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Trump Appealed to the Very Worst in America. Too Often, It Worked


Trump Appealed to the Very Worst in America. Too Often, It Worked

Will Bunch

For all the people who spent much of the last two years saying, "America is better than that …"

Apparently, it's not.

For two months, President Trump pulled out everything in his bag of tricks to excite the rabid base of overwhelmingly white voters who shocked the world by delivering him the White House in 2016. With no easy way to tamp Democratic excitement for rendering a harsh verdict on Trump's character, the president made a mission of getting Republican voters every bit as worked up.


It DID Happen Here.


I have not seen the final tally of numbers of voters who voted for Republicans and Democrats, however, once they are reported it will be very interesting to see just how many Americans support the hateful, divisive rhetoric and actions that the Republicans are responsible for during the past two years.

It boggles my mind that these people wish to live in a country like Russia where the few enjoy most everything at the expense of the many.

Also, it will be interesting to see how strongly represented the various age groups were at the polls.

The largest unknown however, is, how prevalent was the cheating and the lack of action to persecute those responsible for it.


As the GOP has morphed into Donald Trump’s party of hate, racism and misogyny I am utterly amazed that anybody, except for a Neo-Nazi or a Klansman, would vote for any of the republican candidates. Therefore, it is terrifying to me that yesterday’s election was not a landslide for the Democratic Party. Obviously, half the American electorate endorses hate crimes, family separation for asylum seekers and, now that we are at it, the gruesome murder of a journalist at the Saudi Embassy in Istanbul and the potential war with Iran.


“Trump is Trump. He’s terrible and he won’t get better. But after Tuesday’s results, maybe it’s time to look less at Trump and more deeply into America’s soul. Dishonest appeals to racism, xenophobia, and misogyny only work when millions of voters are receptive to hearing them.”

This was my perspective, well before this election. That it’s not just Trump, but what he represents, all along from his campaign to the election, and now. I shudder to contemplate how bad things will actually get going forward.

Just as Trump has finally shown the world the truly ugly aspects of the country, with no pretense of decent, civil respectability, so the support he and his agenda enjoy reveals the very source of it.

We can point to excuses galore, but the reality is that as progressives we are in the minority. I wish . . . genuinely wish that were not the case, but to believe otherwise is foolish.


Doesn’t speak too well for us.


Yeah. So much for “Making America Great Again”.


I can’t even imagine talking with these people because there seems to be no reason or common ground. It is like the US has been turned into a carnival and these are the carnies or better yet, ever seen Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Well, they seem to be different from the people I used to know? Get what I mean?


Yea, and I’m not feeling to good about putting my hope in the likes of people like Pelosi. The democrats had some momentum coming out of this. What is their plan to destroy any good they could possibly do?


Oh for gawd’s sake. Russia is a democracy in case you didn’t know. BTW. Have you not noticed that the same thing is happening here?


Duh! That’s exactly why I said it. And the income inequality is accelerating a a much more rapid pace with 45 in the White House.

I always liked the comic strip Beatle Bailey when I was a wee lad.


And again we see the trouble with democracy, many people vote the wrong way, often against their own best interest following some idea that actually causes them to sacrifice free stuff.


Well considering that one in four so they say has some type of depression or anxiety , I am not surprised by this.


Don’t lump me in with the likes of Trumpster’s. I live with mental illness disorders, that doesn’t make me insane or stupid. The current political environment adds to depression and anxiety, as well as the psychosis of psychopaths. In short, mental illness is an equal opportunity invader.