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Trump and the GOP Don't Care about Your Grandchildren

Yes! Please do

“If that is the exchange, I’m all in!” Patrick continued: “That doesn’t make me noble or brave or anything like that.”

No, it makes you greedy, unempathetic, uncaring about others and very STUPID. That’s what it makes you. And as for your being “all in,” spoken like a rich fat cat who has a vacation home somewhere far, far away from the masses and therefore, someone not very likely to get the virus. You GOPers are such pathetic POS, all of you.


I, personally, love to see these dumpster trumpsters out and about, each maggot breathing deeply their malignant diseased germs. Go pound sand, idiots!

It’s only sad that they infect the innocent around them.

Democrats don’t care either. One party.


OK, here’s a real life situation. I’m a grandpa. Let’s say that someone in my son’s household tests positive. Technically the whole family and anyone whho has visited them for the last month should go into quarantine for 14 days. No trips to the grocery store, pharmacy, etc. I live a block away from them and have been observing strict isolation. I haven’t seen my grandchildren in a month and a half. I - who the invertebrate Lt. Governor of Texas thinks is expendable - .can help them by picking up groceries and prescriptions and dropping them off on their front porch. But since that wouldn’t make money for his campaign donors, we should just die off and “decrease the surplus population”.

Another real life situation. I and my wife care for my 101 year old World War II vet father in law. He’s OK physically, but is at the highest risk of death from COVID19. We never wanted him to go into an assisted living environment, so we used to take advantage of the VA’s Respite Care program. The VA will take care of him for up to 30 days a year. Can’t do that now because the VA facility he used to go to - which is 10 time better than any commercial assisted living facility (believe me - I’ve seen them!) is now off limits because it’s located on the campus of a VA hospital. But again, I guess we’re “surplus population” to these people.

Vote blue, seniors. Your Social Security and perhaps your life could depend on it.


It’s discrimination by place of residence.

If you think voting for Biden will save Social Security you are delusional.


The Arctic meltdown is in progress right now. It’s happening. The Arctic meltdown is on schedule to boost the planet’s greenhouse gas levels from 418 ppm on May 1, 2020 to maybe 1000 ppm, without any further help or hindrance from humanity. This would cause chronic worldwide agricultural failures. This is known colloquially as “game over.”

As an inventor, I believe that the Arctic meltdown can easily be inhibited or stopped by humanity, at a reasonable cost, and with remarkably low ecological disruption. If you want to see sketches of a way to enhance ice formation on the Arctic Ocean, they’re at *ttp: //klinkmansolar .com/arctic.htm

However, other than my sketching out a solution and jumping up and down and yelling, zero is happening.

If you should ever dive into extremely cold water, say, to rescue a child, you have to calculate or gamble whether the cold water will kill you too or whether you can accomplish your task. Now, I can’t tell you if we have enough years to turn the Arctic meltdown around. I can only tell you that waiting increases the chances of a really bad outcome.

The title of this article is, “Trump and the GOP Don’t Care about your Grandchildren” I wanted to put out a concrete example where they actually aim for your own grandchildren to become dead.

I’m sorry but this is a false narrative that is not helpful. Sure, I fully agree there are greedy capitalists who want to “reopen the economy” for purely selfish reasons. But unemployment just hit the highest level since the Great Depression. Who really thinks all these unemployed people are getting the help they need to avoid falling through the cracks? There are plenty of people who believe the virus is real, and deadly, and serious, but who also think that going without income and not being able to pay their bills is also real, and deadly and serious. So the meme that ‘reopening’ is just a capitalist plot totally ignores the very real needs of the workers who’ve lost their jobs. Yeah, THAT’S capitalism, for sure, but simply attacking the system (that rightfully was attacked a long, long time ago) without even acknowledging the very real threats to people’s lives from being unemployed, is mypic to say the least. It’s hopping on the bandwagon in a black and white world, but this world is anything but black and white.

Mrs. Minitrue was watching the box last night and she mentioned watching the fuehrer and his sidekick pence in a crowd, pressing the flesh, wearing no protection (apparently to set a picture that they were bold and brave).
**That made me think back a few years to some of these inoculations, etc., and some of the developing strategies around that. With biowarfare, if you are going to kill your enemy with a deadly virus, you first want to have an anti-virus in the wings. If you have a remedy, you don’t advertise it, but the “important” people, the wealthy, are quietly given the antidote so they can appear brave and very lucky, being exposed and not getting ill while many die around them. Made me wonder how long they may have had an antidote. This virus is scheduled to “rid the world” of most of the elderly, the poor, children, prisoners, immigrants, etc., so I imagine the “cure” will be found when most of these “undesirables” have perished. As the Godfather said so many years ago, “Nothing personal, it’s just business.”
**I’m not being paranoid, or imaginative, about this. As a surviving nuclear veteran when so few of us are left, I’ve studied a lot of this stuff, and written about it until it became obvious that few people gave a damn about it, so I just let it ride. My wife’s observation last night brought it to the fore.
**Of course, if you believe you can trust this government, I’ve got a bridge I’d like to sell you.

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You are correct. Also, I believe that Biden would sign a Republican written bill that would hurt social security and medicare. Although he claims to have changed his mind on the issue, historically he’s been a proponent against entitlements.

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Correct. He says he has changed his mind on those matters but he has a history of being an opponent of entitlements. I do believe he would sign a Republican written bill to hurt social security and medicare.

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Not every member of the federal government Is evil. However the federal government over the years has proven that as a whole it is evil. It has done numerous medical experiments on the population without its approval or consent or knowledge. This country as a whole hates poor people of all races. and hates all non-white people. It routinely invades and destroys other non-white countries for the flimsiest of reasons. Or lies. I’d estimate this holds true for 60% of the country.

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Trump and the GOP do not want to go into a national election with a less than stellar economy. The sooner he can pretend that all is well, the better are his chances of a second term.
He is a cut throat businessman. I wouldn’t mind if his rationale for early re-openings were based on compassion for the small and large businesses which might result in financial ruin but knowing how proud he is of the ‘greatest economy the world has ever seen’, his motives are self-serving. Ayn Rand would be proud of him but what will all the medical people on the front lines think about his priorities?

DT doesn’t care what they think.

They promised away the jobs of millions of US workers and with that transition they also likely want to get rid of Social Security because India keeps complaining that their workers have to work here for typically six or more years and only a very few of them get to keep their social security payments. Look up “totalization agreement” in the Indian press. Right now there are maybe at the most one or two million Indian workers here. Imagine when there are 50 million or more, doing basically all the good jobs, Lots of money will be flowing out of the country, plus millions of people will be hoping to get money back, many of them will have had their working lives cut short prematurely and will not be contributing any more in. many will still have huge amounts of college debt, which will never be paid. many young people will have huge debts but will never even get their first jobs.

Now you see what they are facing, thanks to GATS…

COVID-19 is a godsend for TPTB because it gives them a convenient scapegoat for this economic bloodbath that they have been planning for 32 years.

Trump is a reality show actor and he’s doing a great job at acting. Thats what his job is. “You’re fired” remember?

You’re fired, America. Here is a box for your belongings, this security guard will show you to the door.