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Trump Announces Full Pardon for 'Openly Racist' Right-Wing Propagandist Dinesh D'Souza


Trump Announces Full Pardon for 'Openly Racist' Right-Wing Propagandist Dinesh D'Souza

Jake Johnson, staff writer

President Donald Trump announced in a tweet on Thursday that he will fully pardon the "openly racist" right-wing propagandist Dinesh D'Souza, who pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations in 2014 and has—in just the past yearmocked school shooting survivors, circulated anti-semitic lies, and s


Absolutely No one should be surprised that this happened. It’s only a matter of time before he pardons the man who ran over protesters in Charlottesville killing Heather Hyer. After all, they “nice people”.


In the picture,Trump says fuck you all with his dick-thumb.



Exactly what I wrote in large, red, bold letters with a permanent magic marker on one of his books that was left out for the dubious “benefit” of another reader. Is this intolerant of me? You bet: Some things should not be tolerated.

This pardon is just another racist “nail” in Trump’s spiteful coffin for Obama’s legacy and this is not to justify the neoliberal policies of the latter.


Nice TRUE comment after the headline. D’Souza is a POS.


So said one racist crook for another.


Must be some emergency need by the GOP for putting this guy back to work?

GOP exists on lying propaganda –


Dinesh D’Douche. Just another in a long line of immoral “Christians”.

Should always be referred to as admitted felon. To accept the pardon is to admit guilt.


Trump will never appoint anyone to office or pardon anyone without a criminal past. The mob has to protect themselves.


When is the left blather-o-sphere going to stop this "Trump Outrage-du-Joir shit and start DOING something??? Plans for mass, paralyzing demonstration are already underway in London. Why nothing here???


Because we need to yell at Democrats first.


Perhaps there is no real left in the US?? The red diaper babies I know are few and far between and those of us who came to the left all on our own despite upbringing are also few and far between. Yes, we need definite boycotts, strikes and total non cooperation.


All while Roseanne and cast/crew members (300+) all lost their jobs over Roseanne’s ignorant and stupid attempt at being funny. The neolib corporate owners of ABC must be thrilled. Roseanne’s show reached a large audience and focused on inequality, something that is sorely missing in this country.

As for Dinesh, all he does is manufacture lies.


Yet another example of the malignant contempt for all that is truthful, honest, good and just from the orange pig, some call “president”…I call him a POS!

Roseanne was more mental and she was fired for her racism, but trump does far more to embrace and empower racism by this act (among many others) and the POS still has his frelling job!

What possible “rationale” for pardoning this SB who should be in prison? Whipping-up trump’s rabid ignorant so-called “base” - Or just pissing people off to divert them?


Hey Dinesh -
Congrats on the pardon!!! I’ve got a celebration present for you for your future relations with the Rethugs - KNEE PADS.


In the runup to the Iraq war, the left had no trouble organizing ant-war/anti-Bush rallies and marches with 6-digit turnouts in DC and NYC on almost a monthly basis. I was at most of them. Then Obama was elected, and the protests vanished, in spite of him continuing Bush’s wars into the next decade. I attributed it to the most effective of the Bush era organizations - United for Peace and Justice - selling out their antiwar principles for a cozy relationship with the then-in-power Democratic Party.

But now, we have a Republican President again and one who makes Bush look positively - progressive - but still nothing.


Liar and a racist, about as expected for one of Trump’s cronies … https://theoutline.com/post/2364/dinesh-dsouza-trump-propaganda


Hey, while you and KC were here, per usual, attacking the left, did you notice the democratic socialists winning in primaries? Think that happened by magic? It isn’t as if the party they are running in hasn’t pushed back against them at every turn, forget the Republicans and the media. And what about the fight for 15 campaigns? What about the push for Medicare for All? Think that is happening by people simply posting here? Or, can it be that the left posts here and on similar sites, just like you and KC post on sites like this and elsewhere, and also does stuff too? I know, really complex stuff. Maybe you can do magic and know what people here do when they aren’t posting. And what exactly have protests accomplished in this country, going back decades? The protests against the Iraq War were the largest in human history. Did that make an impact? Did they stop the war? Have protests against Trump by the “resistance” done a fucking thing? The politicians don’t give a damn about you holding up some sign. They care about money and power, and organizing around progressive policies not only benefits working people, it challenges the money and power of those that KC and you seem to support. Now go back to attacking people with no actual power for critiquing things anyone on the left should be critiquing.


Thank god you have Yunzer KC. It’s never fun to sit at the lunch table alone. Maybe, someday, you will get around to critiquing people in your party that have actual power?


Those protests were nice, but they didn’t accomplish a fucking thing. And the Democrats that gained power in 2006 and thereafter did next to nothing to structurally change what needs to structurally change. You have to prove that a strategy actually works, that it actually accomplishes something, and there is no evidence that marching and holding up signs does much these days. The politicians don’t give a damn, and you aren’t threatening them in the slightest by doing that. What scares those in power is people that are serious about progressive structural changes, serious about challenging their wealth and power, getting in a position to take power, despite what KC’s friends in the DCCC do to them. Someone working on behalf of a democratic socialist with a chance to win does a lot more than holding up some clever sign and chanting.