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Trump Attacks Carrier Union Leader on Twitter, Blaming Union for Loss of Jobs


Trump Attacks Carrier Union Leader on Twitter, Blaming Union for Loss of Jobs

Nika Knight, staff writer

After United Steelworkers 1999 president Chuck Jones revealed Wednesday that fewer jobs were remaining in Carrier's Indianapolis plant than President-elect Donald Trump had promised, Trump launched into a Twitter tirade against the union leader.


Perhaps Trump's goal is to make Jay Gould's gilded age dream come true that half of the working class kills the other half ?


Yeah, I'd really like to know whose these eye-glazed followers of Trump are who would immediately upon the receipt of a "tweet" immediately bombard a union leader and presumably would-be ally with thinly veiled death threats against his children. Profoundly vile.


Putin must be laughing his ass off. He's going to play Drumpf like a Stradivarius. And our moron-in-chief has his thin-skinned hands on the nuclear button. Which country will be the first to disappear? Iran? Perhaps some Pacific island whose leader complains too loudly as his country sinks beneath the waves, as our demented Cheetoh drills every square inch of the US for oil and gas? Personally, I think Putin hacked the primaries and the general election to install Drumpf as a Manchurian (or Muscovite) candidate, giving us the big middle finger for our shenanigans in the Ukraine. What a coup! The 2004 election gave Putin all the evidence he needed to know that such actions would never be investigated and that the phony tallies would stand. Whether true or not, Russia is the real winner of the 2016 election. Drumpf is the living embodiment of that old poker joke -- when you look around the table and cannot figure out who the fish is, the fish is you. God help us all.


Then there will be half the numbers and when this half kills off the other and so forth when no working class people are left, then what-- who will be left to actually create the wealth? Just as in the ecological crisis these wealthy elites really do not think very clearly as if they and/or their children somehow will ultimately escape the many problems they have created. Time to start building the new America regardless of how it all looks.


I read a lot of the blogs coming out of Russia and true or not, many corroborate what you say.


And also Bibi.


The comparison between Trump and Mussolini becomes more and more apparent....and accurate....all of good conscience especially duped workers must unite to support each other, not fall in-line with Trump's divisive hate.........if only he can make the trains run on time........

All hail Il Duce Trump! (or is that Douche?)


True as well.


Trump followers attack anybody who questions Trump because they believe Trump is their last hope to regain or retain their middle class lifestyle. They have put all their eggs in one basket and will continue to lash out at anybody that Trump criticizes for demanding accountability.

Trump supporters' world views were long ago shaped to reject anything resembling real democracy. They are 100% bought into the trickle down myth and will never risk losing face by rejecting trickle down even when they are soaked in yellow liquid 24/7.


"Heil to the Chief" also seems appropriate.


Mmmm, more like dime store fiddle copy wannabe - no offense to Putin


It was predicted by some luminaries among us that Trump will only look after his own bottom line using the presidency as a vehicle to do so plus his billionaire buddies.


Shit that sounds like a NAZI salute to me, Mr. Trump is not presidential material, he is an SOB and a thug. Killery was just as bad/ Compare that asshole to Jimmy Carter and see the difference for yourself.


Sounds like the brown shirts/pants


And now a Labor Secretary, CEO of fast food Corp, against raise for low paid worker, farcical appointment after the next. Trump working class hero? Excuse me while I vomit. Wonder how the election would go if it was held today.


Probably the same. You can't fix stupid.


Time to get along with each other, and stop letting the bought and paid for media define us. These wealthy elites have the power of money that's it. Who will grow their food, built their buildings, fix their cars? They probably do not know how.


Maybe they think a few robots will do the job--but then, this too, who will build these robots?


Yes, unions without teeth is right. Also please do not "dumb " down the working class. Putting a label on all people in a "class" is unfair and non communicative. Remember, many people who voted for DT are actually wealthy professiionals. People anywhere who are working just want to keep their jobs, and would take any settlement just in order to have decent life. The US has outsourced jobs in the name of seeking lower wages for just about forty years, and those union jobs have seen the most hits. As CEOs traveled and discovered that some people in other countries would work on the cheap, that's when a lot of this happened. I do not know the whole history, but that is what I remember hearing from people who were victims of this shoddy treatment. The treatment of : Let's not think about community just profits.
A lot of those products manufactured in other countries do not have the quality that we have here as well. Just ask people who buy products at WalMart that usually break.