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Trump at Tulsa as 21st Century Typhoid Mary, as Fauci Warns on Rally, Science-Bashing

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/20/trump-tulsa-21st-century-typhoid-mary-fauci-warns-rally-science-bashing


The virus is most effectively spread by infected people expelling it in droplets from their mouths. More droplets are spread when a person is chanting and shouting than just breathing. A victim is more likely to be given the virus if they breath in a big load of it, which happens if they are less than six feet away from the infected person, are with the infected person for a long time and if that person is spraying saliva at them by shouting campaign slogans. This viral load not only helps determine if you get sick, but also how sick you get.

Juan Cole masterfully packed a heckload of vital info into that paragraph. I’ve heard wary, veteran virologists make all the same points about SARS2. These two points are mysterious:

  1. A big load is more likely to transmit infection.
  2. A bigger load is more likely to leave you with a more serious case.

I have not heard a virological explanation which makes sense of these replicable observations, aside from “We don’t know.” The difficulty lies in explaining how the head-start of a “big load” improves the bug’s chances of hurting you, since one viral unit, once established inside you, will quickly become very many.


“Once a bonehead, always a bonehead.”

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Great article and I completely agree with the notion that science-bashing and anti-intellectualism are two trends that have laid the groundwork for the current debacle. There is much to be said about how the media with cretins like Murdoch at the helm, have been a true force for stupidity and anti-science propaganda for a generation now. Today’s crisis very much owes its roots to the merging of those trends with the consolidation of mass media into ~only 6 entities.
However, once again, because liberals DO respect science I note, how by omission…Dr. Fauci gets a pass. I am here to tell you, that Dr. Fauci does NOT represent science or medical science or HONESTY or integrity in any way shape or form. Lets just hear from him, trying to back pedal and justify his dangerous LIES in February and March shall we?
Heres a quote from Dr. Fauci about why he didnt say masks were necessary. Okay. Verbatim. Article from Daily Kos:The author starts the quote:
"Dr. Fauci, a considerably more diplomatic person than myself gives this explanation. “Well, the reason for that**[not recommending masks]**is that it was at a time when personal protective equipment, including masks and the surgical masks, **were in short supply.**And we wanted to make sure that the people, namely the health care workers who were brave enough to put themselves in harm’s way, to take care of the people who you know were infected with the coronavirus and the danger of them getting infected.” Fauci has been consistently honest…"End of author’s quote.
I keep waiting for the second part of that statement, but there isnt any!!!Dr. Fauci is a LIAR!!!The shortage of supply was NOT and is NOT a reason to LIE to the public. What he should have done?What he could have done? is to be HONEST. Something like this…
“We ask the cooperation of the public during this crisis. We need to need to reserve all high quality masks for frontline healthcare workers. However!until such time as masks are available for everyone?Here!Is how to make a very good face mask at home. Please help us to make more masks asap!
You can help at the local, regional and national level. We are asking all industry to think of ways that they can help to ramp up the production of this necessary PPE. Until that time, and we hope it is soon…Please!Do!Wear masks in public, it will help you to protect others from you spreading the virus. Please also, continue to do necessary hand washing appropriately and frequently and to practice Social Distancing.” Pretty f’n simple huh?
Instead?He LIED!MOFO!He FAILED in his sworn duty to protect the public he serves. His failure lingers to this moment!The confusion and the dithering about masks means many, many people have died because of his LIE about it not being necessary and his ambivalent, confusing messages to the public.
Here!Is the equivalent to what this creature said.
Hey America, looks like we got a shortage of insulin. So?It looks like insulin is not really necessary for Type 1 diabetics anymore. I mean, its prolly a good idea…but um…DOH. And no!Again!Liberal press!READ FOR COMPREHENSION!
Lack of supply does not mean one lies about the necessity of that given supply, whether its masks, insulin or FOOD. FFS. The opposite of anti-scientism is happening with this creature, his medical qualifications[but not his integrity or honesty!] have dazzled the press to the point where they see him as somehow the hapless defender of science. Nothing could be further from the truth. MASKS ARE NECESSARY.
You know what else is NECESSARY for every fascist regime?Nodding donkeys and a compromised press. Dr. Fauci is that nodding donkey on the frontline to validate or initiate!the LIES and the misinformation spewed by this dangerous regime. FFS. How many times?STOP FAWNING OVER THIS CREATURE!!!
He lied!Its right there in the press reports…and he still is and even his back pedalling to prop up his LIES, gets a pass. I’m out.

Speaking as a physician, I am concerned that trump’s rally tonight could [including secondary and tertiary cases] lead to more fatalities than the Jonestown Massacre [~917], in which case trump may be remembered as “the Jim Jones of American Politics”.


Do people listen to what Trump is saying? He has turned a healthcare emergency into a political issue----I am skeptical about the whole mask thing----but all these sports have shut down and here is Trump holding this rally-----and people are being told masks are required and here is the President holding a rally with no masks???

According to our President if you are on the left the police have the right to come and get you because we are not Americans----FUCK YOU TRUMP!

Trump wants people who burn or step on the flag to go to jail for one year------if you do this the flag stands for NOTHING!

Trump interestingly threw a bone to those against the MIC–saying that he is the one pulling back—on this he might be better than Biden—but who knows what Trump would do in a second term.

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Interesting point about the Jonestown Massacre. Given the fireworks we’re likely to see in Tulsa tonight, we may also have to add further casualties of police terror. Our CA Rep. Jackie Speier, working at the time as an aide to Leo Ryan, nearly got shot to death with him in Guyana, back in the day. That was also very close to the time Harvey Milk was assassinated.

The arena is not full-----they are packing people in sections to make it look full. All stage craft

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That science bashing and all of those peoples we call anti-intellectual seems to be unique to the United States of America as far as Western Countries go. I am not aware of any Countries where it is as pervasive outside of the Countries seen as “Fundamentalist”.

Yes, the million folks asking for tickets are still waiting!!
Jaun, the author, knows that Trump would have packed the BIG HOUSE in Anny arbor, Michigan.
And the party would still be going on there.
El cheapo NYC El Trumpo does not how to party, run a business, or govern.

Fox is blaming dense Pence. I am blaming the cold weather, ice and snow.
Maybe Trump can run with saying Pence advised him on C-19 and has to be replaced as VP with –
who else - Sarah Palin.
Can Joe match that ticket?

Most likely true, MSN had a story this evening about how Trump was supposed to give an outdoor speech before going to the rally, the report claimed it was canceled because not enough people showed up.

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Next best after shouting & chanting is singing, IIRC – one more reason to avoid niteclubs & bars featuring karaoke . . .

Close, Juan – but no cigar.   Science doesn’t “have” laws – Mother Nature has laws, and Science is simply the ted-
ious, step-by-step process that we mere humans have developed in our feeble attempts to understand those laws.
A person, or – more likely these days, a team of people – formulates an explanation of some natural phenomenon somewhere in the Universe, and then he/she – or they – attempt(s) to find further evidence in order to decide if said explanation is useful in understanding how something works, since going along with natural tendencies has proven in the long run to be more advantageous to us mere humans than blindly charging ahead and doing things that Mother Nature will eventually make us wish we hadn’t done.   A reasonable measure of one’s “rationality” (or “intelligence”) might be the degree to which one understands the complexity & interdependence of Mother Nature’s laws and either takes advantage of them or wastes energy opposing them.

Clearly, neither the current Presidunce nor most members of his administration (not to mention the vast majority of members of Congress of either major party) are – by ANY stretch of the imagination – “Intelligent”.   (Clever, maybe, and effective on a short-term basis — but NOT Intelligent.)

BTW, Technology is NOT “Science” — technology is just applying some of the insights gained by scientists to one’s specific project, and – as with the excessive use of irrigation and chemical fertilizers to increase crop yields or, even more serious, the use of medical science to decrease humanity’s annual death rate without effecting a correspond-
ing decrease in the annual birth rate – detrimental to human survival in the long run.

As to the main subject of this article:  insofar as ‘Self Selection For Infection’ is the chosen path of Tweetle-Dumb and his sycophants — by all means encourage it!!!


Beautiful Post!

  • Science doesn’t “have” laws – Mother Nature has laws

Hope to see such postings early and often!

Others posting at CD agree: www․commondreams․org/views/2020/04/17/gop-has-become-death-cult

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You touch on a key point about TrumPutin and his followers being analogous to Jim Jones and his People’s Temple followers. Some time back I realized that TrumPutin was a cult leader, and his MAGAs were his cult who truly swallowed his vile Kool-Aid of racism and hate. (Surely it’s not a coincidence that TrumPutin held his rally in Tulsa nearly a century after one of the worst incidents of African-American lynchings in American history occurred in that city, a rally initially scheduled for June 19, commemorated in neighboring Texas as Juneteenth, the day when slaves in Texas were officially emancipated.)

Ironically, Jones’s work in the San Francisco Bay Area was ostensibly on behalf of poor African-Americans prior to their relocation to Guyana and Jonestown, work that had garnered support from local white liberals, Still, the whole People’s Temple episode is murky and fishy, with disturbing allegations of its being a mind-control experiment conducted under the CIA’s MK-ULTRA program gone tragically wrong.

I’m indebted to Rep. Speier for posting on her website in early 2018 the report she had commissioned from two retired attorneys, Tom Adams and Dennis Aftergut, titled “The Trump Organization: A Racketeering Enterprise?”


And now phoenix ----from what I understand you can get a $250. ticket for not wearing a mask------yet they said this event was exempt???how many people have given up going to large events-----I guess we have two tiered justice. So blatant.

I am not big on the mask stuff----but I think commonsense says you need to pull back on these large events-----what is the underlying effect of people in lock down watching this event???

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