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Trump and Truth


Trump and Truth

Christopher Brauchli

“And lying she knew was a sin.”
Tom Lehrer, — An Irish Ballad

A number of parents have written asking for suggestions as to how they can explain to young children why the life of the lie has improved so dramatically in the United States in recent months. That is because since they were very young, children have been told that becoming friends with the lie is a bad thing. Times have changed.


If you're relying on the Washington Post to provide facts (or truth), you're got misplaced trust.


The lie has been gaining strength in this country since way before Trump. With the introduction of Bernay's propaganda, the "lie" has been trusted as a way to maintain power and control.
I'm old enough to remember when the journalists we heard from on evening news prided themselves on being truthful and accurate. Today we have been so inundated with lies that the very foundations our reality in this country are based upon lies or half truths.
Trump lies, Clinton lies, Obama lies. In fact MSM has made lies a cornerstone of our lives. Now they have decided they are the one's to point out lies on other news outlets. It is outrageous and frightening that the "lie" referred to in most religions is joked about. If you're not willing to lie you are weak and have no place in politics.
Indeed, what can we tell our children that have learned lying is bad, then only to find out that everyone lies all the time in this country?


Recall during the LBJ and Nixon Administrations even the mainstream media frequently referred to the US Government's "credibility gap", referring to lies and deception. One writer during that era suggested that the credibility gap was big enough to fly a B-52 bomber through.

Although talk of the credibility gap diminished (along with discussion of other critical issues like zero population growth, banking regulation, and appropriate technology) by the time Saint Ronny ascended the throne in 1981, I submit that by the end of the 80s the credibility gap had expanded to the extent that you could fly the entire B-52 fleet in V formation through it.


There seems to be mass delusion going on that facts don't matter. During the presidency of George W. Bush it was said that the government can create its own reality. Delusion can be dangerous and being deluded that facts don't matter is obviously dangerous. Guess what happens if you don't care about the facts underlying the science of climate change and continue to burn fossil fuels as if that did not cause a problem. Of course the answer is eventually unimaginable disaster.


Go together like oil and water.


No conscious person should by now have left any illusions about Donald Trump or his pathology and arrogant ignorance - his forming Cabinet is proof of his intentions and the grave (perhaps literally) threats to our nation and the entire world - a creature with zero appreciation for the natural world or the common man or woman - total absence of truth and the Common Good.

All that said the Democrats have been a party in collusion with much of what Trump represents, just softer and quieter. The Dem establishment in large measure responsible for the rise of Trump & Co for similar tone deaf contempt for the "common" guy & gal & family as the R'cons - political arrogance and an astonishing failure to learn from the past or alter their MO of "centrist" collusion and service to the 1%. Both Clintons and the progressive fraud Barack Obama, up to their necks in corruption and guilt for the next 4 years we will somehow endure....................likely Dems are too stupid and arrogant and will not change as the appointment of party hack failure Nancy Pelosi foretells.........

The formation of a new party conceived in truth and justice for the 99% is necessary to give voice to the disenfranchised millions who thirst for honesty and a sustainable future....welcome the People's Progressive Party!

"for decades, the Democratic party has moved away from lunchbucket economic issues and constituencies - Everybody could see Barack Obama’s quest for the TPP, just like they could see his previous quest for a Grand Bargain to cut Social Security (and health care "reform" sellout). He was Captain Ahab on these issues, for Chrissakes. And nobody believed Hillary Clinton’s campaign conversion on the TPP. Nobody trusts her!"

They were the face of the Dem party and the same faction maneuvers to retain control as we speak!


Profiler on Sociopaths :

"...it's Blame Everybody with these guys, nothing's EVER their fault."


The essential epistemological problem is that there thousands of ways to wrong (many of which confer some specific advantage to a select few) and only one or a very few ways to be right -- with 'being right' often having more of a long range consequence for whole systems fitting into reality; lies tend to have immediate, focused consequences.

This has always been so. What has changed is that lies can manifest their consequences so much more quickly today, and so many fewer members of the population are equipped to recognize a lie.


DT and Truth do not belong together in a sentence, paragraph, or tome. The emperor-elect has no idea what truth is nor does he care...the only truth in his mind is of his own creation. Truth and honesty go hand in hand and DT has never in his life been honest...not even with himself.

May his lies eat him from the inside out leaving nothing but a pile of offal.


Scottie Nell Hughes: "looking at a glass of half-full water."

Is that like welter-weight water?

If a glass is half full of half-full water is it one quarter full?

Or is it still full--half full of air, a quarter full of full water and one quarter full of crap?

If you have a glass half full of crap and you add half a glass of water isn't it now completely full of crap? (just more watery crap) How is that possible?

Boy, this physics stuff is hard. I get it now why Republicans don't understand it when it's used in climate science.