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Trump and the GOP's Handling of Covid-19 Is Sheer Lunacy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/06/trump-and-gops-handling-covid-19-sheer-lunacy


Time for a viable alternative to the one party stranglehold (encompassing two parties) on US Politics.


Trump, Inc. and their whole “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” mantra have totally failed physics. “Donald Trump was the dumbest goddamn student I ever had.”–the late Prof. William T. Kelley, Wharton School of Business


With nearly half of working age adults out of work, and the child care system in many communities collapsing, that will have hundreds of thousands of parents unable to return to work (even if there is work available for them), it then seems this is the time to provide families with a $2K monthly stipend. Families would be able to pay their bills (rent or mortgage, food, utilities, etc.) while taking care of their children at home. It would also reduce social contact.


Well, there is this influence…



He’s also the dumbest goddamn “President” this country has ever had.


“Delinquency rates on mortgages have more than doubled since March”

Would those delinquencies in the mind of Mitch McConnell represent a fortuitous transfer of wealth upwards (in the aggregate not a loss of wealth at all) a good reason to withhold further stimulus for the victims of the pandemic?

Similar opportunities for vultures exist and are opening in commercial.


“This is sheer lunacy. The priority must be to get control over this pandemic and help Americans survive it, physically and financially. Anything less is morally indefensible.”

Once again a credible analysis with evidence that states the obvious to what any one with intelligence already knows, but like most of the knowledgeable pundits of the “left”, he offers no practical solution to the problem.
How do remove these self serving servants of a plutocracy? Voting through the paper thin veneer of ‘Democracy’? That’s a laugh. That’s the system that put those sociopaths into positions of power in the first place.
It’s just possible that Robert Reich offers no solution because there is none, because nothing in the present state of affairs is really new, as a cursory review of recorded world history will show. There is something deeply flawed in the human psyche, and no system imposed from the outside is going to fix those intrinsic shortcomings. There is a steady production of sociopaths in the human population (between 1 and 3%, depending on the psychological study). Even if 1% of the American population of 350 million is a sociopath that leaves us with 3,500,000 sociopaths, people with no conscience, no empathy for others, who are prepared to do what it takes to achieve their ambitions. And where do we find these delightful people… in the White House, running Congress, CEO’s of Drug and for profit health care companies who profit from human misery, banks and financial institutions, the military from the Pentagon down to the rank and file personnel and the large group of mercenaries that the military employs, the weapons industry that profits from the endless destruction of human life… the list goes on. Please solve that problem for us Mr. Reich.


The closest thing to a solution that I can see is a movement from below to primary corporatists and replace them with progressives.

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A progressive losing to a Republican offers a way forward that a win by a corporate democrat does not. If the progressive loses, keep trying until the progressive wins.

A win by a corporate democrat keeps the oligarchic plutocracy comfortably in place. The “so-called” safe choice of a corporate so-called, “moderate”, is one more step towards absolute tyranny.

Only if the masses realize this can they actualize their power.


Disaster Capitalism is looting everyone’s future.

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Powerless! Ordinary people can’t do anything about the plight they are facing or are already in. This situation will exist until Inauguration Day in 2021 unless . . . . .; I can’t type it. I can hardly think it. It could happen. When an administration possesses the values tRump’s does, people will suffer. The lack of leadership is breathtaking.

If the Republican party passed a $2K monthly stipend, until the end of the crisis, they wouldn’t have to worry about re-election at all. But they won’t do it because it goes against their ideology.

If the Democrats just said that’s what they wanted, even knowing that the Republicans would not let it pass, they wouldn’t have to worry about winning, even with Joe Biden at the helm. But they won’t do it either. I guess it wouldn’t sit well with their donors.

Neither party, for whatever reason, wants to do what we need to end the pandemic and get the economy back to some semblance of normal. They’re both worthless. I really do think it’s time for a third party.

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