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Trump and the Lost Country

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/01/trump-and-lost-country

Let’s see…I could list many reasons for the utter lack of respect our entire culture has, not just for others, but for all beings. It’s not Trump V Biden, or GOP v Dem. It’s the loss of empathy and compassion, the massive estrangement our species has undergone over several centuries, but especially beginning with the late 1800’s to now. American Exceptionalism and our arrogance were the start.
Several inventions truly would have never seen the light of day if we had a council of Elders looking for effects to the 7th generation. The automobile. Television. Even the internet.
Right now I’m watching thunderstorms develop in wild time, in nature. Beautiful massive clouds against a pure blue sky.


Trump obviously was on a particular mission. He managed to drag Biden to the edge of reasonable banter, but did not succeed in making him into the raving lunatic trump was.

Out here in California, our wildtime was knocked off-kilter four years ago. From the bottom up, we’re watching the whole banana fry, from the western Sierras through the western Cascades – even continuing north into Canada – this entire continental forest ecosystem is currently populated with (half dead) species which no longer belong there, not in the wake of irreversible revision of Earth’s climate. Cataclysmic firestorms, burning for weeks or months, erupting regularly into most awesome fire-tornados – terribly dramatic and dangerous, as it happens, just because the ecosystem transition, to something else besides the great forest, cannot be halted or even slowed down anymore. As with a fire-tornado, the best we can do is get out of the way. That apocalyptic horse already left the barn.

The northern part of the Glass Fire, on a firemap, looks like a hand squeezing Calistoga – north, east, and south of town. This as the rheostat cranks up the heat and offshore winds – into a red-flag warning this evening. New evacuation just today in Kenwood. Our sun dives into an ominous evening donning hot orange and pink. Gray everywhere else rises like a colorless tide. It feels like I’ll be seeing little ashes like snowflakes, soon. Hang on – this one could be a real white-knuckler.

Trump has been in close proximity to Hope Hicks, who has COVID-19. Trump is in terrible physical condition. If he catches COVID, he is likely to be severely impacted, and may die. So, in some sense, perhaps the COVID-19 virus will end up being some form of ‘savior’.

Update: Trump has COVID.