner yelling end times. DESTROYED BY FEAR-----SUPPORT INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM----SUPPORT THE COMMONS!

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Trump is egregious, doesn’t believe in egalitarianism, expresses pejorative on many things, he’s non combos mentis, his views are quixotic, ideas are purportedly, behavior is mercurial, uses diatribe, and overall he is PERFIDIOUS!!! DUMP TRUMP NOW!!!


Engendering certain death by sending people back to work in the midst of a pandemic to prop up stock prices is not a “…difficult tradeoff.” It’s murder. Put another way, killing people for money is murder. Every child knows that.


For decades, conservatives have not cared about what would be in this world for the future generations to inherit. This isn’t news, just more indictment.


What really bothers me is that there is no effective opposition party for us to vote for. Biden won’t correct any of this stuff that rump and his clan are doing.


I will never understand greed at the expense of others.


Since trump likes to think in terms of war: this is WW3. Using what? A virus. What’s another name for this scenario?