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Trump Approval Rating Hits NEW LOW!


Trump Approval Rating Hits NEW LOW!

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

As President Donald Trump appears to be making up phone calls between himself and "the head of the Boy Scouts" and the president of Mexico, his approval rating has sunk to an all-time low, while his disapproval rating has reached its highest number.


Keep working at it.
Brian Mulroney’s approval rating had to hit 13% before we were able to turf him out.

Boy, but turf him out we did.
Before the 1993 election - Tories in blue:
The tiny images are clickable and link to the files on Wikipedia

After - see those TWO lonely MPs, they were surely blue, eh? They even lost official party status:

It felt great! You guys should try it: throw out pretty much every Republican on their butt.


“Is there a wall big enough to hold it back?” No, but the demented dimwit is doing all in his power to build one to “hold back” the alleged screaming hordes of brown-skinned “rapists and criminals.” Anyone in the 33% that approve of him as prez-a-dunce is either as ignorant, cruel and hateful as DJT or they have $$$$ to gain via that “support.” There is absolutely NOTHING about him or his being emperor that merits anything near approval. If there were a despicable, dangerous, and degenerate rating along the poll, the red ball of disapproval would shoot up through the stratosphere.


But a higher percentage of eligible voters in UK dutifully exercise their right to vote than what occurs with elections in the US in federal, state, and local elections alike where turnout is dismal and barely reaches a third of the populace. Gerrymandering, voter suppression, disinformation, closing voting sites without notice, and other reprehensible tactics meant to disenfranchise targeted groups (Blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans, e.g.) abound in this plutocracy.


Our congressional IDIOCRACY needs to get a clue and realize that if 62% of us disapprove of the orange trumpanzee then those who fail to FIGHT his idiocy WILL NOT BE VOTED BACK IN NEXT YEAR! And yes, those of us who HAVE THAT CLUE need to do everything in our power to make sure the terrorists in DC are FIRED!

Pwr 2 the VOTING peons!


Canajans, eh!


The orange haired saxon sexual predator you mean. 39% voting for him is way too much.


Except that in every election, more than 96% of incumbents are reelected. Maybe not Trump, but as for Congress, it’s always the other guy’s rep that is no good…


I hope this is just a bad nightmare that we can wake up from.


I know – look at McConnell, or Ryan, they both should’ve been ousted their first term but here they are 20 years later, still getting voted back in!*

*I do think that at least a portion of their continued election is b/c of gerrymandering, but that certainly doesn’t explain all of it.


Read about the folks our courts are getting stocked with. If we can pull off a 50-50 Senate at least, that would be good.


Are you talking about the Supreme Court, or all of them around the country? I had such high hopes when Scalia died, but even if Obama’s pick had been accepted we would still have a basically Republican SCOTUS thanks to the neoliberal turn the country has taken over the last 20 years. I don’t think Garland would have been as bad as the prictator’s pick – from what I understand about him he’s actually worse than Scalia! :scream:


Garland would’ve been great. He would’ve given us the first center-left court in decades. Right now, we are likely facing the most conservative court in decades since Gorusch is Scalia absent the libertarian streak. 2018 matters big. If Ginsburg or Kennedy retires, you can kiss a lot of things we take for granted goodbye.


Garland is a Corporate-friendly handmaiden. Like Breyer, he’s a pro-choice/pro-business set piece. We needed a fire-brand like Douglas on the 1st Amendment and the environmental issues. Voting rights and civil rights, pro-choice defense, etc.


39 percent voting for him got him into the White House. That doesn’t mean that Trump was a good candidate. Closer to the truth is that America has had a low voter turn out problem in the 2014 and 2016 elections. To be specific, Democrats and Independents are not showing up to vote in large numbers. We need to find out why and address the issue directly. What I observed in others is what I felt myself, Hillary Clinton was a Democratic Party insider. I couldn’t get inspiration to vote but I showed up to vote for Hillary to keep Trump out of the White House. Not like the way I felt in the previous two elections of voting for Barrack Obama, a party outsider. The Democratic Party needs to really consider what it is going to do in 2018 and 2020 elections as Trump and the Republicans are very vulnerable. I expect a Trump backlash in those two elections.


“That sounds like a challenge.” - DNC


Sure, but even Garland couldn’t get a hearing in the Senate. It’d be nice to have more, but that’s not what was on offer.


Don’t forget, it’s hard to vote when your state makes it hard to do so. And that’s what may Republican-led states have done.


Well, gerrymandering comes about when the party in power in a census year gets to redraw the districts. The party in power gets there by being elected in the first place. And re-elected. Right now some 3/4 of states have Republican governors and/or legislatures. Why would anyone expect them to draw the districts to favor Democrats?


“A majority would also like to see the tweeter-in-chief curb his social media habits.”

Where are the numbers showing how many Americans want Trump GONE from the presidency? He came into the presidency believing that his election made him boss of everything, as has been written before. What he’s done is try to change everything in government to reflect what HE wants – we know he wasn’t elected to a dictatorship, but he doesn’t know that. He needs to be slapped down. His job was to give America what it needed and wanted (a guarantee of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness pursuant to a democratic government). His attempts to ready America for a coup are blindingly obvious.

We really need to get rid of him, better sooner than later.