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Trump Apparently Wants a Massive Military Parade. 'What's Next, Portraits of Dear Leader Everywhere?'


Trump Apparently Wants a Massive Military Parade. 'What's Next, Portraits of Dear Leader Everywhere?'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Citing France's Bastille Day celebration in July—a "dramatic show of pageantry" featuring thousands of French troops and dozens of military jets—U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday suggested that he would like the United States to put on a massive display of "military might" on Independence Day, a proposal commentators immediately portrayed as evidence of Trump's affinity for authoritarian displays of force.


PURE FASCIST!!! A military parade is a very sick thing!!!


The U.S. already has its parade, showcasing its “military strength,” ongoing every day of every week of every month of every year since the new Millennia began (and long before). Just pick any of the dozen or so countries that our military currently are illegally present in, and gander at all the tanks and planes and hardware on display 24/7. Or any of the 800+ bases all over the world that we have - stand outside the gates and gape at all that firepower on display. Oooh! Ahhh! Or, simply join a wedding party walking through the streets of a village in one of those countries sometime - you’ll most likely get a really, REALLY good view.

I’m pretty sure that the citizens of those countries that we are currently illegally in, or based out of, who get to see the “mighty military” of the U.S. feel a bit differently about it than Trump does, however. Okinawans, Syrians, Iraqis, Afghanis, Yemenis, etc, probably don’t get sexually aroused the way Trump and many Americans do at the sight of our military.

This orange Mussolini wanna-be needs to be given a big box of toy soldiers and tanks and sent to his room to masturbate whenever he gets the urge to have a military parade. The rest of the world has had quite enough of the U.S. showing off its military, thank you very much.


Another display Murkin sepshunalism ?


Imagine a nude American patriot standing still before an oncoming tank on Pennsylvania Ave. Picture that patriot quickly hauled away but as quickly replaced with another nude, and another, and another boldly facing down the world’s most reckless war machine.


Rather than a military parade, let the people erect a guillotine in the middle of Pennsylvania Avenue, dress the emperor in a gaudy “military” uniform covered in gold braid with his mouth taped shut and a white pointed hood over his head, and make him walk up the stairs to his fate. There will also be a line of gallows meant for the cabinet to meet their ends simultaneously. Now that would be truly revolutionary!


Or the “air show” displays of fighter-bombers, Navy Blue Angels or Air Force Thunderbirds, that terrorize cities, refugees, people with PTSD, and rational humans across the country, every week of the year.

Just living in Seattle, we get military fighter jets swooping across the sky weekly. i’m sure there are purely “readiness” reasons for this routine display over densely populated areas, and it has nothing to do with intimidation and awe, demonstrating to one and all that we live under military might.

Or look at baseball and football games, which regularly organize mass genuflection to “our” military heroes.

Trump’s giant cock display will just be the final icing on the cake.


Great comment, thanks for those examples.


I would pay quite a bit to have a front-row seat to that show!


Zeig heil, mein fuhrer! - yes, more displays of our military might! The greatest nation on earth ruled by the greatest human ever to live!

Macron is an ass-kissing little chicken shite - tripping allover himself and smiling from ear to ear to curry favor with the deranged ginger pig - pathetic lap-dog…


Well, at least they can’t use “Pepe” anymore. The author/artist holder of the copyright is going to sue the shit out of all those cartoon clowns if they continue to use HIS icon.


The Monarchy returns to America.


“Portraits of dear leader everywhere” reminds me of being in Iran during the 70s when the USA’s puppet dictator’s (the Shah) portrait was hanging in every building in the country, including people’s houses.


Brief though it may be.


I used to LOVE sports. Now I’ve seen the rot behind that culture because of such displays.


Jeez, this is getting way too surreal!


Good point! And how did that end?


Does Trump have the attention span to watch a military parade? It better be a short parade.


The toy soldiers and equipment in the prictator’s RUBBER room!


His attention span, like his hands, his mind and his ‘nether region’ – short, tiny, minuscule, NONEXISTENT!