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Trump Basically Encourages Russia to Hack Clinton Emails


Trump Basically Encourages Russia to Hack Clinton Emails

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Wednesday said he "would love to have the power" to have been behind the recently leaked emails from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and invited Russia to find Hillary Clinton's missing emails.


Let’s see. We have a thoroughly corrupted group of Democrats who conspired to rig our election, and got away with it. We have a president determined to provide full cover for this. Just what else can be done, but go outside the system to look for solutions as Trump suggests? Putin, Anonymous, China, or any hackers at all will do. Didn’t we applaud Snowden when he hacked the NSA for us? Didn’t these same critics call him a traitor, just as they try to likewise tar these hackers with that charge?

The US uses the above corruption scenario in foreign countries as an excuse to intervene ALL THE TIME (Libya, Syria, Iraq, Ukraine), often to the great detriment of the locals (and US). It’s hardly in a position to cry foul if payback arrives now.

I also look forward to many more revelations from these hackers, and fully expect to hear, “The hit dog holler,” as the old country expression goes …

Later edit: The source of the accusation that Russia is behind these hacks is a private firm hired by the DNC!!



Say want you want about Trump, but imo, his is wiley, and I think this is a pretty good move by him.


Sort of pathetic from a certain angle. We have to rely on the Russians to reveal to the American public the inner workings of our government. What happened to the US media. When Sanders claimed the DNC was tipping the scales, the mainstream media derided him. And we find out Sanders was right and we attack the Russians for revealing it.


The is a non news article designed to direct people’s attention away form things that matter. If the Russians hacked into the emails or not, it does not really matter. The release of them only served a good purpose, and as other commentators have pointed out, the focus should be on the criminal content of the emails not whether some Russians may have revealed the truth nor if Trump made a careless comment (gee really big news there).

However, as I have pointed out in other posts, if they can place pathetic articles like these into the top headlines, why do they believe that headlines concerning Jill Stein are not newsworthy especially considering the constituency of readers on this site who support her. Why is Jill Stein getting more coverage on Fox, CNN, NBC, and Democracy Now than on Common Dreams?


The Trumps, Clintons and the power posse probably laugh about this devised scary Russian plot twist as they ride around the golf course.


Every once in awhile Trump says something that makes sense.
As someone who very much dislikes Clinton, I hate to say it, but for the first time in my life, I have actually watched some Fox News. At least they don’t go along with the “Clinton can do no wrong” crap that the rest of the channels are doing.


Hey, i sure wish China or somebody would release those Clinton e-mails!

Oops, i just committed treason.


Have you seen Scribbler’s latest piece re: Trump/hacking?

I stopped posting there (most likely banned) after questioning environmental issues related to mining for lithium, graphite and cobalt----necessary components of batteries. I felt (and still do) before cheerleading for Tesla and electric batteries to save us, we should examine and expose the impacts of mining. Silly me for caring about environmental devastation from mining so that we can keep building roads and driving cars, trucks without any restraint.


I am learning more from the comments then from the article.


For an extensive and most informative essay/article on Trump, TruthOut.org had this on their website:

White Supremacy and Sanctioned Violence in the Age of Donald Trump

But, by reading many of the hate-filled and derogatory comments herein, perhaps.this article will fall on deaf ears/blind eyes. Your fingers are pointing in the wrong directions.


Another such link is at


At this point, I see no more reason to believe Russia sent these emails to Wikileaks than there is to believe Putin was responsible for the downing of MH-17. In both these cases, the mainstream media went into overdrive accusing Putin and Russia. In both cases, no real evidence is produced, even though the NSA may have a full list of those who hacked the DNC, and the CIA probably has satellite surveillance of the MH-17 downing. They won’t release such evidence because it probably exonerates Russia, or at least indicates the list of hackers is so long, the culprit can’t be singled out

Later edit: Edward Snowden says the NSA should know who did it:



What kind of evidence would be sufficient for you? Confession?


If you’d read my comment, you’d see I listed two US government agencies that probably HAVE enough info to clarify the issue. In the case of MH-17, they’ve remained silent, even after VIPS (former CIA agent Ray McGovern and others) issued a plea for the CIA to release its data on MH-17 …


I commented over on the Sacramento Bee that Trump saying this was not jaw dropping at all, as there is a legitimate concern (not just on the right) that there may have been something damning in those emails.


So let me clarify "may have " and “probably has” would actually convince you?


It’s almost as if Trump gave the Democrats and the MSM a simple logic test and they failed. As others above have pointed out, the emails and the server no longer exist, and if the information does exist it is not under the control of the US government, so it is impossible for the Russians to hack the US government systems to get the emails or the information in them.

The only realistic way the Russians could find them now would be if they hacked them years ago and then put them away for future use. In this context, Trump’s statement would just be an encouragement for the Russians to allow the American people to find out what the Russians already know.

Either the Russians already have the emails or they don’t. And even if the Russians could go back in time to hack the server, the emails were not related to national security and were mostly just about yoga and wedding plans according to HRC, weren’t they?


OK, I will. I’d say about two standard deviations away from under control.




Say want you want about Trump


People who think Trump will bring fascism into our living rooms need to take a gander thru their peepholes; that ain’t the mailman out there, folks…


Hack them!

The US Media will not report on this stuff and the Citizens of the USA deserve the truth.

This article details how the US works behind the scenes to destabilize left leaning Governments in Latin America, this revealed by those hacked emails.