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Trump Anti-Immigrant Agenda in Full Effect as ICE Arrests 500 in Sanctuary City Raids


Trump Anti-Immigrant Agenda in Full Effect as ICE Arrests 500 in Sanctuary City Raids

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Slammed by critics as part of a broader effort by the Trump administration to instill fear in immigrant communities, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) says it has arrested nearly 500 undocumented immigrants amidst raids conducted in sanctuary cities across the country.


Trump and the Republicans War on Black and Brown people has cemented their place in history as the “Duopoly Party of the Bigots.”


Ice’s Operation Safe City, in San Diego, and Los Angeles i.e. very Latino, Latina cities. Lets just say, Operation Blow-Back may be coming sooner than later from all the major Latino, Latina U.S. cities, to include all of Latin America! Got It, Trump!


When the governments breaks their own laws, the people they purport to ‘govern’ will ultimately become law-breakers, too. This time we will call it REVOLUTION!


This is one of the most ominous type of actions by Trump. It seems meant to instill fear. This is how fascists governments exert control. If this continues of years ti could extend well beyond the currently targeted groups. Trump’s presidential campaign was based on the danger posed in the United States by non-whites. That was the justification for his campaign promises of the wall, mass deportation of all undocumented Hispanic immigrants, the banning all Muslims who are not US citizens from entering the United States, and law and order campaign in black neighborhoods. Underlying this is a barrage of lies about crime rates and terrorists attacks. By instilling fear in whites about danger from non-whites Trump can then politically instill fear his non-white target groups. With Jeff Sessions being the US Attorney General this is a dangerous situation and difficult to combat.


The US/CIA/CFR government becomes uglier and more inhumane every day.
And we’re paying for these activities which serve only authoritarian rule, not the people.


Welcome to HELL! Imagine living in absolute fear, confined to your living space, distrusting even your relatives, not daring to go out to buy groceries or attend school or go to church, and facing the possibility of being deported to someplace you have never even been to “live” among people you do not know whose customs are totally foreign to you (after you have been detained in a “stockyard-like” detention center prior to your exile to yet another HELL).

Any ICE agent has sold his/her soul to the devil and is doing the demon’s cruel, ruthless, inhumane work and AGAINST THEIR FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS who have the same, hopes, needs, wants as they, the “enforcers” do.

Thomas Homan, director of ICE is one nasty former policeman from NY who, I would venture to guess, has inflicted his share of brutality and “unnecessary roughness” on any number of non-white 'suspects during his sordid career in “law enforcement.” He continues his sociopathy on a much grander scale now. Lucifer in a Brooks Brothers suit.



Native Americans did not deport the undocumented immigrants called the Pilgrims.


What kind of goon and thug enforces these kind of actions? Is this the kind of job our chosen government promised? Black lung from coal and hate and rage for our law? We are a global joke.


You mean people who break the law get arrested?

When did this start happening?