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Trump Blasted for 'McCarthy-Like' Call for 'Patriotic Education' and Attack on Howard Zinn, 1619 Project

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/18/trump-blasted-mccarthy-call-patriotic-education-and-attack-howard-zinn-1619-project


Let’s face it, before trump read the name Howard Zinn on the teleprompter, he had no idea who is was. He probably still doesn’t.
Just more red meat for the faithful. Republican voters for decades have abhorred any education out side of Sunday school. If Jeebus didn’t ride in on a dinosaur and hand you the knowledge on a stone tablet it isn’t worth knowing. Trump and his sycophants recognize this, just as Reagan’s people did. You can fool most of the people most of the time, it just requires that those people be stupid.


There so many millions of people so lacking in self esteem they will eat up these words from Herr trump and embrace them as facts just because it makes them feel “special”.

They are all so child like and Trump plays to that this in line with a number of writers who have claimed that the population of the USA is permanently infantilized.


Reagan is probably why I’m not all that shocked by what Trump says or does. The similarities are too striking. Sort of deja Vu ish.


Trump wants a right wing “madrassa” to promote what what is jungle law - survival of the psychopathic fittest, rather than the scientifically proven human way of being, love, cooperation, interdependence, compassion and empathy. To save humanity certain philosophies/rules/laws and ideas of a psychopathic nature must be removed from society for the same reason rats must be exterminated. Presently we see white collar psychopaths corruption, lies, deceit and hate filled rhetoric and we all sit by and take it and can do not much about any of it. Psychopaths control the world, problem is, we the people, in our kindness accept psychopaths as humans like us, when they are NOT, their selfishness demands they kill us to get more cash. Psychopathic control has been passed down for a thousand years now with all their efforts for themselves NOW the climate/economy/ peoples lives are destroyed. We the people must respect the lives we have or the psychopaths death wish rules and we all die soon


“patriotic education”

Haven’t we seen this before? Oh yea, they were called reindoctrination camps, dictators and fascists have used them in the past, great for brainwashing.

Listening to Howard Zinn’s interview in the vid, on Democracy Now, “we should be honest with our young people”, about our history.
And there’s the rub with Trump, honesty is not even an afterthought with Trump, who’s only been good at one thing his entire life, grifting, the opposite of honesty.


Is Trump actually trying to argue that this country was not founded on slavery? Someone needs to tell Trump that he needs to provide proof in order to back up that disingenuous assertion. He then thinks in his neo-fascist way that it is unpatriotic to criticize the United States. When one reads these amazingly bizarre ideas one has to believe that this country is going backward instead of forward.


I would also throw in George Wallace as well as Nixon.


States, not the federal government, control public school curriculum by creating tests that measure attainment of objectives defined by a state department of education. Many states–like Texas, for example–have installed a patriotic, mostly white-centered curriculum, so they are already toeing the line. Very few states will examine LBGT issues, environmental degradation in any detail, McCarthyism, the failure of the drug war, the consequences of US foreign policy, or the shattered lives of whole populations–all due to economic inequality. The fact is, the history curriculum is already owned by the right. Not much will have to be done to move it a few inches further that direction.


How long will Trump be able to speak openly, while smiling like a 'possum eating dog shit, before he is finally exposed for the crawling, mewling, carnival barker he is?


Maybe it requires that the jobs are taken away, the schools destroyed and the people subject to a form of economic oppression.

trump learned racist anti-Semitic beliefs at home, red-baiting and pathological lying and bluster from his later mentor, roy cohn as part of the McCarthy hearings.

trump isn’t worth Howard Zinn’s spit! Something Professor Zinn would scrape off his shoe!

The terminal mental illness, malignant ignorance and pathetically uneducated being that is donald trump is a menace to everything his diseased mind touches - his “advisers” today, notably the racist/bigot stephen miller, are the thoughts behind trumps voice as he is far-too obsessed with himself to come-up with the subjects he does.

The trump call for racist indoctrination and “burning history” echoes nazi education, propaganda campaigns, hitler youth rally’s, unearthed and re-established in this hideous creatures regime and his maga clones; a bigot, racist, environmental rapist and any other descriptive that cannot be mistaken for anything other than a blight on all humanity.

Like father, like son is entirely accurate in this case, fred trump being a demonstrated proven racist refusing to rent apartments to African Americans, being arrested in KKK rally, and anti-Semitic slurs used at home - strange bedfellows now with Israel, but the racist netanyahu answers that conundrum. .Was fred trump at the nazi rally in MSG in NYC in 1939 as seems probable?

The nuts don’t fall far from the trees!

~https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NC1MNGFHR58 - A Night at the Garden, nazi rally at MSG, 1939, documentary film

By all means, 4 more years of insane racism…


Yes, the ignoramus is so uneducated that if someone asked Trump if he ever heard of Ralph Waldo Emerson his reply would probably be: " yeah I owned one of their T.V.s a long time ago".


Zinn’s history of the United States is eminently accurate.
Trump’s desire to brainwash American children to believe in the Homeland, capitalism, and Trumpism is straight from Hitler’s playbook.
This is just another in the many many many reasons we’re voting for Biden.
If we don’t get rid of Trump, we are doomed.


President on drugs and stupid-what could possibly go wrong?


With all due respect, the true laws of true jungles are healthy, in superb equilibrium, generate abundance and are fully integrated dynamics. Something the west seems to learn only in the process of destroying the jungles of the planet.

I couldn’t agree more on RESPECTING the lives we have - we are fully integrated 100% of the time even when we’re totally oblivious to that reality on a conscious level. Problem is, most folks got divided and conquered too early on and have deeply wounded and damaged lives. Can we heal that?


Thank you Masta Trump, we Blackies will learn to know our place and we will be very obedient while you re-write history to erase anything bad said about the Rich Aristocrats that founded this country with our Labor.

We Darkies will learn to be silent and not mention our contribution to America, we will never, ever criticize the Slave Holders and their mistreatment of the Black People and their Genocidal treatment of Native Americans.

No Sir Masta Trump we will erase history so the White Folks look pure and innocent and never mistreated the sub-human folks we imported from Africa and the Indigenous people living here before our arrival.

Yes Sir Masta Trump we will pretend that the White Folks got Super Rich with their own Labor without the use of Whips on our fellow Human Beings.


Too late. I used Howard Zinn’s books and the excellent ZEP materials in my classroom for years. My kids loved it, it was like finally learning what was behind all the smiley-face lies they had been told their whole lives.

Favorite Zinn quote – & a bumpersticker I had on my car when I was teaching: “There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people.”

Great publicity for ZEP! They are wonderful. And for Zinn’s books – all great, especially his autobiography, but my favorite is his two-act play about Emma Goldman, simply called EMMA.

Here at the edge of history, all the contradictions of our sick culture must be blatantly exposed. Hang in there comrades, another 4 years should do it.


Most here will enjoy the vid below on the subject, it’s one of Beau’s best.

“Let’s Talk About Trump’s Patriotic Education Idea…” / Beau of the Fifth Column Platform

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Has someone begun composing “USA Uber Alles” for our new national anthem yet?
As many here have brought up his name, Reagan is indeed to blame. 'Tis odd that the Democrats wanted to deal with the issues and begin looking for solutions, however difficult at first, to make the country better for everyone; viz. Carter trying to ameliorate Nixon/Ford’s inflation; the so-called “oil shortage”/energy crisis; and so on. Reagan won because he told everyone just how goddamned wonderful America was and why was Carter and the Dems complaining about and focusing on problems? What selfish bastards; they only want to bring America down…and there it began.
The Rethuglicans have re-adopted the “America-Love it or Leave it/ My country right or wrong” mentality from the late 60s. Smart move because that just brought us, let’s see…Nixon and his crimes; the so-called “oil shortage”/energy crisis, where the oil industry was making record profits on something they supposedly didn’t enough of–exporting more than we imported; Old people actually freezing to death because energy companies shut off utilities because people on fixed incomes couldn’t pay their inflated prices; inflation; lower wages…and on. Great ol’America.