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Trump and Weinstein

Trump and Weinstein

Robert Reich

When powerful men are sexual predators.

Trump’s 2018 budget calls for a 93 percent cut in funding for federal programs that aid survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence.

Predators might be “powerful” in any variety of socipathic patterns - but they are, by definition, totally lacking in integrity and STRENGTH.

It is necessary to be PRESENT - even in silence with shows of STRENGTH in support of those whose persons and lives are victimized by these predators who “think” (sic) themselves “superior” when in the long term they introduce poisons that corrode and do real harm.

Throughout human history human beings have achieved the best and most enduring advances and balances when cooperating, collaborating, sharing and stewarding with compassion and empathy.

Predators must be unfailingly and constantly confronted and those of us who are blessedly free from direct instances owe it to our social well being and heallth to stand in solidarity.


Trump and Weinstein,
Sittin’ in a Tree,
First comes Sexual Assault,
Then comes Bragging,
Then Comes A Country Wondering How It Put Up With Their Shit So Long!

And these are the Hero’s of the Religious Right.

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Does anyone find it at all strange or a tad hypocritical that, while finger pointing at Trump and Weinstein, Dr. Reich has for many decades supported the Clintons, and while Hillary has been shown on flight logs to have flown on the Lolita Express “only” six times to reach underage children, Bill has been a high flyer on his buddy Epstein’s (CIA/Mossad evidence gatherer for future blackmail of pols/convicted child predator) plane more than 20 times and has a well known (I think deserved) rep of abusing/raping women? Only NOW, now that conman Trump has been elected and has talked about “grabbing P” and Weinstein has been accused of being predatory (I have not yet read of him being accused of rape), Dr Reich just has to speak out about sexual predators who are powerful. Disgraceful.

Weinstein has never been the hero of the religious right. He’s always been the darling of the Left

Trump is actively assaulting women in other ways. The Trump administration’s Education Department has moved to make it harder for women at universities to prove sexual harassment.

Ok, so now returning due process protections to colleges and universities becomes “active assault”?

People have got to start getting a clue how pseudo-left PR is being used as a cover for social control. Right now, I’m reading Laura Kipnis’ recent book, she the author of My Title IX Inquisition in The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Other excellent books are those by Daphne Patai and John Fekete:

I read a few Amazon reviews of “Unwanted Advances: Sexual Paranoia Comes to Campus” and looked at Peter Ludlow’s Wikipedia page. In general I’m sympathetic to the idea that it is possible to swing to far in the effort to reform past (and current) judicial practices that I think are unfair to women and end up with a few cases where men are unfairly punished.

But I don’t think it is too much to ask for Professors to refrain from a sexual relationship with any of their students and if they are so inclined, they have to arrange for them to be taught or advised by someone else. This is true where I work - you are not allowed to have a sexual relationship with someone when one is a manager and determining performance evaluation of the other. Romances at work are allowed - you just have to change managers. If Ludlow can’t see the problem (and solution) of romances between professors and students, he’s an idiot regardless of his publications.

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Weinstein has never been my darling nor the darling of most people on the Left. In fact, I didn’t really know a thing about him until this week, just like most folks I know. Now, you want to talk about darlings there’s Limbaugh, O’Reilly, Roger Ailes, President Trump to name a few highly influential voices on the Right . . .


It is quite a shame that there have not been any reports in the news of sexual predators being castrated with dull spoons by their victims.This would be a liberating experience for all parties concerned.

I guess that just means you never ran for office.

Or ranted on talk radio, or had my own television program, or ran my own cable network, or sat in the White House . . .

KC, what I was referring to is that Weinstein is a darling of the professional Democratic politicians. He’s never met a Democrat he didn’t give money to.

What does that mean though? Why do I care? I mean, just because elements of cable news are in the drag-Hillary-through-the-mud-for-Weinstein mood doesn’t mean I’m stupid enough to connect those tendentious dots.

There are no “judicial” practices on campus. These are administrative procedures carried out by ideologues who have no training or understanding of law. It is nevertheless possible for them to destroy a person’s life for nothing but writing an article on a “controversial” subject that makes someone feel “harassed”. And “feel” is the word. It’s all based on very subjective phenomena that no one is allowed to question.

The issue is far broader than this. It’s about being charged with making someone “uncomfortable” by something said even in a classroom in the context of teaching. But, on this particular topic, I would agree with you. That’s not what’s happening, though. All such relationships, whether the teacher is a supervisor or not, are being banned. Worse, with the witch hunt atmosphere, any relationships to students have become literally potentially dangerous to one’s career. And with Ludlow specifically, he was never charged with being involved with anyone over whom he had a supervisory relationship. I say “charged” advisedly, given that these investigations are not judicial, as described above. They are very arbitrary and commonly (including in Ludlow’s case) involve departmental/political machinations in the background.

Thank you for educating me on this topic. After your post, I read https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/apr/02/unwanted-advances-on-campus-us-university-professor-laura-kipnis-interview which makes your points. If what actually happened matched the first woman’s story it sounds pretty bad, but he denies she even came to his apartment and there is no legal proof of her story and the second woman’s claims against him are absurd (she is still writing to him fondly after the date of the alleged rape - then she wants to change the date - excuse me?). Then to top it all off, a woman can write an essay mentioning Ludlow using only facts in the public domain and she is accused of a Title IX violation - this is nuts.

This is a pathogen for the left that we need to be very careful to be resistant to. It hammers us politically and tramples on individual rights. I’m completely against banning all relationships between professors and students and England has the better answer than we do on this one. I hate to say it, but now I have to look into what Devos was saying and what merit it has (even though I can’t stand her).

Then to top it all off, a woman can write an essay mentioning Ludlow using only facts in the public domain and she is accused of a Title IX violation - this is nuts.

It’s worse than that. There were Title IX violations filed about Kipnis’ faculty support person, too. One is not allowed lawyers in these star chamber, these combined investigator/judge/jury Title IX grillings, but you can bring a “support person”. This faculty member was so outraged by what was happening, he went to the Faculty Senate about it. So they went after him. Then there was another Title IX investigation against Kipnis for supposedly encouraging him to speak out at the Faculty Senate (though there was zero evidence to that effect). Then, yet another against the president of Northwestern for supposedly not pushing the investigations with sufficient alacrity. You’re right, it’s completely insane. It is sowing utter chaos on campus. And Kipnis is a Feminist. This is by far not the only case where so-called “feminists” are using the cudgel to go after each other for ideological reasons. That’s what always happens in witch-hunts. Ultimately, it comes back and the inquisitors start to burn each other at the stake.

… England has the better answer than we do on this one.

Unfortunately, this stuff is taking off in the universities in UK, too. You might want to consider the book by Luke Gittos:

I hate to say it, but now I have to look into what Devos was saying and what merit it has (even though I can’t stand her).

That’s right. It’s an uncomfortable place to be when the usual left/right boxes no longer make any sense. Quoting Kipnis:

Please note that when someone like me gets lauded on the right, politics as we know it is officially incomprehensible.

For me the wake-up call occurred when I became involved in food activism, and met a woman biodynamic farmer who’s a gun-toting NRA member and talks about healing the earth! That was a bit surreal, but I got over it and started finding my sea legs in the midst of this storm.

Returning to campus sexual politics, you may be interested in what the target of “Mattress Girl” - the Columbia student who dragged around a mattress for a couple of years because of a supposed rape by a fellow student, a “charge” that he had been cleared of but which became a cause celebre - has to say about his ordeal. It’s worth reading the whole thing.