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Trump Assembling Team of 'Swamp Creatures,' Says Ellison


Trump Assembling Team of 'Swamp Creatures,' Says Ellison

Lauren McCauley, staff writer


We must defeat Trump!
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Throughout the rules of many card games, reference is made to Trumping a trick in which an abnormally powerful card overpowers ordinary cards, taking what would normally not be theirs. All cards, regardless of birth, should be treated equally! We must get rid of Trump!

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One exception should be allowed, however. In Bridge, a person should still be allowed to bid "No Trump".
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[Note to the gullible: No such petition actually exists and Edmund Hoyle died in 1769.]


Haha! Thank you Rep. Ellison also for pointing out that Don is already not delivering for his voters.


There's an awful lot of people out there who expect The Donald to deliver, and to deliver forthwith.


I call it the "Trumpian Bait and Switch", where Old Sleazeball promises one thing to get peoples' votes, then does an about-face on the day after the election. That is the lowest form of election fraud! Like all fraudsters, the politicians who do that need a long stay at the Graybar Hotel, sharing a cell with hot and horny Igor, who has insatiable sexual desires. and knows he will be behind bars all his life. Crime in America seems to "Trickle Down" from the top. We can put an end to this kind of fraud by subjecting these people to the same long sentences that they are happy to dish out to others.


It will be very hard to get out the old established corporatist democrats who run the DNC. Quite obvious from the election cycle and the shunning of Bernie Sanders and anointing Hillary and post election reaction. They do not get it and will not work against "their own" best interest which is continuing the flow of money into their pockets.


But like Trump said, he could shoot a person in Time Square and they still would be behind him. He will make up another lie why he is doing what he is doing.


Anyone who was stupid enough to think Trump was on the level merely needed to look up Politifacts. 71% of his statements during the primary and general election were deemed False. Yes, a nice way of saying he's a liar, a bamboozler, a hoodwinker, a hornswoggler, a grifter and a flim-flam agent of change. H.L. Mencken is laughing his ass off somewhere, probably in limbo. For the rest of the 53% who didn't vote for him and the 45% who didn't participate in the election at all, it won't be so hilarious. Trumpster is about to throw 75% of the population inside a Dumpster. Happy Trails to you, indeed.


I suspect a somewhat different dynamic here, the general election brought out many people not of the Tea Party type, people who though misguided, according to my lights, voted for change, for jobs. I know some of these folks and they will not be happy campers if The Donald does not produce. We know he can't produce.


What an absolute farce. An unverifiable voting system, a rebuke of the majority and two candidates that don't give a hoot about ordinary citizens. Of course Trump is going to be Trump, and whatever he does will not reflect good judgement or the will of the people. People have to react in a way that they think is meaningful, but probably keeping crossed fingers will be just as effective.


Farce =s unverified voting results ( Ohio, of course ). And, so many closed voting places, et al. We Americans should start shopping exclusively at Banana Republic. It will soon enough have a genuine feel to it. All that overpriced, overhyped junk, too. Kind of rolls off the tongue, already. Banana Americana Republic; yeah, that's the ticket!


Anyone who is the least surprised by the kind of administration Trump is putting together must have been terribly gullible. In a number of speeches - those to industry insiders - not those for consumption by the rabble, he made his intentions very clear.

I warned all those "Trump will not be so bad - Hillary will be far worse"-types here many times.

Now all we have to hope for is that those who argued that Trump was preferable over Hillary using the historically discredited Marxist concept of "sharpening the contradictions" - aka "The worse, the better" might actually be right for the first time. Everybody please find a way to DC on January 20. Find a organized bus going there or leave very early and use the metro - don't even think of driving a car into the city. Dress warmly as you will have to get there very early and stand around for 5 hours for any chance of getting anywhere near Pennsylvania Ave.

If you live in the Pittsburgh area, go here: https://www.facebook.com/events/175865509542405/?active_tab=discussion


The Electoral college, when it meets, will elect the Hustler-in-chief. Enough voters have been tricked into voting for the supreme priest of money.

Someday soon at least some of them will understand that they were conned. At least I hope so.



He can, but he won't as his own bread is buttered on the other side.



Schumer is a perfect example of how tone deaf they are.


He won't last long, he's already stepping over all sorts of laws. On Jan. 20th if he deletes a tweet he's broken a law. My guess is he will mishandle classified information and lose security clearance. But what ever it is, the worse, the better. It was always a sure bet.


Already, he has decided Obamacare or parts of it can be kept. Then after one phone call NATO is OK. To his base those two things are huuuge. If he signs the TPP he's dead meat. He won't be in there long. Impeachment anyone?


Well, I remember back in the Reagan days when everything was about the "trickle down theory," where letting the rich get filthy rich would result in something trickling down to the average and the poor.
* The only thing that I noticed trickling down from the rich was yellow and it stunk.


Actually, "the worse, the better" never worked - the most spectacular example of this was 1930s German leftists declaring that Hitler might be a good thing because he will enrage the population and usher in a glorious Working Class Revolution. On a smaller scale there was GW Bush, whose election and wars destroyed the global economic justice movement as everyone had drop it and simply resist the wars instead.


Impeachment is a political, not a judicial process. Are you forgetting that both the House and Senate have a Republican majority? His "base" are largely "small business" owners and their cowed employees, who just want to deeply cut taxes and end government regulations while militarily going after anyone they are told by Trump is "a threat".