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Trump and the Second Coming of Nuclear Nightmares (Literally)


Trump and the Second Coming of Nuclear Nightmares (Literally)

Rick Salutin

The U.S. president has revived the fear of a nuclear holocaust for a new generation

anti-nuclear protest


I was born in the 1930s. My childhood was largely spent during a horrible war to rid the world of of the threat of the Nazis, the Italian Fascists and Imperial Japan’s expansion. Almost the entire world was involved in the struggle, for the Nazi Wehrmacht was, for a time, the most powerful military in the world.
*As the war drew on to its horrible conclusion, there were more Gold Stars hung in the windows. I never knew if my brother, a Pearl Harbor survivor, might become a Gold Star in our front window.
*I was about nine when I went to the Navy yard at Bremerton with my folks to see the Bikini battered ships from Operation Crossroads. At nineteen, I was at Bikini to watch the first airdropped H-Bomb by the US. I survived my exposure, many didn’t.
*I’ve spent much of my adult life working for an end to the nuclear nightmare, and an end to war as a solution to any problem.
*With the end of the war, suddenly our ally, the Soviet Union, who had lost about eleven million soldiers and close to twenty million civilians during the war, which had left western Russia mostly rubble, became the new dragon to be defeated.
*We became the new St. George, to kill the dragon with nuclear weapons. The Dragon grew nuclear teeth and the war profiteers, who had worried about their drop in profits at the end of the war, jumped on the bandwagon and the nuclear arms race began.
*Now, I am nearing the end of my life, having watched the Constitutional Republic of the United States morph into the most powerful and feared proto-Nazi government in the world. Its powers of surveillance, its Wehrmacht, its growing separation of haves and have not’s, its ever growing wars and profits for the few at the expense of the many and finally another crazed dictator, run by an Oligarchy of greed and power.
*There is just a handful of “We who have seen the Dragon” and suffered from the exposure and the nightmares of Nuclear Armageddon, now again looming over us. We know at first hand what these new Fascists so lightly consider unleashing again upon the world. The greedy, war fed, Oligarchy have no real idea of what they are feeding in their endless search for absolute power and wealth beyond imagination. They, too will find out that you cannot eat money, and that poisoned atmosphere, water and GMO food will not sustain life. By that time it will be too late, and a once beautiful planet will have become a dead, reeking, wasteland, orbiting a minor sun in a small galaxy in a vast universe.
Tamam shud.


Very good minitrue, very very good.


Regarding a “Second Coming of Nuclear Nightmares,” a statement:
At times, there is a “Calm” before a Storm.

And, two Questions:
Do you think God has Fire and Fury?
Do you think God has Wrath?


Thanks Rich,
*I forgot to mention that the Cherokee shot was just one of a series of seventeen, most of which I was exposed to in one form or another.
*After I was out of the service, I used to have recurring nightmares where I was walking along the beach at San Francisco. Suddenly, offshore, I saw a row of nuclear explosions and knew we were doomed as that was upwind of the city. There had been much talk of “Cobalt Bombs” at the time, as the ultimate population killer.
*I started crying and fell to my knees, then would wake up in tears. After sixty-one years, it still doesn’t take much to cause flashbacks to those damned tests.
*Good luck to us all.


Hi Rich,
*When I hit send on my answer to you, I noticed that comment by WindHarps and I watched the link. I think I may be done for the day. That hit exactly what I was writing about.


The best case scenario reasoning I can think of for Little Donny stoking these fears is just to keep the populace in fear so he and his GOP buddies can continue to dismantle the country. Which in itself should be an impeachable offense and not accepted by the supposed leader of the U.S. Worst case scenario, he really thinks a nuclear war would be exciting and he and his rich buddies can survive to see the “new world”. Either way this president and his cabinet should be impeached for even stoking these fears. Of course they won’t be though. The GOP is compliant and the DNC might as well be, with the biggest argument for impeachment they can give is unproven Russia colluding and not addressing the failures of their own party. Progressive candidates need to rise and take back our country, before there is no country left.


Thinking through a now long life, born just a few months before the atom bomb age was born with the two big bangs in Japan, I lived much of my early sentient life with the awareness that the nuclear nightmare could happen at any moment, that if it did, that would be “IT” for everything humans did and had anything to do with,

The fact that it didn’t happen despite all the times it nearly did, most of which we ‘re only now learning about is testament to just how “unthinkable” it was.

But with the current president and the people who have been swept into Power in the wake of his rise, it seems like it’s not “unthinkable” any more. The president has seemingly always wanted to set off his own Big Bang so he can feel really mighty, And the military now claims to have “small scale” nukes that, they say, can be used without setting off a fatal apocalypse. Guilt free atomic bombing that, their hype is saying, that will rid us of what we’re afraid of without blowback that could hurt us.

I still believe that once one is used, the “unthinkableness barrier” will have been irrevocably breeched and it’ll be boom after boom from then on till we’re all gone for good. Hope either I’m wrong or it diesn’t happen.


Amen, brother flip!


It has never been ‘unthinkable’ to those in power in the countries that have nuclear weapons. Those weapons have been just begging to be used by the psychopaths that always seem to be ruling the world in every country no matter how expensive the suit or how good the education they had. There is something broken in the minds of every one of the so-called ‘leaders’ that gravitate to those positions of power.

And if you think about it, the USA has been waging radioactive war for nearly three decades with the use of WAR CRIME depleted uranium being spread over the world. Just because it doesn’t go boom doesn’t mean we aren’t using nuclear weapons. DU is just quieter and more invisible than a huge mushroom cloud…

Our species history is nothing but a litany of war, slaughter, slavery, genocide.

Anthropologists count 23 major civilizations that have existed in the last 10,000 years, the Holocene Era after the last Ice Age. Sure are a lot of ruins and bones for them to look through, aren’t there?

And I’ve never stopped having those nightmares in the back of my head since growing up on the beach in the late 50s/early 60s about four miles line-of-sight from ‘aircraft carrier row’ in San Diego Bay while practicing those stupid freaking ‘duck and cover’ drills after watching Bert the Turtle movies in elementary school. The Pt. Loma peninsula wasn’t going to protect us one little bit… And now the weapons are a 1000 times more powerful. Or more.

Look at the pictures of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Tiny little firecrackers in comparison. TINY.

The lucky ones will be vaporized. The rest…not so lucky.



What has GOD got to do with our insanity?


“What has GOD got to do with our insanity?”

If you truly (as in if your’e not a troll) don’t know:
Questions. Answers. Seek.

Further, if you truly (as in if your’e not a troll) can’t See:

  1. In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them. 2 Corinthians 4:4

  2. And Jesus said, For judgment I am come into this world, that they which see not might see; and that they which see might be made blind. John 9:39