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Trump, Biden and a Possible October Single-Payer Surprise

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/08/trump-biden-and-possible-october-single-payer-surprise


Who amongst us would even believe someone who has lied to us over 25,000 times?



This is a Lose/Lose situation for ALL Americans.

Biden is too in Love with the money he has been getting from the Health Care Insurance Companies for Years and will never part with those legal BRIBES.

If Trump tells us he is going to fight for Medicare For All, I have Bridge in Brooklyn I would like to sell you if you believe his Bullshit.

We had the Perfect candidate in Bernie. He had the Agenda, the Stamina and still maintains his sensibilities, everything required to defeat the Bigot in the White House, but the DNC and the Democratic Party refused to give up their Corporate Donations/BRIBES.

Biden does not have the energy, the mental capacity or the Progressive Agenda needed to win this election.

Biden thinks he is going to ride the Coattails of the Pandemic into the White House, think again, without a Progressive Agenda to stir enthusiasm Biden is a loser.

Biden garners the type of enthusiasm you would get from the oldest Resident of your neighborhood Nursing Home, None, Nada, Zero, Zip, Nothing.


Trump has been a chameleon ever since he emerged as a celebrity forty years ago. He has been a Democrat, he has been a Republican, he has been for just about everything, and against just about everything. He often contradicts himself in the same sentence.

Trump’s about face October strategy will not be limited to M4A.


I don’t think Trump is looking to get die hard progressive voters (“amongst us”) with such a move. But with M4A at well over 2/3 majority, if he could make this move and keep his base (I think he could), then he would pull enough others in to win. That he doesn’t do it (and won’t do any number of other things he could do) is telling. To me, it says he isn’t his own man and will do what he is told (which is not this).

What I want to know is why the hell wasn’t Bernie campaigning with these types of quotes from Trump:

“We must have universal health care. Just imagine the improved quality of life for our society as a whole,” Trump wrote. “The Canadian-style, single-payer system in which all payments for medical care are made to a single agency (as opposed to the large number of HMOs and insurance companies with their diverse rules, claim forms and deductibles) … helps Canadians live longer and healthier than Americans.”

I think it could have gotten more buzz around M4A and helped make people realize that it isn’t only a left-wing dream.


"What I want to know is why the hell wasn’t Bernie campaigning with these types of quotes from Trump:

Very excellent and interesting question. Why, indeed?

Trump is by far the likelier winner regardless of whether he would do something this dramatic or not.
But doing so would surely instantly raise his totals and renew the public momentum for single payer
to happen NOW, not an hour from now.

And given this is from Trump in an older source and not on the eve of his re-election bid also has
interesting implications. Perhaps his silence on the matter is whether he would have a prayer
of getting it passed, with the entire Dim party lined up against it and surely Repubs as well.
OTOH, if he did it committed to it and didn’t lose the necessary majorities to get it to the signature
stage, it would indeed for the majority of Americans be hailed as a heroic act.


Must read title. Read the suggestion at the end.

The Potential Impact of the World Trade Organization’s General Agreement on Trade in Services on Health System Reform and Regulation in the United States

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From your link:

The collapse of the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) Doha Round of talks
without achieving new health services liberalization presents an important
opportunity to evaluate the wisdom of granting further concessions to international investors in the health sector. The continuing deterioration of the

U.S. health system and the primacy of reform as an issue in the 2008
presidential campaign make clear the need for a full range of policy options
for addressing the national health crisis. Yet few commentators or policymakers realize that existing WTO health care commitments may already significantly constrain domestic policy options. This article illustrates these constraints through an evaluation of the potential effects of current WTO
law and jurisprudence on the implementation of a single-payer national
health insurance system in the United States, proposed incremental national
and state health system reforms, the privatization of Medicare, and other
prominent health system issues. The author concludes with some recommendations to the U.S. Trade Representative to suspend existing liberalization commitments in the health sector and to interpret current and future international trade treaties in a manner consistent with civilized notions of
health care as a universal human right.

MEDICARE FOR ALL IS AN ECONOMIC MODEL. The biggest impediment to passing it, is because it isn’t quite crappy enough.


Here in rural Central Pennsylvania we get regular mailers from the Trump campaign (they must have an amazingly bad mailing list to be wasting their high gloss expensive mailers on the likes of me). Those mailers use slogans like “The Radical Left has taken over Joe Biden and the Democratic Party” accompanied by scary pictures of Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and statements meant to scare my neighbors about how Biden is going to pay for health care for immigrants. So while I am thinking “from your mouth to God’s ears”, about the influence of the left on former VP Biden, I see zero chance of the Trump campaign suddenly endorsing any kind of single payer plan.


This is an argument of false equivalents, there are many other methods to achieve universal health care than single payer. They tend to just get bunched altogether but only sixteen countries use single payer. And while the U.S. is ranked 37th…Canada is ranked 30th by world standards.

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I agree. Trump is not about to endorse a socialist program like Medicare for All. Even if he did this unlikely thing who could really believe him?

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All he might have to do is say he’s making this available as a special privilege only to card-carrying “Murkans” and his base may eat it up. They love to have more privileges than other people and they’ll be satisfied that it’ll keep those illegal laylians from eating up their hard earned tax dollars.


I’m baffled - Did you mean to reply in response to my post? Or to the article directly?

@CommonDreams @fern @Trakar

What would all the weathy folks do without the high returns from the drug stocks they manipulate the market in?

Here is another paper, notice, it drops hints about the threat to Medicare, notice also two of the authors at least should be familiar names.


One also wrote that article about health insurance standing in the way of trade in healthcare services.

Oh sorry, both I suppose. The discussion is usually confined to current conditions or standards and a poorly defined version of a single payer system when these are not the only considerations or even the best considerations for universal health care. As Zed has posted, this the WTO idea of universal health care.

I’m just going out, will give it a look when I get back. Thank you

It still seems to be the opposite of his scary left wingers messaging to even think about his campaign going in that direction. But Trump certainly is not adverse to completely contradicting himself and, I suppose, your idea would be how he’d go about it.


Single payer is what I support, the term “Medicare for All” is bad, its deliberately ambiguous, and leaves out the all important step of leaving GATS first. We would need to have a complete change for it to work. Ignoring the need to leave GATS first is a guaranteed disaster.

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He could very well do it. He couldn’t care less about the health of America but as a businessman he knows the benefits of a National Improved Medicare for All system to business. That is why he advocated for it before running as President on the GOP ticket. Health care costs both for the insurance and the additional administrative headaches it brings to employers is astronomical. The only reason corporate America has held onto the practice is to use employer covered health care as a bargaining chip in union negotiations.

I can see him pulling this in October. This isn’t the first issue on which he has pulled left of the Dems and by doing so completely pulled the carpet out from under them. What are the dems going to do if he does? Jump on the bandwagon and say, we’ve always really supported Medicare for All too? Well, if he does it for the Democrats, that a train that has already left the station and they didn’t even make it to the platform.

As far as his base objecting - no worries there. Recent polls indicate that at least 48% of republican voters already support Medicare for All. Trump can sell anything he wants to his rabid base and they dive in like starved wild animals to a carcass. He will not sell it to them as liberal socialism but he will sell it to them as it being as American as mom’s apple pie and he’ll point to the fact that it is a great idea because the libtard Democrats have opposed it for decades - he has the proof. Selling it to his base will be easier than falling off a log.


I don’t see a problem here. Democrats are busily moving right and trying to grab as many Republicans as they can for Biden, so why wouldn’t Trump see if he can pull some Democrats away?

Hard to say who’ll be more successful.

Biden is much more against M4A than Trump. He has never said anything approving like Trump has, and he explicitly stated he will veto M4A even if both Congressional houses pass it. Trump never made any similar statement. Biden is far more dependably loyal to our corporate masters than Trump is.

BTW, US parties have realigned before. Democrats are now, overwhelmingly, more hawkish than Republicans. Perhaps the parties will flip sides again.