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Trump and the Wealth Dynasty Defense Industry

Trump and the Wealth Dynasty Defense Industry

Chuck Collins

There is little that is shocking about The New York Times expose that Donald Trump and his family schemed to avoid taxes and were handed hundred million dollar inheritances.

Despite Trump’s boast to being a self-made billionaire, he was “born on third base,” inheriting a real estate empire from his father along with connections and other forms of social capital. We can speculate as to how much of this self-made myth is self-deception, brand-building, or amnesia.

Trump is what we get from depending on puppet politicians to save us instead of saving ourselves.

Direct Liquid Democracy

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A criticism of unions, popular among right-wingers, is that unions protect, empower and enable mediocrity. If that’s true—and I don’t for a second concede that it is—it’s certainly true beyond a shadow of a doubt that inherited wealth does exactly that. Exhibit A is Pwesident Twump himself, and confiscatory estate taxes are the only remedy.

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It’s about time I followed up on your suggestion on this matter. I love the idea. Still there is a problem of vote-purchasing that would need to be addressed. Are there any materials on the antidote to (or better yet inoculation against) such potential poison? I’m not trying to be a “Debbie Downer”, but as an engineer I am forced to break the model in my head before moving on with the construction phase.

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This gets my vote!

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I don’t see how vote-purchasing could be a problem with Liquid Democracy:

“Liquid democracy, or delegative democracy, is a new system that removes the middle man and entrusts direct voting power to the people.”

Corporations could essential bribe their employees with bonuses for their voting privileges. I guess if the votes to be addressed are frequent, the chain-breaking could be effective, but for corporate priorities I have to believe that they would try an end-round. The next important vote might then begin a new bribe-vote-break cycle. I love the overall idea, but I am one cynical SOB, as you well know.

[quote=“WiseOwl, post:8, topic:56234”]
but for corporate priorities I have to believe that they would try an end-round.


No doubt. It’s the proverbial battle between good and evil. But science is on the good side that leads to the truth. That’s the liberal, progressive one.