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Trump and Tragedy


Trump and Tragedy

Eric Margolis

Nuclear war is absolutely unthinkable. Totally crazy. Yet serious discussion is underway in military and neocon war circles about a nuclear war against North Korea and, even crazier, against Iran and Russia.  Welcome home, Dr Strangelove.


Of the 17 candidates for the Republican nomination and 5 for the Democratic nomination the one who was most scary when it comes to use of nuclear weapons was Trump. American voters did their worst job in picking a president in this nation’s history. They also the selected the crudest among the 22 choices and the most racist. And arguably the least honest.


There was a time when giants did walk the Earth, and held responsible positions in government.

In the autobiography of Shimon Peres, we have such a giant, and it was with the help and co-operation of both France and the United States that the idea of ‘nuclear ambiguity’ was born in 1956/57.

“No Room for Small Dreams” and “Israel: A Concise History”, should be required reading for every world citizen - in particular, for Common Dreams bloggers, in this time of diminutive world ‘leaders’ (sic), & politicians.

My jump instructor in 1970 was a kibbutzim - I still remember presisely his name and face - though courtesy prevents me from naming him.

Suffice it to say that he impressed me immensely, in a way that is difficult to describe, as did JFK - and now, Shimon Peres.

Feeling and passion - almost gone these days it seems. But I remember my visit to the eternal flame in DC in 1994 - the profound and also indescribable feeling and passion that overcame me looking upon his grave - the sacrifice.


Trump is a coward with a big mouth and a bigger ego.

His “15 minutes of fame” are nearing the end.

It is important for the human species to continue, by passing this legislation that never allows a single person, to initiate a military strike of any size, without the majority approval of Congress.


Trump didn’t do that.

Harry S. Truman did that and Dwight Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama all continued it.

This isn’t a problem just about Trump. This is a problem with U.S. Foreign Policy since WWII. Yes, Trump is continuing this horrid policy.

But make no mistake, Hillary Clinton would be continuing it too and ratcheting up antagonism with North Korea too, she’d just do it with Ivy League, wonkish, globalist rhetoric and the MSM would be lauding her about how mature and pragmatic she is. But Trump is a buffoon who speaks in 6th grade school yard bully language.

But if anyone really thinks that this is all Trump’s idea, they don’t understand that when he spouts this war mongering stuff that what’s he’s doing is repeating the briefing he’s been given by the MIC, but repeating it the way he registered it and using the blunt, chip on his shoulder language he uses for everything.

I don’t like Trump. I didn’t vote for him and never would. But he’s enamored with Generals and Admirals. If he pushes the button it’ll be because they all told him to and they’ll cheer when he does.

The problem with an article like this is that it assumes the problem we have is a weird, one-off situation due to having a baboon in the Oval Office. It isn’t. Getting rid of him (by impeachment or later by election) won’t rid us of this problem.

Don’t resist the symptom. Resist the disease.


Its fear, not hate that gave us Trump.


You are right. It is blind, irrational fear. It has been going on since 9/11/01. It has been continually stoked and exaggerated ever since. Is it any wonder that so many under the age of 25 are dealing with anxiety issues. This is the only “normal” they’ve ever known. Perpetual war. Perpetual fear. Why?
Who profits? Who pays?


You are so correct. While Trump is everything you say (I did not vote for him either), our problem (the world’s problem) is generations of tolerance by voters allowing for a belligerent nation to emerge from a bullying foreign policy. The Democratic Party establishment is waiting in the wings for a complete take over of government. I am afraid an unthinking, unaware populace will grant them their wish; and, nothing will change. Unending war and the resulting ignored and awaiting climate change disasters will doom us and most other life on Earth. That is if nuclear annihilation doesn’t get us first. As long as we keep feeding the beast with our taxes and our silence, it will grow. Only a complete overhaul of our system will allow for a chance of survival.


It is blind, irrational fear that gave us Trump. It has been going on since 9/11.
I agree, but it is not new to America and goes back to at least Roman times: Oderint Dum Mutant. Let them hate provided they fear.


" Don’t resist the symptom. Resist the disease."

I have posted the same thing in the past and you are unequivocally correct!

The US military is like the hit men that back the mafia, only on a world wide scale.
From war is a racket by General Smedley D. Butler: " I had as the boys in the back room would say, a swell racket. Looking back on it. I feel I could have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three districts.I OPERATED ON THREE CONTINENTS.

As bad as Trump is, getting rid of him only eradicates the symptom; not the disease. It is analogous to eliminating the Mafia Don… does not eliminate the mafia!