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'Trump At His Most Corrupt': President Commutes 40-Month Sentence of Longtime Ally Roger Stone

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/11/trump-his-most-corrupt-president-commutes-40-month-sentence-longtime-ally-roger


There is no rule of law in the USA. It has been hijacked by a bunch of what can best be described as organized crime thugs. From all the corporate oligarchs who bought and control the whole government, to their paid political operatives who enact legislation legalizing their ability to steal everything from the citizens. Trump is the equivalent of a Mafia Don, albeit a very moronic one, who nonetheless rules with fear. The USA is dead and gone, not that it was all that great to begin with as it was founded on genocide and slavery. Where the USA is now at is the inevitable outcome of those founding values. Trump and his outright criminality and goons surrounding him is the natural progression of a nation founded on violence and immorality. What passes for law and order in the USA is nothing but a system designed to terrorize the citizens into compliance with the criminals running things now. The future is going to be even worse with a collapsing ecosystem and an economy that brought us to this point. And neither of the two corporate parties are going to do a damn thing to stop the dystopian future unfolding before us. Both parties have their pedal to the metal driving us all off the metaphorical cliff.


There will be more coming, so buckle up.


If any of us end up in court, we need to plead the “Flynn defense” and if sentenced ask for the “Stone commute” of any sentence we may get. What’s good for the dirty goose…


Sorry Robert, but real world facts don’t support your conclusions. Stone’s crimes are well documented, as is Russia’s interference in our election.

Take your small-minded conspiracy theories somewhere else. Perhaps the Parler echo chamber would embrace your nonsense.


The Flynn defense has two elements, maybe three.

  1. Interogated by fbi without his lawyer present.
  2. fbi threatened to prosecute his son if he did not plead guilty.
    any dad would accept.
  3. Flynn’s conversations with russian ambassador before
    inaugeration - on its own - are ok. If flynn demanded money
    or offered assurances to russians, then it is another story.

Stone’s crime was ever believing in a fraud like Trump.


Free all prisoners now! It sounds radical, but why should only high powered, corrupt politicians and corporate CEO’s get a break? Release everyone… yes, even murderers, and if someone commits another crime, they can be sent back. Give every prisoner released a guaranteed income for the first year ($2,500 a month?) to help them get back on their feet. Transfer guards to more productive jobs like helping the elderly and the handicapped. While this would be a huge boon for democracy, humanity and morality, it would hurt the prison industrial complex. The elites depend on our slave-prison labor to maximize the return on their investments so that they never have to work for a living like the rest of us.
This is not a new concept and historically large scale releases have coincided with an actual “drop” in the crime rate, such as when over 3,000 inmates were released in Florida in the 1960’s after the Supreme Court ruled that every inmate deserved legal representation regardless of their ability to pay. When the inmates got released, the crime rate went down in Florida despite the right wing claiming that there would be a spike in serious crimes.
During COVID 19 I watched 20 seasons of Law and Order. I was surprised at just how cruel the sentencing was in every single episode as families of the victims would cry ‘foul’ because someone convicted of a crime would only spend “15 years in jail” as if this were a slap on the wrist. Very rarely was the truth exposed that people sent to prison would be regularly raped, beaten and tortured. No mention was made about how many good people were enslaved to maximize profits for Wall Street companies. No mention was made about bonuses given to judges for handing out extra long sentences to people who had ‘desirable skills’ for the Prison system.
The U.S, has one of the most brutal systems in the world, yet I constantly hear the repeated myths that our prisons are like a “Hilton hotel” where prisoners are “coddled” and get “three square meals a day”. Yet society ignores our rapidly growing prison population (well over two million and growing) even though it could be anyone of us that ends up in jail on nefarious charges and exaggerated sentences. It is time that the public steps up to bat and demands that all prisoners be released to prove to the public that our government cares about all Americans and not just those well connected enough to avoid prison.


And that is why he was found guilty and unanimously convicted by a jury of seven felony counts, including lying to Congress under oath. What is wrong with you? Oh right, the law doesn’t apply to anyone connected to Trump or the GOP in your world of law and order.


Right on RMV.
People can refer to the well documented Russian involvements as hoaxes all day long. It doesn’t change the documented reality.
R_Taylor just proves that some folks take Fox Noise as gospel.
Otherwise very nice people are blinded by the right when it comes to politics.

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Be sure and remove the + sign at the beginning of the URL.
And let us not forget his pardon of Marc Rich after his wife made a nice donation to Bill. As you stated, both parties are corrupt to the core.


Trump pretending to be human is the REAL hoax.

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The main problem with the RT’s of this country is that they solidly believe what the right throws out there as truth, when it is generally the opposite. If he can’t find a way to believe the facts, I assume he isn’t listening to them. Like trump and PDB’s.

Well said!

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Thanks for the much needed perspective.


The citizenry in this country has been regularly desensitized to reality. As bleak and horrible as it’s been for so many. For those of us that pay attention and don’t lie to ourselves, these news blips are nothing out of the ordinary and sadly and most importantly, yet another nail in the coffin of Democracy.


I guess I missed where Nancy Pelosi served time for not acting to stop torture, including waterboarding, by the CIA during the G.W. Bush regime. I also missed where Joe Biden served time for helping to engineer the U.S. war on Iraq (in the run-up to the Iraq War, Biden refused to allow anyone critical of attacking Iraq to testify before the Senate foreign relations committee, which he chaired). What about Colin Powell, who lied before the U.N. to win support for invading Iraq (the supreme crime against humanity–war of aggression).

That’s just a start, of course. It would be great if the Dem Party elite would campaign on something other than “Trump Bad!” and “Russia!,” but they rigged the nominations in 2016 and 2020 in order to block Medicare for All, and are sticking with their plan to offer voters nothing but hypocrisy.


In the “big scheme”, this pardon is a bagatelle…

The Trump regime corruption regarding the environment, war, health, economy, and so much more overshadows this pardon…

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This is off topic. My apologies. To CD readers from Wyoming , in case you haven’t seen it —-


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And one of the future pardons will no doubt be when Trump pardons himself!