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Trump, Bannon, and Roy Moore Rebuked as Doug Jones Claims Victory in Alabama


Trump, Bannon, and Roy Moore Rebuked as Doug Jones Claims Victory in Alabama

Jon Queally, staff writer

"A crushing blow to [president's] agenda of bigotry, hate, and division... and a powerful reminder that progressives can win anywhere and everywhere if we stand up for an inclusive populist political agenda."


It’s a pity it’s so close. Of course Moore’s not conceding and there’ll be recounts forever, unlike when it’s the other way round when the dems simply capitulate.

Let’s hope this outcome stays put. And then, let’s see what Jones is really about.


I can see the next tweet from the one that sits in the oval office. Wait for it: THE ELECTION WAS RIGGED!

The good news, Jones won. The bad news, so many voted for Moore.


It’s Alabama. You don’t get much redder. A close win in that context is a great win, but I get what you are saying.


If you likee %s, this was a 30+% turnaround in 13 months. That’s historical and has to make Trump, Bannon and Focus on The Family types shiver and quiver in their Western Dress Boots.
You do know the difference between Western Dress Boots and Western Cowboy Boots, don’t you?
With Western Dress Boots the shit is on the inside.


A few days ago I wrote, "We may not have to worry about civil rights, soon.
*We the People won’t have any.
Unless we cry, “ENOUGH!” and take them back."
*I think I just heard the first, LOUD, ENOUGH!
*Let’s keep it building! ENOUGH! ENOUGH! ENOUGH!
*We can take our country back, with our Constitution and Bill of Rights!
*We can be Free again, not serfs, but we must let them know, all of them, that "We are mad as Hell and we aren’t going to take it anymore!"
And then prove it. Vote them out, legislate them out, indite, charge and imprison them. Fine them of their wealth and give it back to the government, not their government, but the government of We the People of the United States of America, a Government of the People, by the People and for the People.
*We did it before in 1776 and we can do it again!



Kudos - keep it front and center with a neat link to the verified statistics.
Link to some background from Dec.11

‘The American Dream’ © cause you have to be asleep to believe it


Maybe there is a limit to what people will accept.


Both House and Senate in play for Dems in 2018. Guys like Dean Heller (Repub, Nevada) might want to rethink their vote on the horrible tax scam bill. Passage of that bill should seal his fate.

Maybe a reach, but how about Arizona rising up and pulling an Alabama.


Good to know that about half of Alabamians are not completely crazy.


A 1% victory doesn’t completely remove the stain of pedophilia upon the name of Christianity. Individual churches need to decide which priority is more imperative for them: their moral beliefs or corrupt politics as usual.


Democrats are happy. Ironically, so are Republicans. It’s another Christmas miracle.


Once again the oldest of American polical axioms proves true. When there is a higher than expected turnout, conservatives lose.

Remember that next year folks. I know bring has been made difficult in many states. However, do you think not trying to vote at all will change things?


Alabama almost elected Moore. And they’re stuck with another corporate party politician for 6 years.


This article doesn’t include the fact the Alabama Secretary of State reports only 25% of registered voters cast ballots.

From the Associated Press:
'Ultimately, Tuesday’s contest came down to which side better motivated its supporters to vote. Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill said turnout likely would not exceed 25 percent of registered voters.’


By most acounts, Merrill is a diehard right wing anti-voter Secretary of State. It’s a good thing Jones came out ahead by 20,000 votes. Who knows what a closer election would have wrought?

In that respect, I wouldn’t be surprised if turnout was actually higher. The numbers on the Jones side certainly appear higher than previous elections if 538 is to be believed.


Alabama law provides for a recount when the results are closer than 0.5%. Since Jones won by more than double that number, any recount would have to be entirely paid for by Moore. He’s certainly crazy enough to still do that - but it won’t go anywhere except to show that he really lost by even more than the official tally. Republicans almost always lose votes in recounts, not gain them, because most of the uncounted votes come from people that voting laws appear to exclude.


Your personal world - a reflection of your comments, surely - must be a whole or nothing world. Either a person or event must be 100% good or else they’re (it’s) worthless. Sad, because after living 7 decades, I know that without accepting the “gray” and working from there, one is in for perpetual, unrelenting misery. Reality challenges one’s capacity for accepting it’s not what your ego craves it to be.


Yep. Thank you black voters.