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Trump Blasted for Naming 'War Criminal' and Iran-Contra Convict Elliott Abrams as Iran Envoy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/07/trump-blasted-naming-war-criminal-and-iran-contra-convict-elliott-abrams-iran-envoy


These are Trump’s people. War criminals, thieves, despots etc. Trump is a war criminal. He is killing Americans through his ignorance, arrogance and narcissism and thievery.


If any of you "Bernie is a sheepdog " and Biden is worse than satan and trump really isn’t so bad idiots think this Elliot Abrams kind of insane malignancy is ok and not madness or will “bring revolution sooner” have more stupidity to speak - bring it out. Maybe two more scotus nazis, or planetary collapse and mass extinctions no big deal to you? I think that is dangerous fuckin idiocy that undermines and sabotages change!

The condemnation of the admitted clinton/obama right-wing of the corrupted DP is bad, all know that, but 4 more years of trump will be a death sentence for far too much - whatever it is you do support; one cannot just hate and denounce one must build something!
At this time you support trump and the republicans and that is ordinary sheepdog stupidity and cut-off-nose-to-spite-face lunacy.

How about ,some more comments on Bernie being false his entire life working for justice and change, just a DP stooge and tool not worth the time of day? Or Noam Chomsky just an weak old man who has lost it - “Worshiping at the alter of lesser evilism”? Comments like that are those of right-wing republican stooges or just idiots, and I am sick of the utter lunacy! To be “proud if your one vote gave your state to trump”?? WTF are you thinking??

Anyone that truly believes Bernie Sanders actions his entire life beginning supporting Civil Rights have been a fraud or ploy or whatever stupid shite you think, are de facto trump Republicon supporters, and IMO stooges, trolls, fools for some undefined agenda that would see or planet and nation and people continue to suffer under trump and r’cons another four years!


The list of Mr. Abrams involvement in shameful foreign policy actions made me sick just to read them. They are proof that America is the exact opposite of what we purport to be, a shining example to the rest of the world. Those countries which still stand ‘shoulder to shoulder’ with us are just as bad, legitimizing our actions. We betray our military personnel by using them to cause mayhem and murder wherever a country does not accede to our wishes. President Trump is just more open about not caring what the world thinks of us as long as he gets what he wants, in this case a very possible war against Iran. The majority of Americans already believe that it should happen without being able to come up with one legitimate reason except its pursuit of nuclear weapons. Of course Iran wants nuclear weapons. They are the only way to deter America from another MidEast notch on its belt and save its people from the chaos of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria. It’s only a matter of time. And time grows very short for Trump unless Mr. Abrams can stir things up pretty quickly.



And , like John Bolton, fresh off his unsuccessful bit to control Venezuela.


In a just world Abram’s neck would be hanging in a noose at the Hague. With Trump, that is a qualifier for his admin.


Kakistocracy, anyone?


Hello Empyrio.

I think it is important to criticize the Democrat Party and the shortcomings in the platforms of folk, including Sanders. We need profound change in social, economic, and political structures and we need to articulate this. The reason I supported Sanders wasn’t for his platform. It was because he was less likely to send in militarized police to stop mass demonstrations against capitalism, imperialism, racism, etc.

My critique of Noam Chomsky is that , in his zeal to oust Trump, he misrepresents the state of democracy and electoral power in the US. Most states have winner take all rules for awarding electoral delegates. The US electoral system is profoundly anti-democratic. There are only a handful of swing states. In most states the Democrat/Republican breakdown is such that the election has already been decided - so voting for Green or Socialist candidates won’t change the outcome.


The US electoral system is broken sure; the electoral college giving states of few people the same two senators as NY or California a destructive, un-democratic throwback to 200 or more years ago.

The DP has been subverted to a greed-driven corruption that must not be tolerated; the betrayals are many as any conscious person sees clearly…but the trump regime is a death sentence in my view that must be smashed.
We desperately need “progressive” revolutionary change and massive reforms but how to accomplish that without destroying, killing, and polluting the entire planet. Many see the great need, but IMO, 4 more years of trump, the Republicons and environmental neglect and disasters doesn’t seem the way. Too many voice opinions that seem to me destructive to the ends they apparently support - just tearing-down or allowing further rule by the trump regime will not bring change. Peace


Very well stated, Emphyrio! Thanks. Justice and Peace.


I could have never said it better, Cheers!


It seems to me that , stir things up pretty quickly, is exactly why this move was made. Keep Trump in power as a war time emergency President.


Hi Empyrio. I am sure there are some who express the notion of “allowing” further rule by Trump, but that sure doesn’t seem to be the consensus I see among critics of the Democrat Party. Are you seeing that from CD comments, or elsewhere?

Yes, we need to get rid of Trump. Personally, I’d like to see him impeached before the election. But, I would encourage progressives to ramp up grassroots community based organizing after Biden is elected. COVID 19 will remain a serious health challenge for another year, at least, there will be massive unemployment, and the economy will collapse. It is certain that Biden will embrace right-leaning Randian neoliberal capitalism as the “solution”. So , progressives will need to be developing local alternative economic/political structures , organizing for local progressive candidates, and mobilizing for unprecedented street demonstrations.

Peace yes, but justice as well.


It’s a keeper.


That whole crowd is qualified for the hammer.

And that is the point. Thanks, V.


Yeah! That is exactly what the three witches in Shakespeare’s play “Macbeth” were doing.


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What’s with these old white men in positions of power?!?!


You think Hillary would have been better on Iran? This Hillary?..


And thanks for your vote shaming.
Your true colors as a Democrat are shining through.
Just like Bernie’s.


As insulting as when tony blair was appointed as the middle east peace envoy.