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Trump Applauds Bolivia’s Military Coup As US Establishment Media Blame Morales For Turmoil

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/12/trump-applauds-bolivias-military-coup-us-establishment-media-blame-morales-turmoil


From the article:

“After nearly 14 years and his recent attempt to override the Bolivian constitution and the will of the people, Morales’ departure preserves democracy and paves the way for the Bolivian people to have their voices heard,” Trump declared. (Emphasis added.)

Is this the same Trump who wants his current term extended by two or three years because impeachment questions made this term not as much fun as he wanted? Is this the same Trump who congratulated China’s President Xi for changing the Chinese constitution so that Xi could be president for life?


Yes, Dog help us. Logical consistency isn’t his strong suit.


Another blow to democracy feted by the Trump administration and lauded by corporate America. How can “We the People” resist the fascism that has high-backed our government? Though the evidence is already in that Ted Cruz and Mark Rubio made deals with corporate America to overthrow the democratically elected leader fo Bolivia, neither of these evil people will face justice. Instead they will take credit for undermining democracy and in a “1984” make the claim that “democracy won”.
I’m afraid that if the American people want to have a democratic government here at home, the time has come to target those at the top. As usual the corporate oligarchs will try to pit the 99% against each other and some will buy into the corporate propaganda, but we are sliding into a despotism that we may never recover from.


Thank you, Kevin, for this informative article.

Social media is flooded with disinformation from supporters of this coup, as you know. We must keep speaking the truth to counter their lies.


You’re welcome. Glad Common Dreams republished this article to their site.


I wonder if Trump will applaud the American people for their desire of freedom.

From Him and His Corruption.

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Another excellent, much needed analysis from Gosztola.


Thanks for reading, lulemali

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You’re showing your age Kevin. All of 29/30 now, are we?
Great article, but we’ve come to expect nothing less, with all that seasoning.

Hey, I support the leftists, and I celebrate Evo Morales’ accomplishments, and the symbol of having an indigenous leader. But being on the left, or being an advocate for the poor in one’s country, still doesn’t give you any excuse for power-grabbing!

The information is credible, that shows that Morales spent years consolidating power (maybe his victory and popularity morphed into a savior complex?), and then the final straw is he manipulated his own country’s elections! It’s frustrating that other left-leaning people are so quick to make excuses for that. If you want to legitimately lead a democracy, don’t interfere in the elections: full stop.

“a decision by Morales on November 4 to cancel a “December 2018 [agreement]with Germany’s ACI Systems Alemania (ACISA) came after weeks of protests from residents of the Potosí area.”

Or perhaps the Chinese rival bid in the end proved more appealing?

Written in January of this year.

Since 80% of the intended lithium was ear-marked for Germany, leaving 20% of the spoils to be divided by others.

Can this be the reason why the US approved the coup?

I think we have to return to Chomsky’s theory that the US cannot permit any other model of capitalism or democracy except one where it dominates.


" Morales spent years consolidating power " What do think political leaders spend their time and energy doing?
As to Morales running for a 4th time: the initial plebiscite was very closely contested and all the parties had a partisan interest in the court’s ruling. That decision potentially benefited all of them, correct?
This coup has many right wing political leaders, from around the world, claiming to have greatly contributed to its success. Success is much more than a temporary tactical victory. But those who remain silent bear closer scrutiny and further watching. I’m not convinced the coup will turn out to be what its leaders imagined; as in, " careful what you wish for you might just get it ( with both barrels to the back of the head. ) "


I agree with you, the smartest thing Morales could have done to consolidate power was to groom a successor. That said, right off the bat, post-coup, a right wing senator has unconstitutionally installed herself as acting president. So, if you thought Morales was damaging the Constitution, the right will ignore it.

Morales, BTW, had agreed to another election – but that wouldn’t be good enough. This author lays out a strong case for the legitimacy of this recent election, which Morales won handily – but that’s not good enough. Now, in the already ugly aftermath involving the worst right wing thugs in South America, multi-nationals are poised to loot Bolivia’s resources and ship the profits out of the country, and reverse 14 years of incredible progress.

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Logical consistency isn’t any conservative republicans strong suit. The only way they can say the things they do is by being blatant hypocrites.

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It’s been about 8-9 years of marination. Thanks for reading!

These are general claims against Morales and his supporters in government that are now consensus in the Western media.

Do you know the source for these claims? Where they originated? Did you read this somewhere? How do you know Morales engaged in a power-grab? Or manipulated his own country’s elections?

By the way, the analysis cited in this article thoroughly debunks the allegations of interference promoted by OAS as a service to the Trump administration.

What may be even more crucial is that we have no right to lecture leftists in another country on how to govern themselves. It is not like we’re doing that good of a job. Look at the U.S. system, with an electoral college that is a “vestige” of America’s “slave-owning past.” Recall the infamous Supreme Court decision, Bush v. Gore.

From afar, we could imagine Bolivians judging what happened in 2000 with Bush as a “power-grab” for a strand of elites. What if they had advocated for China to intervene and restore democracy?


From afar, the Bolivians would have a hard time pointing to anything even remotely resembling leftist politics in the US outside a smattering of elected officials in safest of districts.


The Green Party deserves credit for being on the right side of this issue too:

U.S. decries interference by Russia whatever that might have been, while our CIA carries out coups in Central and South America. The MSM covers for this hypocrisy by ignoring it.