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Trump and the GOP: This Is Who They Are


Trump and the GOP: This Is Who They Are

Terrance Heath

House Speaker Paul Ryan condemned Donald Trump’s plan to ban Muslim immigration to the U.S. by saying, “this is not who we are as a party or a country.” Ryan is mistaken: Trump represents exactly what the GOP is, and what progressives must not let America become.


Here lies the problem. This indeed who they are and the person opposed to racism , Fascism and endless war will turn to the Democrats because they claim to be different.

Even as they do the bombings and slaughter of persons the World over by the US military will continue. The justification then becomes "it would be worse with Republicans" very much like the meme advanced by NATO , that being if they drop bombs on innocent people it is not as bad as the Russians or "Islamist terrorists" doing it.


This IS the recipe for fascism. When the elites orchestrate economies that allot too few benefits (not to mention diminished salaries) to working white males, the naturally-occurring anger is then purposely directed at an easily recognizable "minority" group.

A tried and true recipe:

"Anger is just one face of this coin. Fear and anxiety always follow close behind it. For decades, Republicans played the socioeconomic fears of their white, working-class, evangelical base; as jobs were shipped overseas, wages stagnated, and the American Dream slipped beyond their grasp. Today, according to a survey by the Public Religion Research Institute, “White evangelical protestants and white mainline protestants are markedly more pessimistic than other groups, with majorities believing that Americans best days are behind us.”

This type of manipulation was rampant in post W.W. I Germany and unfortunately, it's re-rooting again in France and other European nations.

The policies that wreak despair and ravage lives come back to haunt their authors. This is seen in the refugee problem which is mostly the product of illegal wars of aggression and further aggravated by the rigors of climate change.

As the dispossessed pour into Europe, those already financially struggling fear that their job may go to the individual who would accept lower pay out of desperation.

Trump deliberately makes the financial challenges of today (as imposed by elites who OWN the U.S. congress, a/k/a lawmakers) into the problem of Muslims and/or Hispanic "guest workers."

Between the paid-off climate change deniers, the military head honchos who lie about war and spying, and the pundits who instigate race war and atavistic forms of tribalism... there is a special hell and LOTS of karma.


That instigation of race wars by the media is very deliberate and the way they report the same is in fact another tool used to instigate.

As an example of what I mean shortly before the Colorado shootings there was a mass shooting in New Orleans where 17 people injured. This was little reported on and the Perpetrator was black.

Now when a black shot by the police it heavily reported on whereas if it happens to a white there much less reporting.

The right wing seizes on this as proof of bias in the media and their anger stoked. The blacks point to example after example of another shooting of a black by the police and their anger stoked.

This ensures it ALWAYS about race whenever such incidents occur and while acknowledging there is that entrenched racism always bubbling under the surface the manner in which the media plays one group against the other in conjunction with the Trumps of the world fueling the same should be obvious .

How to break that cycle is the real test. Something like a common cause needed such as those "cowboys and Indians" working together to protect the environment.


One thing about Trump is he is exposing what the Republican party is and has been! Give the devil his due! Yes, this is who they are! But most of their party knows it but is afraid to say it. Kind of like a guy that lifted a rock and exposed a den of vipers underneath it.


I am sorry but my browser must have dropped your last paragraph where you tell us Americans what we should do after rejecting the repubs and the dems?

So what do we do? Yes one is worse than the other. That we know already but then what? What are you telling us that we should do? Are you telling us not to vote? How will that help? It might get us the worst of two evils actually.


Why are libs getting their knickers in a knot over Trump's statements, while they have tacitly and often explicitly approved of the wholesale slaughter of Muslim civilians, including children, elderly persons, women, etc., perpetrated by Nobel Peace Prize Winner Barack Obama? Yes, the Obama who continued and escalated Iraq & Afganistan wars, who launched new wars in Libya & Syria, and who sends killer drones into countless nations daily.

And why are Libs not pressing Democratic presidential contenders Hillary and Bernie to repudiate the Obama butchery?

It seems like Dems and Libs are all fine and dandy with wholesale slaughter. But their country club sensibilities are offended by crude bigotry.

Yes, Trump and the GOP are disgusting. But they're obvious at least.


You can vote somebody else like people living in democracies all over the world do or are you "too exceptional" ? I am sorry but "at least they are not Republicans" is not good enough for the people being killed by US Bombs and rather a pathetic thing to hide behind.

I find it the height of hypocrisy to condem every article that points out America's violent past because "It in the past and is justifying groups like ISIS killing people now" while you continue to suport a Government killing people NOW because you claim you have no choice.


Oh okay so you figure a pretend vote like that will accomplish something then? You want to rant against America's two party system, I get that but then what? We are still stuck with whomever wins the election. As you can see we don't usually like the duopoly's choices - one being worse than the other and all. This time we have a choice of an independent progressive and I hope we take it. However their voting record is what defines them. So no need to get caught up with labels so exclusively. There are only two choices - either repub or dem.

You can be to the left of the mainstream dems or to the right of the mainstream repubs but in either case, those are the only two parties. So the name/label doesn't count for much but a candidate's record does.


Oh please your response are puerile.

ISIS is more violent then Al Queda so under your reasoning people should be grateful if Al Qaeda in their neighborhood and not do anything to repudiate the same.

There are other Candidates that run for office in the USA. Why are you waiting for everyone else to take the step of voting for them? Is there a law that forbids you forming another Political party? It seems to me a few Socialists have been elected at the local level in US Cities. Why did the 2 party system not prevent it?


Are you talking about the hypothetical? In fact what are you talking about? You constantly talk as if you were an American but you aren't so why do you get so autocratic about telling people what we should do?

We would rather have a better system but it is a little late to talk about that during an election year so give us a break okay?

I think I need you to reformulate your question since I have no idea of what you are asking.


We have all heard the double speak on these issues for decades now. Trump says it in plain language and it scares the rest of the Republicans running for POTUS who want to say the same things, but now they have to be more cautious in their statements. Could this be of value? It is at least entertaining to see the reactions of these guys.


Of course you have no idea of what I am talking about because by your own words you can not grasp anything outside the parameters you have resigned yourself too.

Not only that but you go out of your way to villify those that choose to do so. You have chosen the chains that bind you and insist others must do the same


What villify? where?

where are people's ethics these days? Where did I vilify? liar.


Oh please , I can review all your posts.

I think those reading know exactly what I talk about. That you pretend not to shows there no point in reposting your own words.

But just a hint. Look to your words after any article by Chris Hedges or Nick Turse , or to your responses to your fellow citizens that give reasons they can not support Sanders.

As to my given my observations on the type of Governments citizens of the USA elect all I can say is if the USA minded its own business and stopped murdering people the world over and toppling the Goverments of other peoples who exercise their own right to chose than you might have a point.

The world has had quite enough of the USA dictating what everyone else can do as they claim no one can tell them what to do.


Hey stop ranting and accusing me. You accused me of vilifying which I didn't do and now you are talking about disagreeing with my opinions and comments concerning other articles? What is your problem?

You want to rant and not have anyone disagree with you is that it? How nice huh?

Sorry if you can't debate intelligently ... maybe then you should get off the soapbox.

But stop calling names and accusing people unfairly simply because they don't agree with you. Are you really willing to say that you can't debate adequately to be able to counter someone's points so they shouldn't voice them? Really?

Sorry, I disagree with your rants. Too bad. I am unconcerned about who writes what. Whether a Hedges or anyone else. They are just other writers to me. They must be more than that to you. Either their points make sense to me or I comment on them. That is what a site like CD is all about.


Trump TRUMP-ets his racism, ageism, xenophobia, etc. while his fellow candidate-hopefuls and currently elected members of both houses of Congress stay mum and (the elected) proceed to pass legislation filled with exceptionalism, racism, xenophobia, misogyny, anti-poor, anti-environment, pro-business/banking/Wall Street, pro-military/perpetual war, etc. They depend on the ignorance of and lack of vigilance (overseeing seeing their actions) as practiced by too many of the unwitting voting public. The ever-changing laws regarding the expansion of the authority of the IRS and all laws pertaining to taxation are prime examples. Composing legislation that contains 10,000 pages and calling for votes within a few days of presenting said legislation, which is full of pork-barrel projects for their districts/states/donors/corporations is another disturbing example.


For pity sake Common Dreams followers you as I may prefer Democrats and even more so Berni Sanders. But if you want to help the cause of American Inequality reduction at leastagree for our republican voter few, to choose Donald trump if any republican or would you prefer another Bush working his way in for future endprsement?


I don't agree that Trump and the GOP are one. Trump is smart and the GOP is stupid.


this is kinda CAFs job. They work for Democrats first and foremost. And it's increasingly clear that the party is leaning on these "independent" outlets to prepare to get behind the eventual coronation of Her Royal Heinous, and the way that's done is the way it's always done--lesser evil scams.

Trump's an interesting lightning rod right now. He mimics genuine fascism largely because that's how he's chosen to get votes. He's not Hitler, of course. Why not? Because Hitler was a true believer, and those are the fascists you have to be truly afraid of.

Trump believes in Trump alone. And not a whole lot else, although I do think he has an anachronistic economic nationalist streak not seen from a major GOP candidate in years. Which is why the Right is working even harder to erase him than even the Democrats, who have a lot more to fear from Trump than just his ridiculous rhetoric.

So this piece is partly correct. This is who much of the rank and file really are. Trump? Maybe; maybe not.