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Trump Awaits Orders From Saudis; and Why the Houthis Could Have Done It

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/16/trump-awaits-orders-saudis-and-why-houthis-could-have-done-it


And yet mainstream news and the democrats will still have the gall to continue to parade that Trump is a Putin Puppet.


Who cares what Trump says outside of his gullible base? On the topic of Iran, he can’t even keep track of the bullshit he spews – and let’s be real: His lying is just plain pathological…Not to mention that ass-kissing morons like Mnuchin and Pompeo get caught up in the horseshit and it’s all on video.


Great post, in total agreement, the article here, while very good was missing this(I think) false flag operation? Who would benefit? Would not put it past israel, or even the saudis themselves. as the saudis seem to be pretty chicken shit about facing a genuine adversary , like iran, and trump is possibly/probably owned by the sauds, so, he will jump when they say jump. after all, none of his or any of his bootlickers kids would be in any harm or inconvience from another war.


Your false flag narrative is badly undercut by the Houthis jumping in to take credit.

They’ve carried out other successful though limited drone attacks, which, ironically were dismissed as nothing to worry about by reporters like this genius:

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Juan finally got some things right - but also some things wrong about motive.
The Iraq shia government or any tribal militia from Basrah area have no beef with Saudi.
After all, the USA gave them the civilian power, Bremer fired the sunni Iraq army for them and we paid to rebuild their infrastructure instead of our own !!

Israel for election politics
USA for payback for 9/11
John Bolton is out of white house for only one week and his death wish for Iranian war is on the cusp.

Just to let everyone know: we cannot win the war in Iran.
Population too large.
Russia may come in to help them out. (January 1980 we Americans planned 5 division army invasion. Cancelled six weeks later due to Russia telling us that we could not have their southern border)

I am not sure that we picked up the drone control radio signals.


Puppet or collaborator, still bad news.

Trump washed his hands in muddy waters. His fear of having to pay for his sins one way or another must be eating away at him in some way. But it’s not from remorse, or guilt, or shame, or even caring. He is a sick person psychologically, and we all know it.


And just think about the chaos from a drone attack on U.S. soil. Trump would have our choices for false flags laid out on the war table licking his chops. After all, it’s good for reelection.

You might want to acquaint yourself with the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) in Iraq.

They kinda own the place. What the Shiia government wants matters not. And if you wonder how Iraq’s hapless army suddenly beat back ISIS, they didn’t. It was the PMF.

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Great and accurate (IMO) analysis as usual from Prof. Cole.

Who has the greatest motive and who does not is the central point. Iran would be absurdly stupid (which they have proven they are not) and self-destructive (but will stand-up to any bully or pathological A-hole) to have been the perp, while for similar reasons, likewise the Iraqi Shia forces - the vulnerability in both cases makes them very unlikely.

Other perps flying false colors could and would do something like this but likely did not for different reasons - neither needs to manipulate the US trump regime any more than basic politics and inflicting this level of world-wide oil pain (for some) is against their immediate interests.
Given the analysis re the Houthis that have endured severe pain and loss, they, as written, have nothing to lose, and maybe some political power to gain.

Given the mindless quasi-religious blather from pompeo re “god being responsible for trump to save israel” makes one cringe for the incredible stupidity of the statement and mental illness for the asinine over the top “cloud-daddy” stuff, and trump being an israeli stooge for other than his own mindlessness, belief vomited forth by pompeo who has admitted he belongs nowhere near government or policy-making decisions!!.


Kurds from Iraq, Turkey, and two more nations
supplied by Americans
and we may have provided payroll.
That first Lt. with two duffles of cash, wandering.

Iraq Shia army is useless
10,000 american contracts inside Iraq = useless.

ISIS in Syria was beaten back by the forces you cite.

ISIS in Iraq was defeated by the PMF. Do some homework.

And you left out Russia.

you are correct.
russian air power and mercenaries who are probably mislabeled to avoid a real dangerous confrontation with USA about our killing 200 of them.

Our neighborhood has more ears inside the middle east than the CIA !! (sarcasm, wise guys, too many parents and grandparents of army soldiers around here)

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PMF is not our friend by any measure.
If you have data that they successfully battled and beat ISIS elements, good.
PMF murdered plenty of our soldiers and marines inside Iraq during our occupation there.

The PMF didn’t murder our soldiers. Do your homework:


particularly inside Bagdad.
I friggin well do - having sadly attended funerals of their victims. We hunted Sadr but he escaped to Iran.

I really dislike bagdad sunni, pakisatnies, and serbian war criminals who live two towns west of me.

we saved shia folks in southern Iraq from sunni republican guard after desert storm.
Do your homework !!

So an alliance formed by Nouri al Maliki, and whom the USA wants to integrate into the Iraqi army is something you dismiss/equate with Sadr’s brigade? Nuance is lost on you.

The PMF doesn’t operate in Baghdad, son.

His militia was inside Bagdad and many more areas against US army soldiers. - killing us.

today, 2019, I’ll place honest money on Sadr’s rise to power in Iraq.

i am not ‘son’.