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Trump Appointments and Transparency


Trump Appointments and Transparency

Jeff Hauser

As we hear of a settlement in the “Trump University” civil fraud case brought in part by New York State Attorney General and learn more and more about potential Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin,


I am commenting on just the title prior to reading the article. Disclosure, I voted for Jill Stein.
Where are the demands from citizens to fully investigate the Clinton's Clinton Foundation. These potentially illegal acts have already occurred. Trump has not yet taken office. More distraction from the corruption of the Democratic Party primary and "irregularities" by the Clintons, in and out of office. Bottom line: corruption abounds in this greatest democracy.


I too have read only the title, and I won't read the article. The author, I assume, honestly believes there are ways to hinder the advancement of our unique style of fascism, and that's fine and brave and moral but useless. Every article posted today on CD, half the pages of the Weekly Guardian sitting unread on my desk, and dozens of posts on the Huff attest to the unstoppable war the international oligarchy of fossil fuel, armament, pharma and government psychopaths are winning. They will destroy life in all its forms: flora, fauna and fungi, before they give up their ownership of the entire planet. Why ask for "transparency" or honesty, charity, kindness, shame or apologies? The chaos has begun and can't be stopped. Let's just try to be nice to each other for the time we have left.