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Trump Approval Plummets to Historic Low in Latest Gallup Poll


Trump Approval Plummets to Historic Low in Latest Gallup Poll

Nika Knight, staff writer

Gallup has released the latest numbers from its tracking poll of President Donald Trump's approval ratings, and things (again) don't look good for the president.

Only 37 percent of respondents approve of Trump, an historic low for the poll. A whopping 58 percent disapprove of his actions in office so far.


Trump's approval ratings are so low that only a clueless so-called "opposition" political party could run a losing candidate against him.


Is there any doubt in anyone's mind why this is happening?

20 percent loss in one month. If he makes it to summer, at this pace of losing support, Trump may find himself saying the famous words Caesar once uttered at the end of his reign and the end of his life, "Et tu Brutus (Bannon)?"


It is due in part to his attention deficit to anytime but now, and to everyone but himself. His narcissistic personality disorder nicely dovetails, so that he is constantly feeding his ego in present time--and that is what matters most.

As long as those close are stroking daily, that ego is fed, but never satiated.


"Only 37 percent of respondents approve of Trump..." Thats plenty for him to keep doing what he's doing. Technically, Trump only needs the top 1% anyhow. If he hasn't had the impeachment process started, then it doesn't matter how many people are upset with him. Everyone in the entire country can be upset, it won't change anything. If anyone wonders why i say that, our government spent almost twice as much money on the Clinto/Lewinsky issue than on the supposed investigation on the 9/11 attacis. Think how scared and angry the entire populace was. So emotional issues of the populace means squat. Start impeachment, then there will be changes.


37 Percent approval means that over 120 million Americans think he's fine. That is far more than he needs to ram his corporate agenda down our throats. Most democracies in the world run with low approval ratings especially in more developed democracies where a plurality of Party's exist. These polls are indicative of just how brain washed the general public is. Everything from global peace to global warming are not even on the radar for 120 million Americans and the numbers are growing.


I'm afraid that the 37% represent his die hard core base. Don't expect the polls to drop any further. If his first 2 months of blunders hasn't registered with those in the 37 percentile, then nothing he does in the future will change their minds.


Just to clarify. 37% of all Americans would more like 116 million. 37% of adult Americans would be 89 million. 37% of registered voters would be 54 million. 37% of those who voted in the last election would be 47.8 million. I believe the Gallup poll is of "adults", so in this case it would be 89 million, a number equivalent to roughly 69% of the number of people who actually voted in the last election.

I suspect if you included those old enough to comprehend what's going on, but too young to vote, say 10 or 12 years old to 17 years old, these percentages would rise considerably.


Ultimately that power center of the Democratic Party is aligned with the corporate interests that are aligned with Trump/Ryan.

Sanders will be more of a target of dismissal than Trump by those same corporate Democrats.

Schumer for example, isn't really very good at pretending to not align himself with this neoliberal economics from hell Administration.


Recall that Saint Ron's ratings were plummeting during his first two months in office until on March 30, 1981 the Hinckley "assassination attempt" was staged to boost Ron's ratings ?


The media needs to keep his low approval ratings accompanied by a particularly unattractive photo of the emperor in the middle of a nasty, campaign rant including his ridiculous flying asshole mannerism on their front pages and on TV screens so he sees it everyday. His head will explode and he will be found running down the WH hallways shrieking while smashing all his magic mirrors in mindless fits of rage. At the end, he will crumble into a heap in a corner. Bring in the white coats!

wishful thinking....


During the campaign and as POTUS Trump serially turns bad PR into energy and forward momentum by adding new contrived enemies each day to his list of contrived enemies that nobody other than Trump can save his followers from.

The ever growing list of enemies coupled with draconian "solutions" keeps Trump's base engaged and loyal. Enemies include anybody named Clinton and Obama, other people not adding to Trump's net worth, organizations, facts, logic and other concepts.

Considering the Congress' approval ratings have hovered in the 10% range for many years, Trump's 37% rating has a long way to fall before it has any negative impact on his reign of terror.


A factor that needs to be considered is that as Trump's favorability rating continues to drop, the Democratic party's favorability ratings are NOT going up and, in fact, are racing Trump to the bottom. That 37% favorability for Trump does NOT translate into a 63% favorability for the Democrats. 37% and even considerably less is plenty for Trump to stay in power if the Democratic party still insists on a course of no change.


"Only 37 percent of respondents approve of Trump": 37% too much.


Got my fingers crossed nonetheless...


I agree, I think he is largely down to white supremacists, NRA supporters, and the pro-life people. There is probably also a small group with large investments in fossil fuel companies and weapons manufacturers. The problem is most of the 37% live in the 25 smallest states with regard to population but those 25 states have 50 senators. Also, many of the 37% live in gerrymandered districts designed to give Republicans in the House victories. And this also adds up to a lot of governors and state legislators, who also benefit from gerrymandering. And when if comes to reelection Trump's supporters in many small states have a lot more voting power per person than people who live in large states. And the Republicans are striving for voter suppression laws in many states. Although the US is a democracy the will of the people is being hindered by the electoral system.


RR, yet another egregious election error as a result of "identity politics." At least he had a semblance of a soul...dementia and all.


This just in:

“If your birth certificate, pass port or green card have not been officially approved by Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse, Chief Joseph, etc., you’re an illegal immigrant."


Where/how did you come up with 120 million when only 62,979,879 (46.1%) voted for the emperor (65,844,954 voted for HRC - 48.1%) out of 200,000,000 registered voters? Read the last line of the article: Gallup's daily tracking poll is based on telephone interviews with approximately 1,500 people nationally. Its margin of error is 3 percentage points. Was the poll taken after a trip to the local tavern/pool hall/bowling alley/shooting range? That poll does not stipulate if the people responding were registered voters. If the margin of error goes 3% negative, then DJT's approval would be 34%...an all-time low for a newly elected POTUS-cum-emperor. Even if you took the total population (318.9 million) x .34 (108,426,000) your figure is skewed.

In any respect, that's far too many ignorant or self-serving or stumbling down drunk individuals.



The Republican Party offers only tax cuts to the already rich who already have economic security, healthcare security, and education costs well within their means. The Republican programs offer nothing but lies to the vast majority of Americans.

To date, we've lost HUD, the Department of Education, the EPA, the State Department, our allies in Mexico, Australia and Europe, our civil rights and practically every Constitutional right beside the second amendment-just to name some of the most evident losses.

We are about to lose our healthcare, what's left of our social safety net and any protection we have from police and ICE agents. And we are pointed directly at a nuclear fueled Third World War and heading right towards it.

The only entity that can impeach Donald Trump is Congress. A Congress that has formed a united front against the Democrats, against Civil Rights, and against the people of the United States.

They do not respond to their constituencies, their duties as officials, the constitution, media pressure or public shaming.

Also it has already been proven that if Donald Trump would release ALL OF HIS TAX RETURNS (other than just 2 pages of his 2005 tax returns that were already leaked to the press) that it would prove one of 2 outcomes.

1- That Trump is innocent of any illegal dealings with Russia


2- It would prove that Trump did have illegal dealings with Russia.


Wouldn't Trump want to prove that he is innocent IF HE IS???

It is also highly suspected by prominent psychiatrists that Donald Trump has mental disorders preventing him from safely running the country.

We must demand that our Senators and Congress Representatives do everything they can to get Donald Trump and his corrupted "YES SIR" billionaire cabinet members out of the white house before they succeed in completely ruining the United States and ALL relationships with our ally countries.
And cause some kind of catastrophic catastrophe.