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Trump And The Infrastructure Of Fascism


Trump And The Infrastructure Of Fascism

Gerald Epstein

Infrastructure investment: it’s that economic policy sweet spot that everyone loves to love.


Professor Epstein is correct as far as he goes. What Trump means by “infrastructure” is always going to be plain and simple looting, whether by gutting regulations or outright giveaways to corporate financiers and builders. However, the larger point is that even if it were the kind of legitimate plan supported by labor unions and the Democratic Party, you are talking about laying down more concrete to facilitate more use of international combustion engines. “Infrastructure” is just another way of dispersing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and hastening the collaps, at least, of modern societies.

A rational infrastructure plan in this century must mean investment in alternative power generation and public transportation. Somehow, I do not think this is what Chuck Schumer is dreaming of.


Trumpka and ilk are neither fools, nor were they fooled.

They know what the game is, and they willingly play it to their own advantage.

These Democratic and labor “leaders” are responsible for His Travesty’s ascendance, having led their constituencies down the “third way” to nowhere.

Any “principle” on their part is solely for public consumption, determined by what they deem to be politically expedient at the moment.


I’m so sick of hearing and seeing trump at his tower! Is he ever at the White House?! I’m aghast that Americans aren’t in a rage over this so called president and his preference for his gold plated tower. He thinks he’s a king!


In my opinion, the writing is on the wall and has been for at least several decades. Anyone who does not maintain their own home; who lets it crumble down around them, has an agenda. What is that agenda? Do they see a rebuilding in another image? Their image perhaps? Privatized gated communities for the rich…third world trashy streets for the rest? Or even worse–third world U.S.A. and all the rich leave for mara lago? Create an industrial hell hole here! Dump toxic waste everywhere and let the u.s. fall. After all, Democracy has been a thorn in their side from the start. It seems they don’t see beauty or feel love.

After saying this…and I see it as a possibility…I want to put on my positive thinking cap and change the images in my mind. Is there a way to wipe the earth clean of these vermin? It’s almost as tho they are an alien species. Hey, maybe they are? These thinkers who have no empathy or compassion; no remorse or conscience; operating purely from profit motives–they are anti-human. We seem to be in thrall of them. Are we lemurs? Good little sheep?

And I know–there are a lot of enclaves of change and innovation; revolution and inspiration; creativity and progressive movement–but when will it all come together and wash away this blight on our collective conscience?