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Trump and the San Diego Synagogue Shooting

Trump and the San Diego Synagogue Shooting

Jeffrey C. Isaac

My mind was reeling. I was writing a column about Trump’s speech to the National Rifle Association in Indianapolis when I learned of yesterday’s (Saturday) synagogue shooting in California by a white supremacist.

The connection between these two events was immediate and obvious to me, as I will briefly explain in a moment.

A short time thereafter, I was treated to Trump’s brief response to the shooting, given on the White House lawn as he hurried off to his previously-scheduled Nuremberg-style rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Marinated in fear, conservatives are regressive and reactionary. Their greed, hate and predatory behavior stems from their unnatural fear of death:

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“If the Nuremberg laws were applied, then every post-war [WW II] American president would have been hanged.” - Noam Chomsky


Lee Camp did a segment on white supremacy recently where he pointed out the connection between mass shootings and rightwing extremism.
Every single mass killing in 2018 has been done by a right wing extremist, and a majority of them by white supremacists. A fact which corporate media is working overtime to obscure.

Worth a watch:

In having grown up in Wisconsin, early on I became a fan of the Green Bay Packers. The presence, last night, of Drumpf in Green Bay not only tarnished the reputation of the city of Green Bay, but the Packers team! That hurts!

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The media disgust me, because they treat Trump as just another President. And WHY is it necessary for them to report on his RALLIES (e.g., the one in Green Bay last night)?! Their reporting too often amounts to PROMOTING!
I get the feeling that if this were Germany in the 1930s, and our press were there, they would treat HITLER as they are now treating DRUMPF!! There’s something WRONG with this picture!
Also, global warming: A couple of years ago I asked the lead meteorologist where I live why none of them ever mention “global warming.” His response: Our management FORBIDS us to do so! This makes me ask: Where is your INTEGRITY if you KNOW that global warming is occurring, KNOW that it threatens the continued existence of our species, and because you are forbidden to talk about it, you don’t quit your job? Obviously, INTEGRITY is not your main trait!!

And on top of all this - are we taxpayers paying for his Nuremberg-style campaign hate-rallies? Consider the costs of that big B747, helicopters, armored limousine (carried in a separate C17 or C130 I assume), and thousands of secret-service and local police man-hours?

(and we are not even talking about the carbon footprint of all this yet…)


Actually, until the invasion of Czechoslovakia, and maybe even Poland, the US media DID treat Hitler as just this slightly eccentric head of state…

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The only NFL football team owned by the people!


I’m sick of Mr45’s face! Please photoshop his photo in cartoonish fashion. Something like Melania fiercely hammering nails into his head? Some character dumping a stinking porta-potty on him? Stretch his head like playdough into a smashed potato head smirking dark comic evil. I would pay to see that on any news story where his - never to be mentioned name - must be offensively uttered!
Mister 45. Your puh-residency is fucked!

Corporate media is seeming to me, Tarsus, to provide not-coverage that could possibly lead listeners/watchers to assume synagogue shooters have been influenced by, for example, critics of Israel’s apartheid policy in regard to Gaza and the West Bank. I’d judge it doesn’t figure in their actions at all. If any of’em have caught wind of it at all, it’s probably less than 0.1% of’em. No, this is an unearthing of the whole nazi movement corpse…swaggering around zombie-like with all particulars intact. There is no reason for their antisemitism except mimiking that movement (just like there was no reason for that movement’s version other than arbitrary scapegoating).

Phyllis Benis goes over how being critical of that nation’s [Israel’s] policies DOES NOT mean one is against Jews. http://inthesetimes.com/article/21778/false-accusations-antisemitism-ilhan-omar-israel-palestine-democrats

I hate to put this link in context with Bennis’ material, because probably one in 10 of its citations end up making any sense, but IMO people should look at that fraction…and put on their thinking caps. https://duckduckgo.com/?q=israel’s+false+flags&t=h_&ia=web