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Trump Becomes First Sitting President to Speak at Hate-Filled 'Values Voter Summit'


Excellent and appropriate reminder of a poem written in the shadow of an earlier Euro-American critical global scenario. We must head off the “rough beast” by removing, by whatever means, the current provocateur (the American President, Donald Trump).


But the main thing they have is a lot of votes, and they concentrate their power by all voting the same!
Lee Atwater understood this. Karl Rove understood this. Trump, Bannon and Pence certainly understand this!


Me too! Chris saw this coming more than 10 years ago!


Damn, really? I’ve asked my husband a couple of times if we couldn’t watch it b/c there was nothing else on … they have guillotines on it??? :hugs::hugs: Now I’ll force him to watch it!!! :smiling_imp::hugs:


Watched and listened to as much of the speech as I could without becoming violently illl. Ididn’t realize that was that much of an audience for ugliness and hate., made me ashamed of being white.


He points to the declaration as mentioning god 4 times, which is not a legal document at all. The constitution is a legal document and doesn’t mention god at all, except to say that the government should stay out of religion. Which Trump seems to be insisting that government should endorse a religion.
It is funny that these fundamentalists support the same goals that the fundamentalist muslims have expressed. Hate gays, women are 2nd class citizens, and that government should be ruled by the religion. And that isn’t all, the love for war, hatred for science and knowledge, and a desire to turn back the clock to when they reigned supreme.
And I don’t mean funny odd. It’s funny because they hate muslims for wanting the same as them. They can’t see they are completely alike. Of course the reason is that these so called christians are competing for the same world to rule as the jihadists.
What could be really scary is that both realize how alike they are and decide to work together and divide the world between them. Fortunately the greed and desire for power for one group alone, keeps them from doing that. But they really are that much alike in their desire to rule over the rest of us and make us live in their world.


Knowing who they are helps the rest of us.


I love how he thinks he can force people to say merry xmas instead of happy holidays. It shows how truly demented he is.
Of course I reflect that these ‘christians’ resent happy holidays so much when the word means holy day in the first place. So how is wishing someone to have a happy holy day a bad thing?


Yes. Last week’s episode had some guillotine action. Ross Poldark traveled to France.

Check it out.


Thank you for pointing out this most overlooked fact, mostly overlooked by Muslim hating Christians.


Fascist Christian conduct is harmful to the persons who engage in it and to society at large, and can never be affirmed…We oppose the vigorous efforts of Fascist Christian activists to demand that Fascist Christianity be accepted as equivalent to logic and reasoning in law, in the media, and in schools.


Yes, Chris was prescient, to say the least!


Definitely!!! My only fear is that once I see one in action then I’ll really want to ‘resurrect’ it here in these Untied States of Uh-merikkka!


I’ve often said that the Wahabis are the Muslim equivalent of Southern Baptists.
“Do as we say and do, or you will go to Hell, and we’ll help you with that if we can.”
*I don’t mean that as a blanket statement. I’ve met some Southern Baptists who think and are decent people who don’t accept those teachings at face value, but they seem few and far between.
*Whatever happened to, "Do not unto others as you would not have done unto you."? That used to come from pulpits of almost all faiths, but now we seem to find it twisted into. "Do unto others before they can do it unto you, and do it harder."
*Violence can kill people, but it cannot kill ideas. We should have learned that through war after war, saturation bombing after saturation bombing…


Ewwwww! The good news is your description will keep me from eating for the rest of the day :smile:


To simplify my previous comment,
Wahabis are to Islam what Southern Baptists are to Christianity.
And the dotard is a fine poster boy for their movement.
May sanity someday return to people before we self-destruct.


“I’m not black but there’s been a whole lot of times I wish I weren’t white”…Frank Zappa

words that have been stuck in my mind since the 70’s…


Soon enough after the Las Vegas massacre, Trump said, “Now, America is ‘truly’ mourning,” (emphasis on truly). In other words, ‘true’ Americans mourned the loss of flag-waving country western music fans. Moreover, true Americans of Trump’s millionaire class mourn the monetary harm facing cheesy casino hotel reputations. Probably, Trumps statement truly reflected the sentiments of the latter more than the former.

Do the world
a favor and


I love all of Joni Mitchell including her version “Big Yellow Taxi”
of this Yeats poem. They paved paradise, put up a parking lot.
In 1975, I visited a nature preserve close to Honolulu.
Tree Museum admission charge: Dollar and a half.


Trump’s WWIII is nothing short of population extermination.
Pence will call it Armageddon outside his mansion recluse.