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Trump Attacks Soldier's Widow After She Confirms President's Hurtful Call


Trump Attacks Soldier's Widow After She Confirms President's Hurtful Call

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Myeshia Johnson, whose husband was killed in action, said details made public last week were "not fabricated" and that Trump's tone was upsetting

Myeshia Johnson


The Twit in the White “Supremacist” House always believes a Tweet is the answer to all his problems.

It’s not.


May his Problems in Office grow in direct proportion to his Problems with the Truth.


Any intelligent, compassionate, person with a tiny bit of morality would have let this situation alone weeks ago and apologized for any mistakes.


Cannon fodder talking back, especially how dare while black


I wish we do, i so wish we do “pile massively into the streets”.


But we need shared purpose and shared understanding of what is at stake and what we need.

Otherwise we do not have the focus, or the solidarity and determination, to shut it down and make demands.

Tragically under lifelong assault of propaganda and distraction, we are far far from that.


Just asking: Is there anyway that twitter could be denied Trump for lying so much to the American people? I am just so sick of his mendacious tweets!


The problem is that his problems become our problems.


In an ideal world, a call from the POTUS would matter and standards would apply. But at this time, with this POTUS, why would anyone have expectations or care? It just seems wrong to complain that the POTUS was not sufficiently earnest or appropriate with his words. He called. And the call was socially awkward because he is socially awkward. So? America’s focus should be on Korea and health care and tax policy, on things that impact or may impact millions of people, not on individuals who engage this POTUS in personal, she-said-he-said disputes. Nothing good is gained from it.


My heart goes out to this woman and her young daughter…I saw the video where Mrs. Johnson cried over the coffin, with her little girl, seeming a little confused…after all she is only 6, as I understand.

But why is there no question of what the heck are we doing in Niger in the first place? Why do we have
Afri-com? or whatever it is called? to maybe get a foothold on whatever “resources” are there,
including minerals for smart phones, etc?
oh, that is right…we are fighting the “terrorists”…the ones the U.S. is largely responsible for creating in the first place, especially, as I understand, after the fall of Libya thanks to Obama/H.Clinton…
no pondering of what is going on here by mainstream entertainment “journalists” at all.
no questioning of 800 (eight hundred) military bases around the world.
the unquestioned feeding of an ever increasing Pentagon budget,
while everything else: housing, education, healthcare, environment is slashed to the bone…
when will get off our keesters and REALLY fight back
instead of 20 people carrying signs and looking to Madonna or George Clooney for leadership?


I agree with you…
here in New York City, the temperature should be maybe high 50s or low 60s…going up to
74 degrees today,
and everyone thinks it is just GREAT!!
I have stopped counting the number of people sitting in their cars, idling their engines while
they stare into their smartphones…
why are they running their cars if they are PARKED?
sometimes they run their cars and they aren’t even in them!
I have mentioned it to local politicians: they don’t care either…
Hurricanes Harvey / Irma / Maria ??? forget that! that was last month! forget it
wildfires??? hey, I don’t live there = what do I care?
end result? death…


Bannon, Miller and Sanders would love to have a liquid lunch (100-proof Stoli on ice) with you 'cuz you consistently push the BS about Russian interference being a “ruse.”


The people of Southern California would love to have a temperature of 74 today, I believe the temperature in the Los Angeles area today is forcast to be 106 with strong winds, just what they need. The fires are a long way from dying down.
Meanwhile as the fires rage, trump plays golf again.


You know something? I don’t even read the mueller speculations, or the “intelligence services” leaks or non leaks. I just read and listen to what Trump and Co. say. Do you? Don Jr., Jared, Flynn, Manafort, Sessions, Page, and so on. Lots of official and well connected Russians. An oligarch here and there. All out of their own mouths. All innocent. It’s not as if Trump gave a speech to Goldman Sachs, is it?


We’ve just had historic fires here in Sonoma. Many dead. Thousands of home destroyed. It’s beautiful right now. But it’s not autumn. No one here is interested in a call from Trump.


What a
My retarded son has more empathy than this PATHOLOGICALLY LYING waste of space POTUS does! It is so time to flush this SHIT down the toilet!


I supported and participated in the occupy movement here in Oakland. It had a brilliant beginning on Wall Street and broad support here. It rapidly fizzled like a wet fire cracker not as a consequence of suppression, but due to its own amorphousness and self isolation. The many thousands who may have supported it could not sit around cross l legged endlessly seeking consensus.
For real violent suppression Oakland well remembers the Panthers.


You actually call your son retarded? And think it startling that he would have more empathy than a sociopath?


Let me tell you a story from my son’s life … when he was in kindergarten the kids in the school he attended (kindergarten thru sixth grade) would go out of their way to call Jon and his classmates “retarded” “tardo” or “mo-Ron” so I started talking to people about his “retardation” so that Jon wouldn’t see those DISGUSTING names as being wrong, but would take them in stride as being nothing more than a name as innocuous as ‘son’ or ‘sweetie’ or ‘baby boy’ b/c I truly believe that if you use a word in love, it removes the negative connotation; but hey, if you choose to see that word the same way those kids in grade school did, it’s still a free world where we are BOTH able to use it in our own way!