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Trump and the Liberation of the F— Word


Trump and the Liberation of the F— Word

Daniel Maguire

When no other word has the emphatic power the situation demands.


Oh, gawd how I love this. How f-ing true.


Actually, liberating the F-word from its negative connotations was what Lenny Bruce had in mind. It’s one of the ways we express love when words, chocolate and sharing housework just aren’t enough.


My poor old mother would be shocked.


Too bad Biden calls himself an (F-ing) Zionist.


F—ING Republicans, F—ING Democrats.

How much longer will 95% of the voting electorate continue to support the F—ING Duopoly which will never F—ING represent the masses?


Love it!


Phuq that phuquing phuqhead all to PHUQ!


GUILLOTINE the phuquing elected phuqheads all to phuq!


My poor mother handed us a dictionary when we used swear words and vulgar language. She always kept trying, bless her heart. When we asked her what the words my father was using meant, usually when repairing the car or a house upgrade, she said he’s speaking CB, a foreign language the Navy taught him during WWII.
That woman was fucking hilarious, often times. And, she really didn’t swear much. She talked under her breath to herself alot, though.


Tell that to Angela Davis, Dick Gregory and/or a whole host of comedians, social and political activists who’ve used the language to usurp the controls of the false propriety of the white PTB.
Why? Because it works.


Well excuse me, Mr. The Goat,

I reckon many of us Common Dreamers aren’t as intellectually rational as you, and really don’t give a fuck about rank in our arguments.

Learn to lighten up Sir, we are living in the 21st century.


I’ve been experiencing the joy of liberating all manner of choice words since the f----g DNC shafted Bernie Sanders last year and has only accelerated in the regime of the f----g s----tfaced a–hole Trump.


It’s called INTELLECTUAL LAZINESS. There are plenty of words in the English language to express anger and shock. Learn some. Use a dictionary. Read a book once in a while.

As for people objecting to it being afraid of words, all I can say is: GROW UP. Using a word to show off how cool you are, or whatever, is just plain juvenile. Sure, we all get mad and “lose it.” That’s one thing. But some people are just unimaginative.

Try reading Cyrano de Bergerac’s speech about how to insult his nose, to see what I mean.

BTW I know all about fucking and have engaged in it for over fifty years.

There. Are you satisfied now, little people?


Well said. It doesn’t show how “edgy” you are, how progressive or anything else to use language to verbally assault people.

If you say your name over and over again, it loses it’s efficacy. “Fuck” really is boring when heard over and over again, like a broken record. It shows me the person using it is really not very smart.


I don’t exactly see how it works: we are still engaged in wars all over the planet. Our leaders deny catastrophic climate change, we are still in danger of lobbing nuclear weapons at people we don’t like.

We have a certified psychopath in the White House and our civil rights are eroded every day.

The causes we struggled for in the sixties and seventies seem more than lost. And you feel “liberated” because you use some word?

That’s just pitiful.


“The fucking fucker is fucked”-John F Kennedy referring to a broken down jeep in WWII. A person very good at language(not me)explained to me that swear words destroy the meaning in language. I do think used sparingly they can have great effect. It is also troubling when news organizations take out swear words in quotes----this is part of the story.

On another subject I don’t see anything about Rep Marino who was pulled from the nomination for DEA. This guy pushed a bill for three big drug companies to push opioids—this passed on a voice vote–Obama signed the bill-----this bill stopped the DEA from cracking down on these drug companies from pushing opioid use. I have to give credit to Chris Hayes this was his top story. 65,000 people in the US died from opioids. And as Chris Hayes raised in his program why haven’t any of these drug pushers(CEO’s of these drug companies)gone to jail. THIS IS THE TOP STORY OF THE DAY. These corrupt politicians who go on about the opioid crises have played a key role in fueling this crisis-----Are we going to get any answers why these politicians passed this law???


Thanks. Change your name to Sad Sack. It fits your meme. Maybe your dreary forecast, as well.
Let’s see: before fuck there was Ozzie & Harriet, Father Knows Best, Leave It To Beaver and The Lawrence Welk Show. Now, there’s…Oh, let’s just say you say tomato and I say great effin’ tomato, dude. Are they heirloom and organic? Did you grow them yourself and where’d the seeds come from? Fuckin’ amazing taste, man.


R U named after Billy, perchance? The gruff one, I mean?


Ahhhh, I see … you must teach at a private Catholic school, probably jr. high, b/c you certainly are talking like a teacher would to a recalcitrant jr. high kid; I honestly feel sorry for you, living in such a ‘prim and proper reality’ can’t be easy when others don’t have qualms about expressing their views forthrightly. Take care of yourself, I see you headed for a major health issue if you don’t figure out some way to deal with your need to ‘keep it clean’ i.e.: trash mouth/authenticity/valuable discourse …