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Trump and Tragedy: From Las Vegas to New York City to Sutherland Springs


Trump and Tragedy: From Las Vegas to New York City to Sutherland Springs

Christopher Brauchli

The president "is batting zero for three in taking meaningful action to confront the tragedies of the last 6 weeks, unless reducing funding for mental health counts as meaningful action"

vegas vigil


Well, hey, there are some nice people out there in those mass shooters, right? Even if by some miracle, Congress passed even the most anemic gun control legislation. Trump would veto it to appease his white, conservative, gun-toting base.


Even if I had access to that FOX shit, I’m sure I wouldn’t watch it. What absolute nonsense passes for sage commentary there. Mr. Abbott, this is, by the admission of your own contemporaries, the greatest and wealthiest nation on the face of this tortured rock. Is it also just a coincidence that it is home to one of the harshest and most condescending political (faux) majorities?

I don’t think so. We’ve put the mentally ill out on the street. We’ve enabled blood-sucking pharmaceutical companies to line their pockets pushing their addictive narcotics. And we attempt to fill the ranks of our disgraced military by sabotaging economic opportunity for the 90%.

None of that is a mistake. But “praise God on high” that we’re not the Nazis (yet.)

What an absolute asshole.


Las Vegas and Texas has far higher body counts, were far better planned, had far more resources than ny. But, since the shooters were white, it is just a deranged individual with no message.

NY is a man with a scary beard, so that is terrorism. We are supposed to believe that the all powerful isis sent this man out, but couldn’t find better armaments than a paintball gun and a home depot truck.


C’mon Brauchli, no one did shit after New Town and that was little kids. Obama’s words were no more effective than any congress person and we still have all the BS - Quit YOUR bitching about Trump and DO SOMETHING


I never believe anything that the MSM says, because the corporate, media has a long, long history of lying to the American people. In other words, from my perspective, they are always guilty until proven innocent.

Doesn’t it seem strange that the assassinations of JFK, MLK, RFK, Malcom X and the massacres in Las Vegas and Texas were all done by what is called a lone Wolf? That is not a conspiracy theory, that is an immutable fact!


The USA entered the twilight zone around about 1967. As of today, some have arrived on the dark side. For others, their arrival lies ahead. DJT is amoral. Abbott is a blithering idiot. The Moore-ites are unworthy. Pence is the prince of darkness in waiting. Veterans Day has become a day of penance for those who have not served and homage to the MIC. Sixteen years of a war without end. Despite all the signs, like Anne Frank, I still believe people are good at heart; even as we slip gradually closer to the abyss.



Yeah, let’s not do anything to alienate the mass shooting community.