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Trump Bashes Diplomacy, Threatens 'Only One Thing Will Work' With North Korea


Trump Bashes Diplomacy, Threatens 'Only One Thing Will Work' With North Korea

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"Estimates of war casualties with North Korea could be 2.1 million dead and 7.7 million injured. Get the problem yet?"


When Trump told Rex that he was " wasting his time " by trying to negotiate with N.K…that tells me in my opinion, that Trump has made up his mind to attack Rocket man, when the time is right, in a preemptive attack on N.K. Maybe that is what he meant by: " the calm before the storm".


This fucking idiot madman must be taken down before he starts another war or two! A threat to all the earth’s people is this pathological killer! 58 innocents were killed in Las Vegas and 500 wounded, the ginger pig wants to kill and maim millions - is that not insane?


Who knows; but, he’s surely making a lot of already nervous, ordinary citizens even more so. Some people have a lot of trouble handling unknown threats. Trump should zip it. Maybe he thinks he’s playing a game with Kim Jong Un; but, he’s coming off as an irresponsible blowhard.


seeing how much he cares about puerto rico i wonder how many americans in south korea feel confidant?


Trump is a babbling fool.

Keeping the population on edge and fearful is a favored tactic of oppressive capitalist governments.

If we are going to have a war (which I seriously doubt), it is the real powers-that-be that will make the decision to have one, not Trump.

And these powers are too realistic to expose the US to massive damage for no good reason.

If North Korea is not hassled, and is left alone, it poses no danger to the US. The powers-that-be know that.


Unfortunately, I think what you are saying is true. The answer to everything according to Trump is Trump being a bold macho he-man type CEO personality. This egomaniac sociopath con artist won’t be happy until he has a few wars to his credit. He wants to be remembered with “he duh man.”. But historically the number one element of a president is diplomacy in representing this nation among all the other nations of the world. “He duh man” trumps diplomacy in his mind. Only one thing will work, he duh man Trump non diplomacy, otherwise known as war.


Sounds like the orange ogre should send his SIL and spawn to do the negotiating if he claims that Tillerson is wasting his time. Better yet would be if DJT and KJU get into a boxing ring and fight to the death to prove who has the bigger “hands”. The bigliest coward would probably remember which foot had bone spurs the second anyone mentioned him having to put up or shut up.


Oh my god, I told you, months ago, this is where Trump was leading.
The fear must have been felt widespread. Which is worse?
The fear or the prospect? The stark fear of
a supposedly elected leader or the fear of his use of weaponry?
$190 million Tomahawk useless “shot across the bow” bombardment,
the MOAB (mother of all bombs) used for demolition purposes,
the generals lining up just like Hitler’s generals lined up declaring victory,
disappearing behind closed doors, dying after others under their command.


Poster from a sixties dorm room:

                      "Suppose they gave a war and nobody came"

Not only resist, but also refuse.


Unfortunately, virtually all the dying will be to foreigners in far-off lands. If the attack takes the form of a massive nuclear first-strike with SLBM’s from the Sea of Japan, not a single USAn life will be lost and the war will be over in one day except the wait for radiation levels to subside and decontamination to begin. Also, what country or alliance, including China or Russia is going to retaliate against the USA? Sure, there will be condemnation from China and Russia, talk in the EU, UN, or OAS about sanctions against the US - but they will go nowhere. Trump will be a hero to the great majority of USAns. It will save his presidency.

Those are the very unfortunate facts.


And remember, the only reason Trump has the ability to unilaterally wage war is becasue of the extremely broad AUMF Passed by the US Congress with only one “nay” (Barbara Lee D-CA) on September 14, 2001. This was the US’s “Enabling Act” - even if the full descent into fascist hell is taking longer.


It’s time for a 25th Amendment solution — but that would require Pence, Tillerson et al to send a letter to Con­gress declaring Tweetle-Dumb unfit to discharge his duties, something that is VERY unlikely to happen.  Also, a BIG downside to ousting Tweetle-Dumb is that Pence would become Presidunce, and the RePoopli­can’s hideous domestic program would have less chaos holding it back.  But at least that’s not quite as bad
as a nuclear war.

Only slightly less unlikely is Congress passing a law to prevent a preëmptive strike.  Maybe the easiest thing is just for the dude who carries the ‘nuclear football’ to play 24/7 hide-‘n’-seek with His Infancy . . .




There was also this great quote from back in the day:
It will be a great day when our schools have all the money they need, and our air force has to have a bake-sale to buy a bomber.


Where is a crazy person with a gun when you really need them?


Unfortunately, assassinating the Asshole-in-Chief would just give the slightly less crazy but far more numerous assholes in his administration and in Congress just the excuse they would love to have to declare martial law and bring about Pence & DeVos “christian” Theocracy, thus bringing an end to what little is left of “our” demo­cracy.  Even if the SCOTUS said “NO!!” – highly unlikely in its own right – they would have no way to enforce their decision since most of the military brass – plus a few million of your ‘crazy people with guns’ – would go along with their fellow self-proclaimed “christians”.


yes, insane , but in keeping with our US “foreign policy”


Diplomacy today, Diplomacy tomorrow, and Diplomacy Forever.

If one prefers Murder to Diplomacy, that one is a murderer.


I’d pay to watch that Death Match on Pay-per-view.

Only, it would be a little better if they both were airlifted to a remote island and each was given a suitcase sized Nuclear bomb with a detonator.

Now that, would be worth watching.